Is Super Glue and Nail Glue the Same?

Artificial nails are one of the women’s accessories that is delicate. Unfortunately, many people do not know this or even do not care; therefore, they end up with damaged nails or even infections. But if taken care of, they are unique and make you look sleek, confident, and on top of your game.

However, there are a lot of questions that have been flying around when it comes to nails, nail extensions, etc. One of these questions is, Is Super Glue and Nail Glue the Same?”

Yes, superglue and nail glue is similar in some respects; however, they differ in their chemical and physical compositions. Some nail technicians believe that nail glue is exactly like super glue since it contains the same chemical (cyanoacrylate) that another super glue has.

However, others believe that it is not the same thing. It is believed that nail glues contain a lower concentration of cyanoacrylate and are made to be used on the human body, unlike superglue which is not human body-friendly.

Super Glue Vs Nail Glue

The main differences between nail glue and Super glue are the lower concentration of cyanoacrylate in nail glue compared to the super glue and nail glue contains additives that make nail glue last longer than super glue.

1. Lower concentration of cyanoacrylate

Even though they are made from the same chemical, nail glue has a lower concentration of cyanoacrylate than superglue. This makes it less rough and harmful to use compared to the Super Glue.

2. Additives that make Nails last longer

Nail glues contain additives that make the nail glue last longer than the super glue. These additives help to prevent the natural nails from damaging.

Differences Between Nail Glue and Super Glue

Super glue and nail glue differs in strength. Nail glue and superglue may look similar, but they are formulated for very different uses.  Nail glue is made with a weaker formula and is meant to be used in situations where the bond created is not under much stress or strain.

Another difference is that nail glue is water soluble, so it comes off easily when you soak your nails in warm water. This makes it the perfect option for use as an adhesive for false nails, rhinestones, and nail art. Super glue, on the other hand, is formulated for use in high-stress situations where a strong bond is necessary and damage from the force would be unavoidable if a weak adhesive were used.

Similarities of Super Glue and Nail Glue

The only similarities between super glue and nail glue, despite being different types of adhesives, are seen in their application and chemical compositions. Both come in a gel or liquid form and bind the materials they are applied to almost instantaneously, which is why both are so often used for binding or emergency repairs.

In addition to this, both adhesives are made up of a variety of additives such as solvents, stabilizers, and resins to achieve the desired effect on the material.

Is Super Glue Safe for Nails?

No, super glue is not safe for use on nails. It can damage the nail and, in some cases, cause infections. If it touches healthy skin, it’s not a big deal but if it gets into the cuticles or under your nails, that can lead to problems.

Another reason why super glue is not recommended for use on nails is also that it’s difficult to apply precisely. Also, you need to hold down the glued nail for a while until the glue dries up and sticks. You don’t want to put too much pressure on your nails as they are still soft after soaking in water and could be damaged easily.

Does Super Glue Last Longer Than Nail Glue?

No, super glue does not last longer than nail glue because super glue traps water and other moisture.

One thing to know about superglue is that it is unrefined and not made to expel moisture; therefore, if your nail is dipped in water or something wet, the moisture gets trapped, and it weakens the glue over time. This is unlike the nail glue containing additives that make it expel moisture and hold for a longer time.

What Happens if You Use Super Glue for Nails?

While most nail glue is strong enough to hold the false nail in place for days at a time, super glue is an entirely different animal. It’s so strong that it can actually bond skin permanently to whatever it touches. The consequences of accidentally using this type of glue on a finger or toe could be devastating. It could completely remove the top layer of your skin and leave you permanently disfigured.

Pros and Cons of Super Glue


  • Super glues are cheaper and very easy to get in your local store.
  • You can easily apply them to your nails or even fix broken nails.


  • Super glue can damage your nails if you are not careful.
  • You may find it difficult to remove them, or you may not be able to remove the nails at all.
  • The fumes can be overpowering for people who intend to use them.
  • They are unsuitable for people allergic to glue and dangerous for them.

Pros and Cons of Nail Glue


  1. Nail Glues are lighter on the nails, it contains a lower concentration of cyanoacrylate. Therefore, they are lighter and suitable to use on the skin. They also make your nails less sore after fixing them on for the first time.
  2. They do not damage the nails because they are lighter. Once the nails are removed, your nails come back healthy and shiny once more with a bit of treatment.
  3. Some of them come in vegan formulas for those who have sensitive skin or are allergic to nail glue.
  4. Nail glues have been made to accommodate as many people are allergic to nail glue. These glues are free of ingredients that can cause reaction or allergy to the user, and at the same time, they also last longer and are easier to apply.
  5. Nail glues are easy to remove. It can be removed with nail removers without stress. You can even remove them yourself as long as you have the proper equipment and materials to do so.


  1. Frequent usage of nail glue can make your nails lose their shine. It is advisable to allow your nails to take a breather after using glue to enable them to regain their shine and get hydrated. Failure to do this can cause them to lose their luster.
  2. Too much nail glue on the nails can damage the nails. Nail glues are meant to be applied lightly on the nails. Too much can affect the nails over time.
  3. You can find it challenging to find the ones that work for you, and when you do, they might be costly.

Is Super Glue Stronger Than Nail Glue?

Yes, Super Glue is stronger than nail glue. Super glue is stronger than nail glue because it has a chemical reaction that adheres the two pieces together permanently, forming a bond that is much stronger than glue.

This type of chemical reaction is known as a polymerization reaction and it creates a product called a polymer. A polymerization reaction occurs when small individual molecules join together to form one big molecule. When this happens in super glue the big molecule forms a long chain of atoms which makes the bond very strong, much stronger than normal nail glue.

Does Super Glue Last Longer Than Nail Glue?

No, nail glue lasts longer than super glue, but both can last for several days.

While the two adhesives are both very strong, nail glue is a type of epoxy and will last longer because it contains more ingredients, which provides extra strength and durability.

Super glue is made from only two ingredients: ethyl-cyanoacrylate (the sticky ingredient) and a solvent that allows it to be applied to surfaces.

Once you apply the solvent, the glue will start to harden within minutes. This means that if you make a mistake while applying the adhesive or if you need to reapply it before it’s had time to fully set, there can be problems. The solvent in nail glue evaporates slower, which allows the adhesive time to be properly set and creates a stronger bond.


Some people believe that nail glue is exactly like superglue since it contains the same chemical (cyanoacrylate) that another superglue has. However, there are key differences between them that cannot be looked over.

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