What Is White Spots On Nails & Easy Ways To Get Rid Of It

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White Spots On Nails: Do you have white spots on your fingernails? Or you’re probably looking for ways on how you can take away those spots from your nails completely?

Well. If this sounds like you, then worry not because I got you.

Having white spots on toenails shouldn’t be a big deal for you as many see it to be. It’s something a lot of us at some point has witnessed, and the good news is, they come and goes.

But if yours doesn’t go within a week, then you have every reason to worry.

Before we proceed further, I want you to go through this. It’s an email I got a few days back from one of our subscriber.

White Spots On Nails

It reads;

Hi, I’ve been having issues with white spots on fingernails for a very long time, I’ve tried removing the white spots, but they seem too stubborn to remove.

I’ve been following your tips on growing and maintaining beautiful nails, and it has been very helpful.

Even my friends admire my natural nails a lot until some dishes fell on my nails, and ever since I’ve not been able to remove the white spots, it left off on my beautiful nails.

Please, I’ll love it if you could discuss an Effective way of removing white spots on nails………….Glory

My Response

Thank you Glory, I know how you feel and trust me. I’m going to help you out. If you have white spots on your nails, this article is for you, and if you don’t, I’ll show you what it looks like and teach you all you need to prevent it.

White spots on nails pictures: Below is how white dots on nails looks like for those who can’t tell how

White Spots On Nails

Here’s What You Stand To Learn

1. White spots on nails meaning
2. What are the causes of the white dot on nails?
3. How to prevent white mark on nails?
4. How to get rid of white spots on nails?

What Are White Spots On Nails?

From the medical perspective, when one’s nails are white or when they’re tiny little white dots or spots on one’s nails, he or she is said to have what is referred to as Leukonychia.

Leukonychia a.k.a white spot is a word culled from two Greek words – Leuko and onyx which, when put together in English read “White nail” according to the free encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

Possessing these little tiny white spots on your nails is completely harmless and shouldn’t bother you that much except for some few instances when the spots refused to dwindle after some weeks.

White Spots On my Nails

For instance, it’s normal for aged people or even adults to spot these dots on their nails. Some may have them quite a little; others may have them all over their nails.

But no matter how they appear, one thing is inevitable, which is, trauma to your nail beds are the leading causes of a white spot on nails.

These traumas may be from accidentally banging a door on your fingers, hitting your nails against a hard object or the most obvious, dishes dropped on your nails.

When such incidence occurs, your nail beds may get affected in the process, the whole set up within the nail bed region may get interrupted, and all connection to that region may be cut shut completely.

That resultant effects from the trauma experienced is what you see on your nail plate, which is why there are white lines or dots on your nails.

Below is a video for you. You really should watch it for a better understanding.

And Here’s how to know if traumas or some underlying health issues cause the white dots on your nails.

Experiment To Determine White Spots On Nails

White Spots On Nails
My Nails

I want you to do this little check with me right now. Apply low pressure on your nails by placing your fingertips on your nails and underneath like this.

White Spots On Nails
Photo Of Me Pressing My Fingertips

What did you see? Are there white lines on your nail plates – the part that sits on your nail beds after pressing your nails?

If they are, then it’s likely that its temporary spots and it will go or grow along with your nail plate or nails.

On the other hand, if the white spots aren’t visible or disappear, then its probably from your nail beds. When you notice this, you should have every reason to worry.

So how do you differentiate between these lines and what they indicate? This brings us to the types.

Types Of White Spots On Nails – Leukonychia

There are various types of dots, lines or spots on our nails but for the sake of time, we are going to look at just a few of them

White Spots On Nails Solution

1. Partial leukonychia
2. Total leukonychia
3. True leukonychia
4. Transverse leukonychia

Having listed them out, let’s take out time to look at each of them critically.

1. Partial leukonychia

A leukonychia is said to be incomplete when the white spots or dots are on parts of the nail plate.

These lines could be towards the end of your nails or just after the lunula. The dots can as well be transverse or longitudinal as the case may be.

Often, Severe variation of this can result in or lead to full-blown leukonychia.

2. Total leukonychia

When all your nails look completely white, you’re said to have total white nails. What if all my nails aren’t white?

Then its likely that what you have isn’t a total leukonychia. It could be minor trauma which usually doesn’t call for alarm.

3. True leukonychia

This is the most prominent of all the leukonychia and its characterised by tiny white spots on the nails.

This lines may be transverse or longitudinal. Often, they’re mostly transverse.

Contrary to popular belief, biting one’s nails isn’t the real cause as many are advocating. The real reason is trauma.

White Spots On Nails

When you pick at your nails, it is the free edge – the parts that begin to look all white is what you go after, and these lines or dots as we’ve stated earlier usually occurs somewhat at the middle or close to the lunula – the white moon very close to your cuticle.

PS: The Lunula shouldn’t be confused with white spots on nails. They are entirely different. In case you don’t know what Lunula is, Below is a close-up photo for you.

White Spots On Nails
The red circle is called the Lunula or white moon

On the other hand, Having a few white spots on your nails may not necessarily signal any health complications.

