How Do I Keep My Nail Stickers From Falling Off?

Beauty cannot be overemphasized for a lady. Getting your hair, clothes, shoes and other beauty accessories fixed to look complete for an outing is one of the significant things that females generally don’t play with. Likewise, I know how cool it always feels when you have a matching nail fixed when going to a party. You feel awesome and on top of your world. Nail stickers is real nail art. You can use it with as extra long nails as short ones.

However, how will it sound when your fixed hair suddenly falls off in the middle of a party? Terrible, right? Yeah, that is the same experience you can feel when your nail sticker suddenly falls off from the middle of nowhere in the middle of something. To avoid this unpleasant situation, this is why most people ask this question; How do I keep my nail stickers from falling off.

Nail stickers are quite different from nail polish, and they can easily fall off if precaution is not taken. The fixing process is the first thing you need to start with to ensure that your stickers stay for long on your nails. This article covers how you can fix your long-lasting sticker and what to watch out for after fixing it.

How Long Do Nail Stickers Stay On?

Stickers are common nail products, it stay on for about 5-7 days. It has waterproof seal to help stickers pleasing to the eye for a long time. But unfortunately nail stickers are falling off very fast even if you are using stickers of premium brands.

Stickers are a fun and affordable way to get a pretty manicure without a trip to the salon. That said, they don’t seem to last as long as I’d like. How long do stickers really stay on? Nail Stickers, Polish Strips, and Nail Wraps may readily endure 5-7 days on average, but they can last much longer if done and used properly.

The good news is that you can use nail stickers for several days before you start seeing significant wear and tear. It all depends on how long you want your manicure to last, though. If you want a quick fix, you can use them for three or four days before replacing the stickers with fresh ones.

You’ll probably see some peeling along the edges, but there will be no damage to your natural nail or the polish underneath. If you want to keep the same design for longer than that, it’s best to re-apply them every other day, or once every two days if you’re feeling ambitious.

You won’t see any damage at all if you do this, you’ll just have a fresh manicure each time. You can also switch out your colors when it comes time to replace them, which is always fun.

Why Won’t My Nail Stickers Stay On?

Nail stickers are like any other kind of sticker: you need to prepare the surface properly before you apply them, and leave them alone to do their thing. If you try to peel off a sticker that’s not ready yet, or if you peel it off too soon, it won’t have had enough time to adhere properly, meaning you’ll lose your stickers when they come up with the polish.

Also, if your nails are oily, the surface won’t be as smooth and even as necessary for a good application either. Smooth out any ridges and valleys on your nails with a nail file, then wipe them down with an alcohol wipe or rubbing alcohol to remove any oils. This is especially important if you’re going to be wearing the stickers for more than a day or two, the oils will prevent the stickers from adhering over time. Then just apply your stickers like usual.

If you still find that they’re coming off after they’ve had enough time, check that they’ve been applied properly and in an even layer. Unless they were packaged with an applicator, stickers should be laid out flat so you can see exactly where they’ll go on your nail bed.

What Can Cause Your Nail Stickers To Fall Off?

The following are the major causes why nail stickers fall off. You can easily prevent your nail stickers from falling off when you ensure that you guide the causes again.

1. Wrong Fitting Of Stickers

If you apply nail stickers to your nails that do not fit your nail form or are too large for your nails, the stickers will adhere to your skin, making them more likely to tear off. Select nail stickers appropriate for your nail form (or shape the stickers to fit your nails).

2. Not Using Nail Polish Remover/Alcohol Swabs Before Use

If you don’t adequately condition your nails before putting nail stickers, they could tear off after one or two days. Dirt and oils accumulated on your nails may disturb your nail stickers and hinder them from effectively adhering to your nails. Wiping alcohol on the top of your nails eliminates grease and prepares them for applying nail stickers.

