Which Fingernail Grows The Fastest

Which Fingernail Grows The Fastest And Why?

Which Fingernail Grows The Fastest : Are you curious to know which fingernail grows the fastest on your hand? or you just want to know which of your fingernails grows the fastest? Well I’m going to reveal that to you somewhere in this article. keep reading..

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which fingernail grows the fastest

If you’re a nail enthusiast like me, you would have at least at some point in your life googled to know which of your fingernails grows the fastest or the fastest growing nail, most especially after several attempts to keep them in the same length.

It is for this same reason a lot has given up on their dream of growing nails naturally and has since then, opted in for some acrylics to match the length of their nails because, trimming them to be of equal length looks like a taboo to them.

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I know and understand how you feel especially for those whose nails takes almost forever to grow to a reasonable length and trimming them ain’t an option either.

That’s why I came up with this post. In fact you are the reason why I wrote this post. So sit back, relax as i take you through all you need to know as to which human fingernail grows the fastest.

Disclaimer : This article is not meant to ridiculed your situation but to educate you on why you are experiencing exponential growth in some fingers while some grows at a very slow pace.

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Before we proceed further, i would like to tell you this. Beautiful nails ain’t made in nail salons, what they do there is introduce you to a world of acrylics, a world devoid of fake nails, not actually meant for real people like you and then make you believe growing healthy natural nails isn’t possible.

This people do not have you at heart, honestly. They’re after your money and not your health. Do you even know how bad acrylics are?

Apart from the fact that acrylics nails are pricey, they can damage your nail plates and cause subsequent damage to your nail matrix.

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What about the toxins in nail polish?

Nail Polish on the other hand contains harmful chemical that can as well damage your nails. Please don’t get us wrong, we are not in any way trying to spoil anyone’s line of business, we are only trying to educate you on the danger this nails can pose and for you to minimize their usage.

With that being said, lets proceed.

You’ll agree with me that averagely, finger nails grows at an outrageous rate of 3.49 mm in a month. Although this depends on so many factors like age, food, weather condition etc.  Youth (between the age range of 13-34), experience rapid growth rate of about 3.50 mm while that of adults between the age range of 35 – 75 grows at the rate of 2 mm a month.

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Aside that, if you happens to lose a finger nail, it will take approximately 3 to 6 months for them to grow out to a reasonable length while that of toe nails usually takes longer. It’s between a 12 – 18 months (that’s a year and a half)

Also, research has shown that nails on the dominant hand tend to grow more than those on the non dominant hand. The reason is because that of the dominant hand gets stimulated more often.

Although nails grows at the rate of 0.92 – 1 nano-meter every seconds, 0.1 mm, 0.003937 inches or 86,400 nano-meter in a day, not all finger nails grows at the same pace. Some like that of the middle finger grows the fastest, followed by the ring finger and the other follows. That of the thumb and the smallest finger has shown to grow almost at the same pace.

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PS : Finger nails tend to grow at a slower pace for aged people because as they grow older, blood circulation slows down. Also, nail grow faster in summer than in winter.

How to grow nails fast in one hour
Finger nails growth

Why is this so in the first place? Why does the middle fingernails grow the fastest? Well Keep reading to know why.

which fingernail grows the fastest

The reason for this is because, the growth of your nails depends on the length of the bones in the finger tips. That is to say the longer the bone of the finger, the faster the nail growth on that finger. It is because of this singular reason that we have more nail growth on our middle fingernail than any other finger.

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Confused already ? Don’t be, let me explained further.

Below is a photo of me that boldly spells all five of my fingers. If you take a closer look at my nails, you’ll notice that my free edge (the part that the nails begins to look all white) comes in various length right?

Which Fingernail Grows The Fastest

Well the juice is, I carefully took out time to measure them all (the free edge) using a plastic ruler that is calibrated in centimeters (cm) and these are the results of the measurement.

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Measurement To Determine Which fingernail grows the fastest

Which Fingernail Grows The Fastest

Pinky finger : 0.7 cm
Ring Finger : 0.8 cm
Middle finger : 1 cm
Index finger : 0.8 cm
Thumb finger : 0.5 cm

In the above results, you will notice that I started measurement from the smallest finger (pinky finger) down to the thumb.

What else did you notice?

Well, I’ll tell you. The length in each of the finger measured ain’t the same right?

Take a closer look again at my nails, you’ll see what I’m talking about. This alone proves that each of our finger do not grow at the same pace.

Also, the longer your fingers, the faster your nails grow? Is that one suppose to be fact or fiction?

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Wait I’ll answer that for you.

This is so true because the rate at which our finger nails grows is directly proportional to the length of the terminal phalanges (outermost finger bones) of the digits.

It is for this reason that nails on our index finger tend to grow slightly faster than that of the thumb.

What about growth rate of finger nails to toenails? Do fingernails grow faster than toenails or why is it that toenails grow much slower than fingernails?

which fingernail grows the fastest

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Well, I’ll answer this question in two parts.

Firstly, our hands are way closer to our hearts physically than to our feet and as such, they tend to get quick access to better blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen.

Secondly, finger nails are more exposed to receive trauma regularly either through typing, bumping, or mere working with our hands.

