Medicool Nail Drill Reviews (Value For Money)


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In recent years, drilling of nails has become like the tip of an iceberg. With the introduction of a world that depends solely on technology for carrying out most escapades, rigorous stress seems to be a thing of the past. We’ve got machines that do virtually everything making life a lot simpler than we envisaged.

One of these powerful machines in existence is the Medicool Nail Drill. What’s the best way to shape our nails than using a nail driller. It is convenient, easy to operate, and wrought wonders on the nails like never before.

Why Choose Medicool?

No doubt we’ve got lots of brands that deal specifically with beauty products. They range from the very best of the brand to the very least product all over. However, we are picking one out of the best whose brand is to be reviewed.

Medicool as a brand is known for its quality services to the expectations of all. Being in the business for years, they’ve made caring for our nails much easier with their topnotch and great looking products. With Medicool, you’re certain of giving both your finger and your toenails the best treatment that they deserved.

Medicool Nail Drill Reviews – Buyers Guide

Below are some of the things you should watch out for in purchasing these Medicool nail drill machines.

1. Quality

Nothing beats that feeling after purchasing a product that oozes real quality. Substandard products tend to expire way before their expiration date. The purpose to which it is bought isn’t often achieved due to the low-quality materials that must have been used in the production of such products. Well, this isn’t the case with a medicool nail drill. From the first to the last review would strictly be base on quality services.

2. Price

Prices differ just as product differs with respect to the features and brands. And also, everyone’s balances differ greatly just like our fingernails are unequal. Hence, to avoid spending lots of money on a product which may be affordable by some and not affordable by others, we’ll be looking at products that can be afforded by all.

3. Long-Lasting/Durable

You certainly don’t have to fuzz over how long it is going to last and it’s durability. Medicool products are one of the best with regards to the numerous nail drill out there. So expect the best from the reviews below.

4. Value

What is the purpose of the nail drill machine for you? A smooth life free from brittle and unkempt nails. You get to shape the nails into a perfect set of nails that can boost your morale.

Please Note:

The only way to get the best out of every product or item purchased is by giving it your utmost best. In other words, if you don’t care for the products you purchase, the tendency of them serving the purpose to which they were manufactured would be slim.

At such, give proper care and maintenance to each and every of the Medicool nail drill to get the very best of it. Lastly, each Medicool nail drill differs greatly. For any that would be purchased, kindly go through the manual that comes along with the package to be enlightened on how best you should care for the nail drill machine so it can serve you well.

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Best Medicool Nail Drill Reviews

1. Medicool Pro Power 35k Professional Electric File

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Bringing to you the Pro power nail drill that supersedes lots of nail drill machine from other brands. This particular product performs greatly while at the same time, delivering more than we envisaged. This 35k electric file or drill is what you need to get started with your nails.

Medical Pro offers lots of amazing features that can be used to properly care for our nails by means of what they are offering. They’re are to keep your nails free and looking all beautiful and fresh.


1. Foot Control Panel

Amazing right? The simplified nature of life should be acknowledged. Aside from having to get the nail drill machine working for your nails, you get to place the machine on an on/off foot control. That is, while being relaxed, the machine gets to be in total control of your foot by switching on or off the buttons whenever you’ve got the satisfaction you desire.

2. Topnotch Services

The first time I came in contact with this magnificent nail drill machine, I gave the impression that it would live up to expectations. On using it, I got the biggest shock of my life. I worked more than my expectations. It is the best nail drill machine I ever used for a long time and it’s still in use.

What message am I trying to pass across?

That the medical pro power 35k nail drill is certainly the bomb. Their excellent delivery is what has kept millions of people glued to this specific brand. It shapes the nails like a pro indeed far better than what the hands can do.

3. Lightweight, Vibration-Free

Oh yes, it looks powerful. But as powerful as it looks, it isn’t heavy weighted. It can easily be moved about being that it is light weighted. Moreover, it doesn’t work with vibrations. It works noiselessly. If this has been your fear, then you’ve got nothing to be afraid of. No vibration whatsoever.

4. Variable Speed With Forward And Reverse

Like I had said earlier, you’re in total control of the machine and what it does on your nails. Another amazing feature is its variable speed that can be moved backward and forward.


  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • It has the quality and it is highly durable
  • It comes with an on/off foot pedal
  • It is powerful
  • It lacks vibration and it comes with standard fits


  • It is not a rechargeable hand drill

2. Medicool Turbo File II

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Presenting to you the second review for the day is the Medicool turbo file. There’s no other way to experience luxury than to have this machine situated at the confinement of your home or saloon to polish and treat your nails from nail diseases. It is regarded as one of the best drilling machines for manicuring and pedicuring.


1. Professional Electric File For Manicures And Pedicures

Taking care of both our nails can seem a bit stressful most of the time. But here’s a brand that’s willing to subsidize the rigorous stress for us all, by building a machine that can be used to birth healthy nails for both the finger and the toenails.

2. Lightweight

A common feature among the Medicool nail drill machine can be seen in its lightweight. This is because they want their users to be able to move their nail drill about be it on a visitation, on a trip, or within your salon or home.

3. Very Quiet And Compact

It works efficiently and noiselessly. It’s as though you aren’t working on your nails because it doesn’t emit sounds nor vibration. It gets you comported while you use the drill extensively around the nails.

4. Variable Speed Control

I’ve come across nail drills whose speed can’t be controlled. I’ve come across nail drills that do not entirely serve their purposes. Nonetheless, Medicool stands out in all aspects. Ranging from their quality to being in control of the speed of the machine. This is what we term fascinating because they’ve got standardized products to keep you happy for life.


