Grow Healthy Natural Nails In 2020 With This Secret

Healthy Natural Nails: Are you feeling envious of your friend’s nails? Don’t worry; I’ll help you out on how to get healthy nails naturally in this article. Keep reading…

To grow naturally beautiful nails in 2020 is something a lot of us has always wanted but somewhere along the line, shit became really tough, and we were forced to give up on our dreams of having that healthy nails.

Healthy Natural Nails

It’s normal to make promises and not fulfil it, especially when faced with life struggles, but the ability to overcome those challenges makes us stronger. Before I proceed, let me quickly tell you a short story.

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My Story To Growing Healthy Natural Nails

Years back, I was faced with so many trials back in high school. That’s about a decade now. My teachers out of jealousy wanted me to have my nails trimmed to the lowest minimum simply because to them its an act of indiscipline and as such its not allowed.

It grew to the point that some persons were even assigned to inspect nails during the morning assembly. All this was because of me, I guess.

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Early in the morning, while on the assembly ground, she will walk straight to me knowing full well that I’m the only nail-gang member in my school aside our biology teacher who was my source of motivation then.

And before I could utter a word, here comes this big bang on my nails with a ruler. I would cry my eyes out each time she does that, but you know what? I never gave up even though I was asked on each inspection to cut them off.

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This continues until I finally graduated.

Years later, I saw her at a friends function, and she couldn’t help but commended my courage and consistency after all she did to me.

What am I trying to say here?

Growing healthy natural nails takes time. It needs consistency. You don’t just start growing nails today and expect to see results.

Are you ready to see changes in your nail endeavour? Do you want to Grow Healthy Natural Nails In 2020? If your answer is YES, then read on…

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Grow Healthy Natural Nails In 2020 With This Nail Tips At Home

There are various ways to getting your nails to grow naturally, but if you’re like me who prefers to keep things simple, then you can achieve this without spending a dime. YES, you heard me right. All you need do is to follow the below ways, religiously. So shall we? OK, let’s go.

1. Eat healthy balanced diets

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As it is with our body, if you must experience growth in your nails, then you must learn to eat food rich in the six classes of food. In other words, eat a healthy balanced diet if you must see a shift in your nails or grow long natural nails.

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For example, Eat or take food rich in vitamins for healthy nails  (Vitamin B 12, A, C, D are natural nail strengthener). For the vegetarians, take plenty of Veggy like broccoli, spinach and kale. This veggie contains a reasonable amount of all the vitamins you need for growing healthy, strong-looking nails. The absence of any of these vitamins might result in brittle nails.

2. Regular nail trimming

Healthy Natural Nails, grow nails naturally, daily tips for nail care , how to get healthy nails home remedies, how to get healthy nails naturally, grow nails naturally
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Trimming of nails regularly has been proven to aid nail growth. In fact, regular trimming helps to prevent nails from breaking too often.

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If you’re in the category of people with long curvy nails, I guess you must have encounter nail break in one or two occasions. The reason why most nails break is that they are way too long.

So as a rule of thumb, it is always better to keep this nails short (1 inch is most preferable),  naturally and strong because there’s no point of keeping long nails when you know it’s going to break anytime soon.

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For Christ sake, we’ve passed the era of keeping long curvy nails as someone sent on a mission. So short is always better.

3. Take care of your cuticle

Healthy Natural Nails, grow nails naturally, daily tips for nail care , how to get healthy nails home remedies, how to get healthy nails naturally, grow nails naturally
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The whole article won’t be complete if we fail to acknowledge the role cuticle plays in nail growth. In fact, your entire nail growth journey begins and ends with the cuticle.

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The cuticle is that tiny soft skin that helps to seal the nails. They can get dried or peeling at times when not correctly moisturise.  Apart from that, unhealthy cuticle creates room for bacterial infections.  When this cuticle is not taken good care of, bacteria’s might find their way into the matrix.

For you to to grow healthy natural nails In 2020, you should moisturise your cuticle always. The cuticle can be moisturised using either of the following essential oils (cuticle oil, cuticle cream, olive oil, coconut oil) etc.

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To moisturise, take a little quantity of the oil as mentioned above, place it around the cuticle then gently massage for about 2-3 minutes. When you do this for a month, you will be amazed at the result you’ll get.

4. File your nails the right way

Healthy Natural Nails, grow nails naturally, daily tips for nail care , how to get healthy nails home remedies, how to get healthy nails naturally, grow nails naturally
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I see a lot of people guilty of this very case. Months ago I was watching one of this soap operas then I saw some group of ladies on the balcony of this big mansion chatting and laughing their asses out to one random dude telling some random jokes.