This constant traumas experienced by the finger on a daily basis stimulates finger nail growth compared to that of the toe that don’t get as much traumas as that of the finger.

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though, you may hit your toe once in a while against a stone however, this temporary release of blood circulation may not have a lasting impact on your toe.

With that being said, lets now look at some of those factors that might affect or stop you from having that beautiful healthy nails.

Factors That Hinder Fingernail From Not Growing At The Fastest Rate Possible

There are some obvious reasons why you nails may grow slower or faster. They are

1. Season

Do you know that season also play a role in nail growth? Well in case you don’t, know today. Nails grow faster in summer than in the winter because our body produces more vitamin D during sunlight which is an important vitamin in nail growth.

2. Hormones

Hormones is another factor to consider in nail growth. In respective of your health status, hormone can effect how your nails grow.

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For instance, women during pregnancy because of the high level of estrogen and progesterone production, tend to experience faster nail growth compared to after child birth (lactation).

3. Age

Children between the age of 10 – 18 tend to experience exponential nail growth than adults between the age of 35. The reason for this is because as one gets older, circulation of blood slows down a bit.

4. Location

Generally, finger nails tend to grow more than toe nails reason being that finger nails gets stimulated more often than toe nails.

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Also, growth rate of each of our finger differs. that of the your middle finger grows the fastest, follow by the ring finger while that of the thumb grow at a much more slower pace.

Furthermore, nails on the dominant hand grow more than that of the non-dominant hand.

Are you still with me? Good. Let’s quickly answer some few more pressing questions.

How much does a fingernail grow ?

Although the rate of growth of nails may be affected by age, fingernails generally grow at the rate of 1 nano-meter every seconds, 0.0036 mm in an hour and 0.1 mm in a day.

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What about in a week?

Before i”ll  answer that, let me ask you this. How many days makes up a week? Huuuh did I hear you say 4? Well it’s 7 days.

If you multiply the 0.1 mm growth of nails in a day with 7 ( which is the number of days in a week)

What are you going to get as your answer?

0. 1 X 7 = 0.7 mm

0. 7 millimeter right? That’s correct.

What about in a month?

In a month, if we are to multiply the 0.1 mm growth rate of nails in a day with the 30 days that makes up a month, we are going to have what?

0.1 X 30 = 3 mm.

Why does the nail on ring finger grow faster?

Well, there are lots of claim lately online by some individuals that they are experiencing massive nail growth in the last two nails of their finger (ring and pinky).

While this might not have been scientifically proven to be true as the case may be, it is therefore imperative to state that it is possible to experience such growth on the basis that

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1. Those nails are more likely exposed to trauma than the middle finger, as a result of these, there is constant blood circulation.

2. Contrary to the popular believe that the middle finger nails grow the fastest due to the length of the bones in the finger, some persons may experience fast growth in their ring finger due to individual differences.

3. Since we hardly use the ring and smallest finger, they are likely less prone to get chipped or broken, as such, nail growth may seem to supersede that of the middle finger.

Now that we’ve provided answers to most of the questions asked in search engines, lets quickly look at ways we can adopt to grow healthy looking nails

Ways to adopt to grow your nails faster

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1. Eat food rich in vitamins and make vegetables part of your diet ( veggy like broccoli, spinach and kale contains essential nutrients needed for nail growth.

2. Care for your cuticle as you would care for your teeth. Cuticle should not be cut rather, they should be pushed backward.

3. File your nails the right way. Filing should be done in one direction and not back and forth.

4. Protect your nails with gloves while doing the dishes at home. This is because the liquid detergent contains harmful chemicals that can damage your nail plate.

5. Moisturize often to prevent dry cuticle. Moisturizing skin and nails helps blood to flow to the matrix and aids in nail growth.

6. Avoid using acetone nail polish as this weakens the nail plate which might invariably renders them to break often.

7. Exercise more. Exercise helps blood to flow very easily to all parts of the nails and thereby increases nail growth.

8. Be nice to your nails, biting them won’t get you that pretty nails, to avoid biting nails, you need to first identify your trigger then work on putting a stop to it.

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Nail biting can be prevented or avoided by

1. Coating the base of your nails with bad tasting nail polish
2. Get busy with your hands.
3. Always clipped those hanging nails
4. Wear gloves always

Conclusion/Take Home Note On Which Of Your Fingernails Grows The Fastest

If you’ve being following this post keenly, you’ll agree with me that growth rate of finger nails is solely depended on some factors such as age, hormone, season and location.

Of all the factors listed, age happens to be one of the major factors that dictates how your nails should grow once you get to be of a certain age.

Apart from that, nails grows faster on your middle finger which makes it the fastest growing fingernail. The reason for this is because of the length of the bones present in the finger.

Also, more emphasis should be place on caring for your nails as this is the only way to get that beautiful nails.

Now that we’ve enlightened you a bit as to which fingernail grows the fastest, we hope you’ve found an answer to that burning question of yours and probably learnt something new.

Now over to you. Which of your fingernail grows the fastest? Or you probably have one or two questions for us? Don’t hesitate to drop them using the comment box below.

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