Why Does My Acrylic Nails Feel Loose?

Acrylic nails are a popular method of nail enhancement. They are made from an acrylic material applied over the natural nail and hardened with ultraviolet light. Acrylic nails are strong and durable, so they won’t break easily or chip off after a few days of wear. They can be customized with different colors and designs that match your outfit perfectly.

Recently, acrylic nail users have had some unusual complaints because the nails are getting loose sooner than expected. Someone asked, since Acrylic nails are known to be tight and fit for hand nails, why do my acrylic nails feel loose?

Your Acrylic nails may be loose because of many reasons. However, the most common reason is too much moisture in your hands. This can happen if you wash dishes or do other chores that involve water often. If you’re having trouble keeping your acrylic nails on, try drying off your hands after bathing or washing dishes by patting them with a towel instead of rubbing them dry.

Reasons Why Your Acrylic Nails Feel Loose

Here are some other reasons why your acrylic nails feel loose.

1. First time

When trying to gain a new experience or do something for the first time, your body system might not adapt instantly. The same thing is obtainable when you have acrylic nails for the first time.

You feel uncomfortable with them; at times, they fall off your fingers. This feeling is natural. Hence, if this is your first time fixing acrylic nails and they feel loose, relax. When you fix them, you will not have experienced such a feeling.

2. Individual feeling

There is a place for individual differences in how we feel when we have acrylic nails. The feeling of the nails feeling loosed on your fingers might be your experience alone and not the fault of your manicurist.

So, if you have this feeling every time you fix acrylic nails, you need to ask yourself if you want to fix acrylic nails.

3. Nail thickness

The thickness of the acrylic nails you are fixing on your natural nails might also be responsible for how you feel. It is recommended that when next you want to fix acrylic nails after you have felt them being loosed on your fingers, try to go for nails that are not too thick.

4. Improper preparation

When the nail bed is not free of remnants of the previous nails before fixing this new nail, or you fail to clean the oils on your natural nails, you might have the feeling of them being loose.

Therefore, make sure you do everything you are supposed to do on your natural nails before fixing acrylic nails on them.

5. Improper filing

This could also be the reason why your nails are feeling loose. When filing is not done properly, and the shape is not in tandem with your natural nails, you might feel that the nails are falling off your fingers.

6. Long nails

You might love long nails and want your acrylic nails too long. When the acrylic nails are too long, they might be separated from the nail bed. Therefore, you might feel that they are losing from your fingers. Keep it short.

7. Natural nail growth

The way your natural nails grow could also be responsible for the feeling. If you have a ski nail, you might feel your nails are falling off after a few days of fixing them

8. Technician error

How your nail technician fixed the acrylic nails might also be responsible for how you feel about them. Improper filing, impatience, inappropriate usage of glue and gel, and out-of-shape nails will make you feel like they are falling off your hand.

How to Know if Your Acrylic Nail Is Loose

1. Your nail feels wobbly

If your acrylic nail feels loose, you might be able to feel the individual layers of acrylic separating from each other. When this happens, it can make your nail feel wobbly and unstable. If you’re not sure if your nail is loose, try gently pressing down on the sides of your nail. Also, if there’s a gap between layers of acrylic or if it feels like there’s too much space between the layers, it might be a sign that it is loose.

2. Your nails are lifting at the corners

If your nails are lifting at the corners or around the cuticle area, it could mean that they’re getting ready to come off completely.. However, if your natural nails aren’t doing this and only your acrylics are lifting around their edges, then it might be time for a fill.

Side Effects of Loosed Nails

Anytime you feel that your nails are loose, you are exposed to some dangers if immediate care is not taken.

1. Infection

A loose nail can attract and breed germs and fungus if not immediately fixed. You are therefore exposed to infections if your nails are loosed, and they attract germs.

2. Swollen fingers

Your fingers might become heavy and swell if your nails are loosed and not fixed back as soon as possible. Swollen fingers, at times, are irritating, and you will not be able to do any activities with the fingers

3. Discomfort

You feel discomfort anytime your nails are loosed and are falling off. You become troubled and unnecessarily restless. This feeling might be there for days till you get them fixed or fix another set of nails.

4. Injury

You are also at risk of sustaining an injury if you have loosed nails and they are not fixed on time. You might unconsciously injure yourself with them.

What You Can Do When Your Acrylic Nails Feel Loosed

It is usually uncomfortable and irritating when your acrylic nails feel loose. Nevertheless, this article will provide tips on what to do when your nails feel loose.

1. Do not panic

You need to calm yourself anytime you feel your acrylic nails are getting loosed, especially if that would be your first time fixing nails or the first time you will have such a feeling.

Going into unnecessary panic might make you uncomfortable, and you will not be able to perform any activity with the fingers again. Therefore, do not panic anytime you feel your nails are getting loosed.

2. Talk to your nail technician

If this is the first time you will have such a feeling, try to talk to your nail technician about how you feel and seek the technician’s opinion on what you could do.

3. Avoid thick nails

One of the reasons you might feel that your nails are getting loosed is when you have nails that are too thick. Therefore, avoid thick nails any time you want to fix acrylic nails.

4. Avoid long nails

It is also necessary for you to avoid fixing nails that are excessively long anytime you want to fix nails. Longer nails make the nail feel loosed; having them short will prevent you from having such a feeling.

5. Change your technician

If you have been feeling that your nails are falling off repeatedly after you have them fixed, it is recommended that you change your technician.

The fault of them feeling loosed from your fingers might be from your technician. Therefore, try to use another technician before you conclude that your natural nails or activities are responsible for how you feel.

6. Reattach the nails

You can try a home remedy of getting glue yourself and try to attach the nails again if you feel they are falling off your hand. This might work for you.


Loosed nails can make you feel uncomfortable and restless, but the fault might not be from your nail technician. Nevertheless, you don’t need to panic. Just follow the tips highlighted in this article.