Best Clear Nail Polish For Natural Nails In 2020 (Reviews)

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Best Clear Nail Polish For Natural Nails: The depiction of a world is seen with different spectacles. This has birthed the realization that the idea of wearing coloured nail polishes on our nails doesn’t apply to all ladies. As crazy as this may sound, there are ladies who subscribe to having their fingernails painted with clear nail polish.

While some may feel having fixed acrylic nails with awesome nail art designs, would show the calibre of people they are at the same time bringing them the aura they want, others ain’t buying that notion. To this group of ladies, loving and caring for the natural nails by using clear nail polishes will give them the poise they want, while unarguably stating that it is more about personality than class.

However, regardless of any of these aforementioned reasons, what is essential is knowing what you love and aiming for it. You’re at liberty to choose between coloured or clear nail polish. At such, acrylic nail polishes and clear nail polishes were manufactured so no one feels left out.

Today, we’ll be elaborating more on the best nail clear polish for natural nails.

Nothing beats the comfort that comes with growing or trimming of natural nails. There isn’t any iota of worries using your natural nails and going about your duties with achievable results. And with the application of clear nail polish, your nails would have a glowing pigmentation like never before. ( Check also: Best Wall Mounted Nail Polish Holders Ripe For The Taking)

Benefits Of Nail Clear Polish For Natural Nails

1. Glossy Look

Dull, brittle nails have never been attractive. They would make you want to hide your nails instead of displaying them with full confidence. But we’ve got a better remedy for you. With clear nail polish, those dull and brittle nails would soon become history. Alongside being natural, they come with the glossy touch bringing a beautifying look.

2. Healthy Growth Nails

Feeding the natural nails with the right nutrients needed is a big plus to our nails. There are several creams for natural nails that can help boost healthy growth. Included among them is clear nail polish.

Such polishes do contain natural nail elements that can speed the healthy growth of nails. So in the real sense, you ain’t just applying the clear nail polish for the purpose of being natural, but you’re indirectly contributing to the growth of your nails.

3. Nourishment

When the cuticles aren’t taken care of properly, there’s a tendency that they’ll be affected so badly. As a matter of fact, the cuticles are a sensitive part of our nails. They should be feed and pampered so it keeps growing the way they ought to. And if we’re to apply any of the clear nail polish that would be discussed below, the cuticles would be nourished.

4. Stronger Nails

It is when an individual has stronger nails that one can begin to look for nail polishes to use on them. This is because, with stronger nails, the polish would stay on the nail without them chipping. It is at this point that stronger nails are developed through the applying of clear nail polish.

Best Clear Nail Polish For Natural Nails – Buyers Guide

One thing is knowing what you want, another is knowing the purpose and usefulness of what you want. What would it set to wrought on the nails?

These Best natural top coat nail polish differs in a few ways. They have similar uses with slight differences. So you should be able to figure out which would work well on the nails while at the same time, providing everything you look for in such a polish.

1. Price

In all buyer’s guide, the price aspect always comes first before the main deal. When one product becomes unaffordable, another surely becomes affordable. But if the one you aim at is a bit high, then go for it. The thing is, we’re feeding our nails and we should ensure the nails are fed rightly. Why?

This is so because they are the first thing a person notices about you. It is necessary then to keep them glowing and attractive. No lady would want to have unkempt nails that would speak low of her.

2. The Proponents Used In Production

What I may be looking at to help my natural nails to glow might be different from what you’re looking for in helping yours to grow. Like I had earlier stated the components used in the manufacturing of these polishes are on a different level.

Some brands could aim at just strengthening nails and making them stronger, for other brands, giving the nail a glow and nourishing them would be their priority. This is another method of saying it boils down to individual choices. The type of nail you have will determine what to go for.

3. The Brand Name

After all, has been said about price and the proponent used in the production of the topcoat nail polish, the next thing we should be looking at is the brand. When the brand is good, there’s every possibility that what they are offering to their customers would deliver to their expectations.

The best top coat nail polish for natural nails that would be listed below would be products with a good brand name.

4. Quality

No matter how many times this is repeated, it’ll never be enough. Quality should be among the things we should look out for when searching for products. High-quality products stand out from low-quality products because the finishing is perfect and they do not clean off quickly.

Best Clear Nail Polish For Natural Nails In 2020

1. Zoya Plain Manicure Glossy Seal Topcoat


Fine glossy finishing is what this brand is offering. Plain manicure glossy seal topcoat is aware of the specific needs of ladies. They know just what users of nail polishes would Love and adore.

Hence, they’ve consistently produced polishes that are beneficial to you in a way that you get real value for your money.


1. It Serves As A Healing Balm

Having a product that puts an end to your misery can be a dream come true for all. This is what you stand to get from plain manicure. It helps to neutralize nails that are discoloured to have a natural nail colour. In other words, this product is a healing balm.