3. Not Applying Top Coat Over Your Sticker

Remember to add a topcoat if you desire your nail stickers to stay longer than a week. Adding a top coat to your nails once the stickers have been fixed can assist in sealing them in better. Try and prevent these typical blunders and properly care for your nail stickers, and they’ll last at least two weeks. This is the easiest way to change the situation.

4. Showering Immediately After Fixing Your Sticker

Likewise, showering immediately after adding your nail stickers prevents them from setting down. It’s best to add your nail stickers after you’ve bathed or wait a few hours for them to attach to your nails prior to your shower.

5. Swimming Within 2 Days After Fixing Your Sticker

It takes time for nail stickers to attach to your nails properly. Due to the high amounts of chlorine in swimming pools, the chemicals in the water may disturb the adhesion of your nail stickers to your nails, preventing them from settling down properly. As a result, your nail stickers will peel off faster and endure for a shorter time than intended.

How Do I Keep My Nail Stickers From Falling Off

1. Buy good quality stickers

When shopping for nail stickers, you want to look for a reputable brand. You’ll want to find a sticker that fits your nail and is the right color. It’s also important that you buy the right type of sticker, there are different kinds, so make sure you’re buying one that will hold up on your nails.

2. Do not touch the nail with your fingers

You might think that once you have your nails all decorated and ready to go, you can touch them with your fingers. But in fact, it’s best to avoid doing so at all costs. Even if you use oil-based glue to make your stickers stick on permanently, there’s still no guarantee that they won’t fall off when you touch them. The oils from your skin will cause the stickers to become unstuck and peel off very quickly after application. Do not touch nail surface!

3. Dry your nails completely

You might be tempted to apply stickers when your nails are wet, but that’s a big no-no. The best way to get sticker residue off your fingers is by waiting until they’re completely dry, so it’s best to wait before applying them. If you must apply stickers with wet hands for whatever reason, then make sure to wipe them down with alcohol right after applying them so they won’t come off as easily when exposed to water later on.

4. Cut the sticker according to the shape of your nail

Cutting the sticker to fit your nail shape will make it easier to apply. If you cut it too small, it won’t stick well. If you cut it too big, then the excess sticker will be hard to apply properly.

5. Apply a top coat to help it last longer

Applying a top coat will help the stickers to last longer. A good quality, non-thick, the non-sticky top coat can be used to make your nail stickers last longer. Always use clear nail polish.

6. Avoid washing your hands frequently

If you want to avoid the hassle of removing and reapplying stickers, simply try not washing your hands frequently. This will prevent them from coming off.

You can also apply a new sticker if one does come off, but this is less effective than just avoiding hand-washing altogether.


One of the cheapest ways of giving your nails a befitting beauty is using nail stickers. Though they are not time-consuming and always look cool when used, you need to stay abreast that they find it easier to fall off than the other fake nails. The DIY process is very cool and doesn’t take much of your time; you can easily get it done in your leisure time.

Hence, paying attention to your nail stickers is essential to ensure it doesn’t fall off, especially in a social gathering. Also we recommend not to touch nail surface, use the base coat, polish remover and good brand stickers, nail strips and clear nail polish for nail art.

How do you keep nail stickers from lifting?

To prevent nail stickers from lifting:
Clean and dry nails
Apply a base coat
Carefully apply stickers and smooth out air bubbles
Seal with a top coat
Avoid water and harsh chemicals.

Why won’t my nail stickers stay on?

Nail stickers may not stay on due to:
Oily or dirty nail surface.
Insufficient adhesion from not pressing down firmly.
Lack of a base coat or top coat.
Excessive contact with water or harsh chemicals.
Poor quality stickers.

How long do fake nails last with stickers?

The durability of fake nails with stickers can vary depending on several factors such as the quality of the stickers, adhesive used, and daily activities. Generally, fake nails with stickers can last anywhere from a few days to a week or more. It’s important to handle them with care, avoid excessive contact with water or harsh chemicals, and consider reapplying or reinforcing the stickers as needed to maintain their longevity.

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