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As I drew closer to my TV sets, I noticed this skinny one among them. She was actually filing her nails, which of cause isn’t a bad idea, but what surprises me was that she was doing it the wrong way.

She was using the nail filler to run through her nails back, and froth and I’m like Damn, this lady doesn’t know what’s she’s doing.

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See, when it comes to filing your nails, there are specific rules that you must follow. Nails are supposed to be filed in one direction and not the other way round.

For example, if you start to file your nails forward, which is the right thing to do, you should keep up with that pace. Never in any case file backwards. Sawing your nails back and front renders them weak.

Furthermore, the choice of nail filler also has a role to play here. Not all nail filer is good enough for your nails. Most recommended on this list is Glass or crystal nail file. This filer can be washed after used and to think that it works great for weak, brittle nails is just amazing.

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I personally have experienced a lot of success using this amazing Glass Nail filer over the years, so this is a good filer for you to buy if you must grow that healthy natural nails in 2020.

Note: There may be lots of brands that sell nail files, but the truth is, they are not the same. Although they have both sides, each side has a different grit level. The higher the grit level, the better that file.

So the next time you want to go after a nail file for your nails, first, you should consider certain things like your nail type, the grit sizes, and how to use them properly.

5. Clean underneath your nails regularly

Healthy Natural Nails, grow nails naturally, daily tips for nail care , how to get healthy nails home remedies, how to get healthy nails naturally, grow nails naturally
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Regular washing of your nails is good, but more attention should also be focused on cleaning the underneath of your nails.

The underneath is a perfect hideout for dirt. This dirt’s may invariably hinder the growth of your nails. Cleaning the underneath of your nails can be done using a nail toothbrush.

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To clean, make sure your nails are well dipped in a bowl containing Hydrogen peroxide for about 5 minutes then scrub gently. Don’t scrub too hard to avoid damaging your nails, remember it’s your nails you’re dealing with and not your teeth. In the absence of hydrogen peroxide, toothpaste can as well be used.

6. Protect your nails with gloves

Healthy Natural Nails, grow nails naturally, daily tips for nail care , how to get healthy nails home remedies, how to get healthy nails naturally, grow nails naturally
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If you’re among the category of those whose hands are always submerged in the water because of the nature of your work, please do well to protect them by wearing protective gloves consistently.

The reason for this is simple. Most cleaning agents like your liquid soaps, detergent, the shampoo contains very active chemicals capable of stripping the oil found around your cuticle and nails off thereby rendering your nails that are supposed to be naturally strong weak.

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When this happens over time, you are creating rooms for your nails to become weak, and this might cause your nails to chip and break easily. I know you wouldn’t want that, right?

So what do you do then, always wear protective gloves when doing the dishes and when you’re done, don’t forget to moisturise your nails with body lotion or olive oil.

7. Avoid using Acetone nail polish remover too often

Healthy Natural Nails, grow nails naturally, daily tips for nail care , how to get healthy nails home remedies, how to get healthy nails naturally, grow nails naturally
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Acetone is one of the primary ingredients for almost all nail polish remover. The work of this acetone is to strip the nails of its natural oily form, thereby making the nails to look pale and brittle.

Apart from that, the leached paint can as well migrate to delicate parts of the nails and interrupt with the normal activity of the nails, which in turns can drastically affect how your fingernails grow.

To avoid this ugly scenario, look for a non-acetone free nail polish remover preferably 5 free or more. What do I mean by 5 free? (This one does not contain 5 of the chemicals ordinary nail polish remover has) and don’t forget to moisturise your nails once you’ve done the cleaning.

8.  Let your nails be

Healthy Natural Nails, grow nails naturally, daily tips for nail care , how to get healthy nails home remedies, how to get healthy nails naturally, grow nails naturally

Yes, you heard me right, as important as it is to care for the nails, nails themselves do deserve to have some space too for them to grow well. Habitual nail-biting, nail cleaning with sharp objects and trying to pull out hangnails from your nails, all of these has it’s side effect on your nails.

Sometimes it’s best always to learn to read in-between the lines and let your nails be for them to grow out well.

Letting your nail be involved allowing nature to take its course. I personally can’t remember the last time I picked at my nails, and I’m so amazed at how beautiful they are today.