Complications arise when after pressing your nails, and those white spots disappear. When such is the case, it is said to be Apparent leukonychia (nail beds)

4. Transverse leukonychia

This is white spots that run across the nails in strata – having the same composition and usually in bands.

This spot runs across the nail base in parallel, and it’s usually caused by traumas such as hitting your nails against a hard object which invariably disrupt the correct functioning of the nail beds.

That said, lets quickly look at the causes of leukonychia

What Are The Causes Of White Dots On Nails?

White spots on nails cause as you may already know by now is injuries and not some lack of deficiency in your body per day, says Jessica Krant

White Spots On Nails
white spots on nails pictures

The injury inflicted spots on nails, on the other hand, usually doesn’t take long to heal. They grow along with the nails, which may take approximately 6 months.

Other types of injuries such as;

1. Wearing acrylics way too much
2. And putting ill-fitted shoes ( shoes that are way too tight) Can as well lead to white spots on your nails.

Are these the only causes of white dots or lines on my nails? NO.

Other causes of white spots on nails are medically related, and they include

1. Medication
2. Allergy
3. Fungal
4. Certain disease


Certain medications may invariably lead to leukonychia in very rare cases. The side effects of meds such as chemotherapy might be the reason why they’re white dots on your nails.


Allergic from certain beauty or nail products such as gel nails, nail polishes, removers, and hardeners may as well be the reason why you have dots all over your nails.


Early signs of fungal infection on toenails usually starts as tiny little dots, if not taking care off, may spread all over your nails, causing secondary thickness.

Certain illnesses

Diseases like kidney, liver, diabetes, eczema or heart failure can as well lead to white nails. Again, this only happens in rare cases.


The symptoms of white spots are such that can be easily seen. They may appear on your nails as

1. Big spots or dots
2. Tiny dots
3. Thick lines that run across the nails

However, the magnitude of the dots can be attributed to the actual cause. For example, injuries gotten as a result of hitting your nails on a hard object may result in big dots, or thick lines, allergic from medication usually starts as tiny dots.


The injury inflicted white spots on nails usually doesn’t call for alarm in as much as the dots are not frequent.

But if they are, then the wise thing for you to do is to check in with a doctor who’ll carry out the necessary diagnosis to give you the best treatment or to advise you on what to do.

White Spots On Nails From Nail Polish

Irritations from nail products such as nail polishes, using nail hardeners or merely using polish dissolvers may cause irritations to your nails and cause them to develop white dots.

How To Get Rid Of White Spots On Your Nails?

They are various ways one can actually get rid of a white spot on his or her nails and be happy again. Out of the numerous approach, I’ve found these two most effective.

They are;

1. By changing your way of life
2. Using natural remedies at home

Changing One’s Way Of Life

Changing how you do things in a way can help prevent you from getting spots or dots on your nails. For example

1. Put on shoes that fit
2. Limit how you wear acrylics
3. Wear polish sparingly
4. Avoid harsh hand sanitizers

Wear Shoes That Fits

Aside from the fact that tightly fitting shoes are the leading causes of nail fungus, they can also create room for white dots on your toenails.

So if you find yourself in this kind of situation, try substituting those tight shoes of yours with ones that have enough space for your toes to breath.

Limit Acrylics

I know this might not sound well to you, but the truth is, if you’re continually battling with white spots after taking off those acrylics from your nails, then it’s high time you put a stop to it.

Wear Polish Sparingly

I know how good those polish look on your nails, especially those that bring out your inner beauty but then, you should try to limit how you wear them.

Why should I limit them in the first place?

Because the majority of them dry out the moisture from your nails and makes them dry and brittle, which may lead to tiny spots. Also, how your nails respond to nail polish counts.

Harsh Sanitizer

Using harsh sanitizers may not necessarily cause spots to appear on your nails, but the chemical in them may dry out your nails and soon begins to form dots on your nails.

Using Natural Remedies

Another way you can adopt to have nails free from white spots is by taking advantage of home remedies.

These home remedies do not only help to keep the health of your nails, but they also help to fight against spots. They include

1. Essential oils
2. Lemons
3. Moisturise more.

Essential Oil

Over the years, the essential oil has been of tremendous help to our nails, and they’re still in the business of creating more wonders.

Two of the best essentials oils for our nails are tea tree oil and orange oil. Mix these oils with a base oil such as olive or vegetable oil and apply directly to the nails. It is important to note that the tea tree oil should be left on no longer than 20 minutes and orange oil for a max of 45 minutes. Remember to wash hands carefully when finished.


Soaking your nails periodically on lemon juice does not only help to whiten your nails but can as well help to remove dots from your nails.

Moisturise More

Sometimes, all you need to get your nails back in shape might just be a simple massage.

Massaging your nails with quality moisturiser does not only help to lengthen one’s nails but can as well serve as a perfect remedy to that white spots on your nails.

Other Ways To Get Rid Of White Spots On Nails Includes;

1. Avoid Banging Your Hand Into Things

Nail trauma is the most common cause of white spots on nails, so it’s essential to make a conscious effort to be more careful doing everyday activities. Being mindful that the slightest bang of your nail on a hard surface can cause the white spots.