2. Edge Smoother

By constantly applying this to the nails, you’ll notice how smooth the ridges of your nails would be.

2. Glossy Finish

The ultimate goal of clear polish is to be able to achieve the purpose of its creation. If there isn’t a glossy finishing, then the percentage of ladies buying it would below.

The glossy finish is one of the number one goals of using a light polish. It gives you that natural nail look to be flaunted at all times. plain manicure has one of the best glossy finishing to give your nails.

3. Healthy Nails

What is the point in using such nail polishes when at every moment in time, you get split nails? Nail polishes ought to be a great method of growing healthy nails as the proponents inherent in them should serve such purposes. This product is manufactured to give you this.

4. Long-Lasting

Plain manicure products tend to last for days. It doesn’t peel off easily unless you make the decision to do so.

5. Protection

This product would protect your nails against some nail damages which may pose to be dangerous to your health.


  • It makes nails healthy
  • It gives a glow to nails
  • Best for brittle nails
  • Great value for money
  • It is affordable
  • Best for softening nails
  • It can be used over acrylic


  • No formaldehyde

2. Essie Gel Couture Platinum Grade Polish


With a brand name that has spanned over 35 years, except the best from this company. Essie gel helps to give a new face to your nails and make them healthier and stronger. With this gel couture, expect a look that would be so flawless without any splitting edges.


1. Fast-Drying And Long-Lasting

I don’t think anyone likes the idea of waiting for their nails to get dried so they can go about their activities. It can be frustrating. Mainly when they don’t last for long. So why go through that stress when we’ve got Essie fast-drying and long-lasting? Within minutes of application, the nails would have dried with a long-lasting effect.

2. Perfect Finishing

Purchase this product for a perfect finishing. Gel couture has proponents that give our nails a smooth, glossy look on our natural nails. Despite having such a finishing, they’ve got some healing elements as well to keep your nails safe from nail problems.

3. Quality Product

When you purchase one of these, you’ve purchased quality. If a product is considered to be a quality product, it means the prerequisite needed for the product to function is included in the said product. Essie products are one of these. Quality is worth they offer.


  • It is easy to use
  • It is easy to remove
  • It dries faster
  • It strengthens nails
  • Nice design
  • It is affordable
  • It can be used over acrylic


  • Not cruelty-free

3. Butter London Hardware Shine UV Topcoat


This is another brand that does not fail to replicate the desires of our daily needs. Butter London specializes in clear nail polishes with a high gloss finish to radiate the beauty of your natural nails.


1. Quick-Drying

Few top coating of the nails would lead to the natural nails absorbing the liquid polish in a matter of minutes. The instant they’re being absorbed, it tends to quickly dry up so you don’t get stuck to a place waiting for it to get dried.

2. Chip And Smudge Resistant

The most painful thing about nails is having to see them chipped. Well, don’t just stare when you can do something to curb it. This is why we’ve got Butter London to put a permanent end to it.

3. High Shine Glow Finish

Shiny nails give a really good impression of ladies. With just a look, one isn’t seeing dull nails but glowing nails that reflect an individual simplicity of their natural self.


  • It is durable
  • It has a UV protection
  • There isn’t formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, or TPHP to any of its nail product formulas
  • No smudging
  • It is affordable
  • It gives you shinning nails
  • It can be used over acrylic


  • It comes in a small bottle

4. Smit & Cult Nail Lacquer Top Coat


Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder. But if we’re to go by just beauty, a lot of ladies would have negative reviews. However, with the beauty and packaging this brand is tempting us it, there are lot of proponents in it that would boost our natural nails, and give us the best glow we can ever ask for.


1. Smooth Coverage

A smooth coverage is what you’re getting as a layer to cover the natural nails. No rough patches of any kind. It is plainly quality services.

2. Long-Wear

You can apply this and slay with it for days. You wear it and won’t be scared of seeing it peel off. This is a brand that stays true to their words.

3. High Shine

Shiny natural nails can really make you feel giddy and attractive. There’s this confidence to display your nails in public without having to feel sorry about yourself. Also, it tells well about you. Unkempt nails are a big No because you give a bad impression about you. But with this Smart and cult high shine nails, you’ll certainly get a feeling of relief.


  • It dries faster
  • It is long-lasting
  • It has a nice finishing
  • Easy to apply
  • It doesn’t chip
  • It is affordable
  • It can be used over acrylic


  • It has 5 ounces but because of the wide base, you can’t use it all

5. Jessica High Gloss Topcoat


Another great nail polish for natural nails is Jessica. One thing is getting a specific need, another is getting a brand’s product that can live up to that expectation of yours.

For Jessica, they’ve been in the beauty world for years to know what will be the right solution to that nail challenges you might be encountering. Each application is like bringing to life a new set of brand new nails.