9. Nail infections should be taken seriously

Healthy Natural Nails, grow nails naturally, daily tips for nail care , how to get healthy nails home remedies, how to get healthy nails naturally, grow nails naturally
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No matter how care-free you try to ride on with your nails, getting infected at some point is one thing you can’t do without. At some point, nails are bound to be infested, and when this happens, it is recommended to see a dermatologist for a possible prescription.

Though Nail bacterial infections may include swelling around the cuticle, redness or pus, these are some of this early signs of Nail fungal infection we don’t pay attention to which may include irritation around the cuticle.

When this happens, it is recommended to see a dermatologist as soon as possible.

Now that we are halfway towards rounding up this actionable tips to take if you must grow healthy natural nails in 2019 lets quickly answer some questions being asked by our blog visitors.

How Can I Get Healthy Nails Naturally?

To Grow Healthy Natural Nails In 2020, these tips for nails should guide you through.

  1. Eat healthy: Be sure to develop the habit of eating healthy balanced diets. Eat more of vegetables as this contains Vitamins necessary for healthy nail growth.
  2. Trim regularly: Make trimming your nails regularly a habit. This will take off unhealthy nails and give rooms for healthy ones to grow.
  3. Cuticle care: Caring for your cuticle involves not cutting your cuticle. Exposing this cuticle by cutting them off creates rooms for a bacterial attack. More so, this cuticle should be oiled with either cuticle oil or olive oil to prevent them from drying up.
  4. File the right way: Filing your nails also helps to grow your nails. Filing should be done in one direction and not back and forth
  5. Clean under nails: Underneath your nails should be kept cleaned regularly with either caustic soda or hydrogen peroxide using a toothbrush. If you must clean, be sure to scrub gently.
  6. Protect your nails: Protecting your nails with gloves while doing the dishes or during cleaning also helps to keep the nails healthy. The reason for this is to protect the cleaning agents such as detergents which contain harmful chemicals from stripping the nails off its natural oil.
  7. Avoid using Acetone: Acetone nail polish remover when used too often renders the nails weak. A weak nail is liable to break easily.
  8. Let your nails be: Allow your nails to rest sometimes. Stop picking at your nails every second; this might cause the nail not to grow well. Also, nail-biting can as well result in an unhealthy nail.
  9. Treat nail infection: Infections of the nails as a result of fungal attack should be taken seriously. When you notice any early signs of this fungal infection such as puffy red irritation around the cuticle, be sure to contact the dermatologist as soon as possible.

How Can I Make My Nails Stronger And Whiter?

To strengthen your nails and make them stronger, do the following;

  1. Avoid too much hand washing with detergents. This detergent contains ingredients capable of rendering your nails weak.
  2.  Apply toothpaste or baking soda on your nails, let it sit comfortably on your nails for about 10-15 minutes then wash with warm water.
  3. After washing, apply either coconut oil or olive oil or any other essential oil to your nails.

What Should I Eat For Stronger Nails?

Food to eat for stronger nails includes vegetables. Vegetables are an excellent food to consider as part of your diet if you must grow healthy, strong nails.

These vegetables contain lots of vitamins A which is known to strengthen and grow nails. Protein can also help to improve nails as well.

What Do Healthy Nails Look Like?

A healthy nail is one without blemish. It is one with consistent pinkish colour and without ridges. So if you can’t find any of the above quality in yours, then you should see your doctor. Remember, fingernails are the road map to a disease.

How Do I Know If My Nails Are Healthy?

Well, if you are new to growing nails, you might find it a bit hard to tell an unhealthy nail from a healthy one. I know you might be thinking how’s this possible after all I have eyes that can see but the truth is, there’s more than what you see. Below are a few things every healthy nail has. Absence of any of these the moment you look at your nails simply means that your nails are far from being healthy.

  1. They have a consistent colour which is usually pinkish
  2. They’re devoid of ridges
  3. No dark lines
  4. No colouration of any sort
  5. Your cuticles are intact
  6. No bitten nails
  7. They usually don’t break easily
  8. No nail fungus etc.

Conclusion/Take Nome Note On Healthy Natural Nails

Growing healthy natural nails in 2020 is still very much achievable if only you can follow the tips for nails to grow faster. The reason why a lot of us always find it extremely difficult to grow our nails the natural way is simply that we overlook this little but yet actionable ways of growing nails.

Now that we’ve brought to your notice some of the ways on how to get healthy nails naturally, we hope you’ll take into actions all that has been said and put them to work so that you can grow nails faster and longer sooner than expected without any home remedies.

For those already in the business of growing nails as a lifestyle, what are the natural ways did you use to grow your nails? Or what’s the best way to moisturise nails?

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