If you play sports or do manual labour protecting your hands maybe a little more challenging to avoid. We suggest wearing padded or protective gloves to ensure your nails take as little direct impact as possible.

2. AVOID Biting Your Nails

Aggressively biting and ripping at our nails can cause trauma and damage. Try to avoid this habit and see the difference it makes. One tip to help resist eating them is to wrap scotch tape around them.

3. USE Gloves When Cleaning

When cleaning, our hands and nails are often exposed to different cleaning products that have chemicals which can damage our nails. Wearing gloves while cleaning can protect and prevent your nails from these dangerous toxins that can be too harsh. Also, wearing gloves can provide another layer of protection for preventing against nail trauma.

4. TRY Coconut Oil

Like essential oils, coconut oil consists of anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties which promote healing. These properties are essential to treating injuries, which is most likely where the white spots derived from (i.e. nail trauma). To get the most efficient results, apply a couple of drops of coconut oil and rub into nails. Leave it on overnight and repeat daily.

5. Let Your Nails Grow Out

The most natural and least amount of work required to get rid of white spots on your nails is to let them grow out. This approach requires patience but can speed up by taking certain supplements that contain the vitamin biotin, which helps your nails and hair grow faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Having White Marks On Nails Normal?

Generally, having white spots on your nails shouldn’t call for alarm, and that’s because it will go anytime soon, but if the spots refused to grow out with your fingernails or disappear, then you need to see your Doctor.

Are White Spots On Nails A Sign Of Calcium/Zinc Deficiency?

NO, white dots on nails is never a sign of lack of calcium as many perceive it to be, However, lack of certain proteins in one’s blood or the most obvious, malnutrition can as well be a contributing factor.

What Deficiency Causes White Spots On Fingernails?

The sudden occurrence of white spots on your fingernails is most likely linked to a deficiency in certain minerals or vitamins. Usually, when one has dots on his or her nails, such person is said to lack either one or both (Iron and Zinc). Simply put, Iron and Zinc deficiency is the major defects that lead to the white mark on your nails.

Is Leukonychia Dangerous?

No, and the reason why it’s absolutely harmless is that it is caused by injuries which usually grow out with the nails in most case.

Are White Spots On Nails Normal?

YES, when the source is from injuries or traumas. If this is your case, then be rest assured that they’ll go or grow out with your nails but if they are caused by other factors, then its time to talk to your doctor.

What Causes White Spots On Nails After Removing Polish?

There are three things that may cause you to have white spots on your fingernails after removing your favourite polish. One could be that you’re overusing nail polishes which you obviously need to reduce. Two, it could be that you don’t moisturize your nails always especially after removing polish. Thirdly, it could also be that you don’t drink as much water as you’re expected to take.

Can Leukonychia Be Treated?

Leukonychia is of various types (Partial, transverse, total, true) and there isn’t any universal treatment but what we’ve found out is that majority of them can be successfully treated by knowing what causes them then work on treating those causes.

White Spots On Nails Superstition

Having or spotting white dots on your nails could mean more than you already knew. To the practitioners in the medical field, they could foresee a white spot as a strong indication of an underlying health challenge to come.

Others, particularly foreseers, may have a deeper meaning to it in what is called divination.

What Is Divination?

Divination which encompasses the act of foreseeing what is to come or happen soon, has a different way of defining or reading white dots on our nails.


They use objects, signs, intuitive ways to foresee what is to come and how it will come.

And one of the most widely used objects of divination in humans is our fingernails.

Your nails hold more information than you can imagine. It tells a lot about who you are, what you’ll become, what lies ahead of you and a whole lots of things you probably don’t know about yourself.

In other words, divination can be linked to a more advanced way of Onychomancy – a term culled from two Greek words, onychos – fingernails and manteia – divination.

If you put them together, they spell “Fingernails Divination.”

What does this mean?

It means that by using an advanced form of domination – Onychomancy, one could easily foretell that which is to come as we’ve earlier stated.

How can they achieve this?

They do this by examining your nail shape, colouration, ridges or bumps and the overall structure of your nails.

Upon examination, the seer – which is usually agents of divination may come up with several findings after examining your nails.

For example, in places like Germany, having numerous white dots on your nails connotes longevity.

In Britain, possessing these spots on any of your nails lets say in your ring finger means the arrival of wealth and also, love.

Other countries may have a different meaning to these spots, but as I said earlier on, medical practitioners hold a different meaning to this, and that is what a lot of us have chosen to hang our hope on.

Still confused as to what this is all about? Here’s an article that explains what Onychomancy is all about.

The Take Home

Issues with white spots on fingernails are that which a lot of persons still battles with secretly But then, this article has brought light, and I’m pretty sure you’ve figured the best way out to deal with them right?

But then again, you may have tried all that is written here, and the spots may still be there, if such is your case then it’s best to let your nails be especially when it’s caused by trauma.

Letting your nails be, creates room for them to grow out on their own, which will enable those spots to grow along with your nails.

However, if other factors cause those spots, then I recommend you see a doctor as soon as possible.

I hope you’ve learnt something new? If yes, don’t forget to spread the word through our SHARE buttons below. Thanks

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