1. Vitamin Enriched For Better Nails

Vitamins are a special food class that nourishes the nails to keep them growing without splitting. Eating food containing vitamins also helps nails to strengthen ingrown nails and give you the length you want. They have nutrients in them that make this work.

2. Rich And Smooth

This product is rich in nail growing elements that prevent damages of nails. They are really smooth when applied directly.

3. High Quality And Professional Polish

This polish has a professional touch to natural nails. No one should be caught up in a web that doesn’t portray who they truly are with their nails.

The nails should reflect who you are. This is what Jessica brand plans to help their customers with.


  • It dries faster
  • It is affordable
  • It offers great value
  • It gives a shiny glow to nails
  • It can be used over acrylic


  • Slight use of chemicals for product

6. OPI Nail Polish Topcoat For Natural Nails


For a brand that has been on these beauty products for years, so much more is expected and so much more have they delivered over the years.

OPI products are like answers to a question. A brand that has stood the test of time is a way of telling the world that they’ve got just what ladies desire to beautify their world. By that is included this OPI for natural nails.


1. Prevents Scratches, Chipping, And Smudges

These three things can definitely hinder the growth and glossiness of natural nails. One’s nail must be free from such because they are one of the sets of things people look out for in you. Hence, OPI is on the verge to help you grow your nails and make them look glossy with their products.

2. Long-Lasting

Use this clear nail polish to extend wear. No one likes the idea of having to reapply polish on the nails within days. With this brand’s exceptional quality product, you can carry those nails for long without reapplication.

3. No Yellowing Formula

As shocking as this may sound, there are some clear nail polishes that when applied, can cause the natural nails to become yellowish. Insane right?. But with this product, you won’t have such an experience. They’ll make your nails look fabulous and really shiny.


  • Protective high gloss shine
  • Great quality
  • Easy to apply
  • Nice finishing
  • Perfect for the nourishment of nails
  • It can be used over acrylic


  • It isn’t water-based

7. Cnd Vinylux Long Wear Topcoat


As the name implies, long-lasting wear, the flexibility of nails, perfect finishing, and a lot more is what Cnd is promising its customers.

In a world where things are constantly changing, Cnd hasn’t changed in rendering their services to millions of ladies. Known as the global leader in professional nail, their hallmark remains fulfilling the dreams of all.


1. Great Precision

The product has great precision. It’s the usage and the end product is exact and accurate

2. Better Coverage

Coverage that won’t lead to scratches nor smudges is what you get. If you deem it fit to care for the nails without engaging in things that would cause the nails to be in danger of being scratched then expect the nails to last for days.

3. Higher Quality

When you go for quality, you get quality. And has ensured that when you get their products, you’re utterly satisfied with without if you’ve gotten from them. For this, they provide you with the best so you don’t have reasons for regrets.


  • It is long-lasting
  • It is affordable
  • It is glossy
  • It dries faster
  • It doesn’t need a UV lamp to cure
  • It can be used over acrylic


  • Not recommended with nail wraps

8. Maxus Top Coat Nail Polish For Natural Nails


Maxus is a brand that sought after the external admiration of the female being in such a way that their carriage and poise in life can be seen through the beauty of the nails.

Protect the nails with Maxus top coat nail polish that poses to be strong and unwavering in the face of different circumstances. In the same will your nails be able to stand the hustle and tussle of daily life.


1. Completely Safe

It doesn’t matter the number of times you use your natural nails to work, Maxus is here to keep your nails free from whatever damages may erupt along the way. Like smudges, discolouration, and so forth.

2. Long-Lasting

This isn’t a polish that you would have to apply daily just so to keep the polish on the nail intact. With just one coat, the nails won’t easily peel off or wear off.

3. Dries Fast

You necessarily don’t have to wait for a nail dryer to do the drying for you. Within some minutes of application, the natural nails must have eventually dried up.

3. Perfect Shine

The fact that when one paints her nails, they tend to see the nails painted having a gloomy or dull look like nothing was applied to it can be annoyed. With Maxus, the glowing nails would be spotted from a distance, and not you wanting to show the world your nails when this nail polish would let your nails speak for you.


  • It is a non-yellowing topcoat
  • It can be used over acrylic
  • It is durable
  • It last long
  • It dries faster


  • It can’t be used with a nail lamp

Note:  Consistency births better results. If you want to see changes, make some sacrifices that involve applying the nail polish for about a month. I promise you that you would be wowed by the outcome of this.

Wrapping Up On The Best Clear Nail Polish For Natural Nails

To conclude, I’d say that knowing what you want is key to getting better results. Out of these Best natural top coat nail polish, choose any that you find suitable and perfect for your nails. If you’re unsure on which to go after then you can’t go wrong with this Butter London Hardware Shine UV Topcoat

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