Can You Use Regular Nail Polish With PolyGel Nails?

When you talk about dressing up, nails have got to be one of the few things that make me feel like a powerful woman. We all know chipped nails won’t make that happen. While artificial nails are great and awesome, they have discovered something better (yes, it gets better). The discovery of PolyGel nails.

PolyGel nails are like the hot chick in town. The fact that everyone can access this hot chick makes it even more amazing. With complaints like nail damage, weakened nails, and damaged nail beds from using acrylic and gel nails, PolyGel nails have solved all the problems you might have had with your previous nail fixing. One of the top questions many people have been asking is, Can you use regular nail polish with PolyGel nails?

Yes, you can certainly use your regular nail polish (like traditional or gel polish) with your polygel nails. This is amazing. The PolyGel is the best nail fix that any woman who loves her artificial nails can ever dream of. I know you might be wondering what the fuss is all about. Okay, let’s look at PolyGel nails and why they are awesome.

What Are PolyGel Nails?

PolyGel nails are a hybrid nail-enhancement formula made of acrylic and gel. They are made to solve the problems of acrylic and gel nail polish. PolyGel brings together properties of the acrylic and gel nails to make something better for a manicure. Even though it is lighter than acrylic and gel nail polish, it is still as strong and does not chip easily. The PolyGel nails can stay up to 21 days before needing any maintenance.

Like the gel nails, it needs to be buffed down to remove them. It does not need to be soaked in acetone like acrylic. They are also strong, durable, light, and do not break or chip easily. As long as Polygel nails are fixed and removed properly, there will be no damage done to your nails. In other words, PolyGel nails is a better, healthier option for your manicure.

Do Polygel Nails Damage Your Nails?

No, Polygel nails cannot damage your nails. However, polygel nails can potentially damage your natural nails if they are not applied or removed properly. This  is why it is important to have polygel nails applied by a trained and experienced nail technician and to follow proper aftercare instructions to avoid damaging your natural nails.

Also, if the polygel nails are applied too thick or are not properly sealed, they can put unnecessary pressure on the natural nails, causing them to become brittle and weak. Similarly, if the polygel nails are not properly removed, it can damage the natural nails. It is important to have polygel nails removed by a professional nail technician to ensure that they are removed safely and correctly.

Can You Paint Over Polygel Nails?

Yes, you can paint over polygel nails with regular or gel nail polish. Polygel nails are a popular choice for nail enhancements because they can be shaped and painted just like natural nails. You can use any nail polish to paint over polygel nails. Follow the proper steps for applying and curing the polish to ensure a long-lasting and smooth finish.

How To Apply Regular Nail Polish Over PolyGel Nails

Regular nail polish is one of the best you can use to paint your PolyGel nails. This is because it is easier to file off than gel polish. You can also use non-acetone nail polish remover to remove the color when you are tired of it and apply another color without affecting your PolyGel. You can use the following methods to paint your PolyGel nails.

1. Prepare Your Nail beds

You must prepare your nail beds before doing anything else with your nails, including putting up your PolyGel nail extensions. You can shape your nails using a grit nail file.

2. Buff Your Nails

You can make use of your nail buffer to buff your nails in order to make your extensions firm.

The bluffing will also remove all the shine from the nails. Wipe with lint free nail wipes to remove the dust from the surface.( You can learn all about lint-free nail wipes in our previous posts).

3. Choose Your PolyGel Color

It is advisable to choose a transparent or very light color when choosing your PolyGel colors. It helps to bring out the beauty of the color you want to paint on it.

4. Wear Your PolyGel

You can apply a thin layer of the bond to the nail plate and then finish with a base coat. Now you can paint your nails with your PolyGel polish. Use your brush to gently sculpt the polish into place to ensure no bumps until it matches the shape of your nails.  Cure them under UV light radiation for about 30 seconds.

5. File Them Again

After they are dry, it is best to file or buff your nails again so that your PolyGel can hold the color you want to paint on it. Wipe again with your lint-free wipes.  Apply on your PolyGel any color of polish you desire.

6. Cure Under UV Again

After placing your nail polish on it, put the nails back under the UV light so they might be cured again. Your PolyGel nails are good to go. You can use petroleum jelly or cuticle oil for your cuticles.

Benefits of Using Regular Nail Polish on PolyGel

Regular nail polish gives you the flexibility of making regular color changes. You can change as much nail polish as you want until your PolyGel nails expire.

This usually lasts for about 21 days.  After applying your PolyGel, top it off with your desired nail polish. You can also change your nail color using non-acetone nail polish remover without compromising your PolyGel nails and polish with another color. In other words, regular nail polish makes it easy to get as creative as you want.

Regular Nail Polish or Gel Polish, Which One  Is Better to Paint on PolyGel?

Regular nail polish is a very good option when choosing which nail polish to use on your Polygel nail enhancements. And this is because of their flexibility.

Regular nail polish is very flexible because it can easily be changed over and over to your desired color until the Polygel enhancements expire or need maintenance. This leaves you with plenty of options to do whatever you want on your nails so fast as you do not use acetone nail polish remover when changing the colors. This can damage the Polygel.

The Gel nail polish, on the other hand, is ideal to use with the Polygel nail enhancements because they have similar ingredients to the Polygel. This makes it stay as long as your PolyGel nails without chipping or fading.

While the regular nail polish is flexible and easier, gel nail polish lasts longer and dries faster than regular nail polish.

Can You Mix Regular Nail Polish With PolyGel?

Yes, you can mix regular nail polish with Polygel. For those who do not want to put them over each other in layers, you can get a bowl, pour a bit of your Polygel, slip into the bowl, and add your regular nail polish. You can prep your nails and paint your mixed nail polish the usual way. Cure with UV light or LED for about 30 seconds, then apply your top coat. Cure again with your light, and you are good to go.

Can you use any base coat for polygel nails?

Yes, you can use any base coat with polygel nails. However, it is important to use a base coat that is compatible with the specific type of polygel you are using. Some polygel brands may recommend using a specific base coat or may have their own base coat product that is formulated to work well with their polygel. It is always a good idea to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for best results.

Can you use acetone for polygel?

Yes, you can use acetone to remove polygel nails. Polygel is a type of nail enhancement that is made of a mixture of acrylic and a polymer. It is similar to acrylic nails, and can be removed using acetone or a professional acrylic nail remover. To remove polygel nails with acetone, you will need to soak a cotton ball or pad in acetone and place it on top of your nail. Then, wrap your nail in aluminum foil to help the acetone work its way through the polygel

Can I use regular nail tips with polygel?

Yes, you can absolutely use regular nail tips with polygel. Polygel is a nail enhancement applied to the natural nail or over nail tips to create a long-lasting, natural-looking nail extension. It is similar to acrylic and is applied using a brush and a small amount of monomer.

Can I mix gel polish with polygel?

Yes, you can mix gel polish with polygel. However, mixing gel polish with polygel can result in an inconsistent, uneven application and may not cure properly. It is best to use gel polish and polygel as separate products and follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper application and curing.


There is nothing better than the news that you can have a manicure, fix your nail extensions and still get away without nail damage. Polygel nails gives you that satisfaction and more.

And the fact that you can paint over it with your regular nail polish makes all your mail polish at home look like the new important things in your life. As long as you get the proper tools or adequate professional help them you are good to go. I hope you love your new nails.

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