  • Quality and durability is topnotch
  • It is less expensive yet powerful
  • It places the user in charge of the nail drill
  • It is easy to operate
  • It can be used by beginners


  • It doesn’t come with drill bits

3. Medicool 520 Professional Electric Nail Filing System

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The third medical nail drill product we will be reviewing is a medical 520 professional drill. If you aren’t wowed by the first two (2) reviews, you certainly will with this product. Not as huge as the former, but it has the right features to meet your daily needs. The strength to handle the nails perfectly well makes it overwhelming.


1. Variable Speed Control

Looking at the rest features of the aforementioned reviews, you get to see a replica of the features in the first two (2) reviews. To grasp this, the Medicool features are the same with just a little difference. Variable speed control lets you handle the drill machine with ease by being in charge.

2. Compact And Quiet Power Station With The Lightweight Handpiece

The 520 professional nail drill carries out its function in a noiseless manner. It gets to bring out the best from your nails with minimal vibrations. Also, it is light weighted with less or no difficulties during movement of any sort.

3. Forward And Reverse

The last feature on the list is forward and reverse. If you wish to take it backward, you surely can. Forward? Definitely. The decision is yours to make only if you are to purchase this electrifying product to give your nails the best treatment they truly deserve.


  • It is inexpensive
  • It gives you value for money
  • It comes with two (2) free bits
  • It easy to handle
  • It is powerful


  • It doesn’t have a foot pedal
  • No dual voltage
  • It doesn’t come with a battery

4. Medicool Pro Power 20k Professional Electric File

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The fourth medical product to be reviewed is the Medicool pro power 20k nail file. Just so you know, professional nail drill renews the health of your nails to give you that confidence of being able to sway your hands without feeling downcasted or whatsoever.

This is what this particular electric file has to offer. Moreover, it’s portability is out of this world. Unlike the rest nail drill machines that are a bit huge, this is pocket friendly and can easily be carried about all day.


1. The Compact Unit Clips Conveniently To Your Belt Allowing Freedom Of Movement

This ascertains what has been expounded in the short intro above. If there’s a word to use for this, I think “perfect” would do justice to that. You necessarily do not have to place such a product in your backpacks or big handbags. With its lightweight, it can be clipped to your belt to ensure movement all around. Still, having second thoughts? Hurry to get this product for your personal usage or salon.

2. Variable Speed Control And Forward/Reverse Direction

Rule your world with medical pro power 20k professional nail drill. Variable speed control is present in all Medicool products to give its users the upper edge over their drill so they adjust when necessary without having to inflict pains or injuries on their nails.

3. Easy Bit Change Using No Tool

What makes this Medicool product stand out is attributed to the fact that the user gets to change the bit of the medical machine without imploring the use of a tool for the successful removal of the bit. So aside from the fact that it can be clipped to a belt and be taken around with, you also get to change the bit at any place, whenever the first bit that comes with it is exhausted.


  • It is portable
  • It can be clipped to a belt for easy movement
  • It has the quality and it is highly durable
  • It is light weighted
  • It is powerful


  • It doesn’t come with a foot pedal control

5. Medicool Pro Power 30K Precision Electric File 30,000 RPM Electric Nail Drill Tool

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We’ve come to the end of the Medicool reviews with Medicool pro power 30k electric nail file. Whatever nail challenges you may be encountering, this nail drill is here to provide the right solutions to your nails. Medical and the word quality go hand in hand because that is what their products entail.


1. Clips Conveniently To Your Belt Or Place In The Holster Provided Allowing Freedom Of Movement

Like the former, this also can be clipped to your belt to allow for movement. Regardless of where you find yourself, you can take out this machine to begin shaping and structuring your nails, provided it is a safe environment so you don’t get to harm yourself mistakenly.

2. Included 110v – 220v Controller Allowing You To Use The Unit Anywhere In The World

The controller voltage as seen above is between 110-220 making it possible for the Medicool nail drill machine to be attached to our belt or the holster that has been made available to be clipped with much ease.

3. The Digital Display Features RPMs

The Medicool machine comes with a digital display feature that contributes to the functionality of the machine in carrying out the purposes in which it has been built by the brand. By being digital, it makes the machine easily accessible to be used.

4. Easy To Operate

It is user friendly thereby making it a lot simpler to operate and even to maintain.


  • It gives you value for money
  • The quality is topnotch
  • It has a digital display feature
  • The speed of the product can be adjusted
  • It is durable


  • The disadvantage of this product is that it is not rechargeable. It must be connected to a socket for usage.
  • It doesn’t come with a foot pedal

Please Note:

Medicool nail drill products have a lot of features in common. These features are evident in all the reviews. That is, that Medicool offers some great and valuable products with long-lasting quality. Just like some things can be gradable, likewise are their products gradable in a way that satisfies our in-depth desires regarding what we truly want for our nails.

Hence, we get to see different products from the same brand. Some are a bit higher, while others seem inexpensive. The bottom line is that they all perform the most important functions which can be found in the similarities of their features. Whichever of the product that you find desirable or you intend to purchase, feel free to get it regardless of which is missing in that product or not. They all are performing the same function to meet your requirements.

Lastly, the nail drill machine or products aren’t restricted to one gender. Both male and the female folks can purchase any of the products above to be used within their homes or at the nail salon. The end product remains properly caring for your nails and preventing them from being unattractive but instead, the other way round.

Medicool Nail Drill Reviews – Conclusion

To get satisfaction from creating and maintaining your nails in becoming healthy, get Medicool nail drill products to enjoy the best of services you can ever get. Medicool is truly one of the best plugs for your nail drill machines. With Medicool, your nails you’ll experience a magical touch.

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