How to Grow Nails Faster With Vaseline

The maintenance of our fingernails and toenails is important for our health and cosmetics. A good nail is free of fungus infections (see our previous post, to know more about fungus infection), painful ingrowns, and infections of the skin in the hands and feet.

Choosing the right products or tools and rightly using them is part of nail care as they determine its long-term health. A professional will need to use and sanitize for nail services. Some tools are disposable, like emery boards, bamboo sticks, and toe separators, and some tools aren’t. These tools include; nail polish, cuticle oil, cuticle cream, acetone, cotton balls, and nail lotions like Vaseline.

Vaseline is a petroleum jelly that has been recommended by people over time for healthy nails and nail growth. Therefore, in this article, we will learn if they are truly as good as recommended and how to use them for the nails.

Is Vaseline Good for Your Nails?

Yes, Vaseline is good for your nails. It is a healthy nail lotion that absorbs fast and for a non-greasy feel. It deeply moisturizes for ten times stronger nails. It has micro-droplets of Vaseline jelly for fast healing hand care for dry hands. It is unscented even to relieve stubborn, rough, and dry patches.

Many people apply Vaseline to their cuticles as a soothing and healing medicine when dry or cracked. It is also a great help when painting your nails on your cuticles or the skin surrounding your nails.

Made for dehydrated skin, the unscented body lotion delivers moisture to heal dehydrated skin. It does this by combining the healing properties of Vaseline jelly with the moisturizing power of glycerin. Excellent for those with itchy, dry skin. It is also suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Why Is Vaseline Good For Your Nails?

Like other petroleum jellies, Vaseline acts as a moisturizer, keeping the cuticles protected from the drying effects of external stimuli and nourished. If you are very familiar with Vaseline, then you know one thing it always does is, it moisturizes.

The thick, rich jelly is probably of the best ways to add some moisture to dry skin and fast. Those with oily skin will also consider it for their chapped lips at one point or the other. Of course, it has more uses, but the fantastic moisturizing quality is what makes Vaseline good for your nails.

It’s not news that Vaseline is one of the cheapest products, so it can be found at any grocery, drug, or department store.

Vaseline also brings these great effects to our nails: it is good;

1. As a cuticle cream

Vaseline as a cuticle cream is the ultimate quick moisturizing remedy for thick and rigid cuticles. Applying Vaseline on cuticles has been proven to soften them.

2. As a nail painting smudging

using Vaseline around your nails and skin helps your nails from smudging onto your skin.

3. As a nail strengthener

Vaseline helps to immensely strengthen your nails. It nourishes it from deep within the bed, thereby resulting in the formation of strong nails.

It is noteworthy that Vaseline is definitely a sticky and stubborn beauty lotion, so you will have to thoroughly wash it off a couple of times before it fully leaves your skin and nails.

4. It is the trick to painting your nails perfectly

While shaping and filing your nails are quick suggestions, there’s another DIY manicure trick that can help improve the job of your home polish, and make it look more professional. It is a common household product lying in every closet and cabinet, and that is your Vaseline. Turns out, it is the trick to your best home manicure. We know it is inevitable to avoid getting a little polish on the skin or around the nails, well it can now be prevented.

It’s simple since petroleum jelly is greasy, and slippery, and can comfortably sit on your skin usually in dry areas, and as a barrier. Many are applying Vaseline to their cuticles as a healing and soothing medicine when dry or cracked. Surprisingly, it is also great when painting your nails if applied to the cuticles or the skin surrounding your nails.

How does it work?

It acts as a repellant against excess polish getting on your skin, thereby, minimizing any kind of mess you would have to clean up later with your usual nail polish remover on a freshly painted hand. #

To use Vaseline for a smoother and tidier manicure; use a cotton swab to mildly apply it around the nail on your cuticles and any skin you don’t want it accidentally getting on during painting. Ensure you don’t get Vaseline on your actual nails, because it will inhibit the polish from adhering and drying.

In case you have any more petroleum jelly on your nails, grab another cotton swab and dip in either nail polish remover, vinegar, or water and clean up the edges before polishing. When your nails get dry, you can use the cotton swab to remove the Vaseline from around your nail beds, there you’ll have it! A perfect manicure with no messy finish.

How Does Vaseline Help Your Nails Grow Overnight?

While Vaseline does not actually stimulate nail growth, it does have other benefits for nails. It is most commonly used to cure hangnails because it seals in moisture and prevents the skin from drying out. The process of applying Vaseline soothes and heals the area, which can also help prevent future hangnails from developing.

It also keeps nails hydrated, which can help them grow faster. Vaseline is good for dry fingers and cuticles, which is why a lot of people use it as a cuticle moisturizer. By keeping those areas well hydrated, the body will be more likely to produce more nail cells at a faster rate.

To grow nails overnight, you can take biotin, use nail hardeners, groom your nails properly, and eat a balanced diet regularly. This will boost your nail growth tremendously.

Can I Leave Vaseline on My Nails Overnight?

Yes, you can leave vaseline on your nails overnight but it is not advisable.

When you put Vaseline on your nails overnight, you’re creating a huge build-up of oil and moisture that clogs the pores of your nails and prevents them from growing properly. What happens next is known as “keratin granulations,” which is when the oil and dead skin cells from your cuticles start breaking off into little balls under your nail.

If you’re looking for an easy way to prevent this from happening, keep in mind that there are much better solutions than Vaseline (like cuticle oil or lotion).

Does Vaseline Help Your Nails Grow Stronger?

Yes, vaseline can help your nails grow stronger. You can apply Vaseline to your nails in an attempt to make them grow healthier and stronger. Frequent use of vaseline can help to strengthen your nails and make them healthy over time.

How to Get Stronger Nails Using Vaseline

  • Wash your hands clean with soap and water, do not just rinse. The soap has to wash the dirt and germs off first
  • Put a big ol’ glob on your nails do not skimp on the petroleum jelly
  • Use your fingers to spread the petroleum jelly around. Be mindful of the cuticles, and where you find pesky hangnails when you spread
  • Leave for 3 to 5 minutes to let the petroleum jelly penetrate in and get its full strengthening power
  • Rinse off making sure you get all the petroleum jelly.

Can I use Vaseline to moisturize my nails?

Yes, you can use vaseline to moisturize nails. If you apply Vaseline on your fingernails on a regular basis it will leave a film that keeps the water in your nails so they won't dry out or become brittle. In addition, the water will be able to reach all the layers of the nail by going through the Vaseline film and will allow you to have healthier-looking nails.

Does vaseline help damaged nails?

Yes, vaseline helps damaged nails. If you're going to use vaseline on your nails, make sure you apply a thick enough layer so that the nail is greasy and shiny, but not so thick that it'll start cracking off.

Does Vaseline Help Grow Nails?

No, Vaseline won't help your nails grow faster, or thicker. In fact, it will do the opposite, Vaseline is a petroleum product that actually weakens your nails by preventing them from getting the nutrients they need to be healthy.


Vaseline sure brings a lot of goodies to our body, especially our skin, nails, and the cuticles around it. If this fact is any less credible, the producers won’t gain enough recognition and patronage as they enjoy today. So, it only means they work. Vaseline is no doubt good for our nails due to all the reasons stated in this post, so you should go ahead and try the product recommended in the sections too.

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