9 Best Manicure Tables for Professionals in 2023

As a manicurist, investing in one of the best manicure tables you can afford is critical. Having such an asset in your salon makes doing your clients’ nails easier and more convenient. A good quality nail desk is one that provides comfort to you and also for your client. A client who isn’t comfortable while he or she is getting his or her nails done may not return to you the next time.

By being comfortable, I mean the nail salon table and chair should complement each other. Sitting in a chair or table that is a bit too high will hurt your posture and lead to poor performance.

Also, nail dust should be fitted to collect dust, and good storage systems to keep your tools for easy accessibility. That being said, let’s look at what a manicure table is.

Without further ado, Below is a list of our best-pick manicure tables.

YaheetechEasy to assemble

Saves space


Absence of dust collector

No vent

Built-in dust collector

Lockable wheels

Comes with a carry bag

Wrist pad for client comfort
Some customer complaints about the size of the table

It doesn't have an adjustable height
SUNCOO Portable Manicure DeskIt's comfortable

It's sturdy


Easy to carry

Easy to assemble
Only one color options available

No dust/venting collector in place.
BYOOTIQUE 2 Tabletops ManicureEquipped with built-in music speakers

Comes with lockable latches with keys and coded access
The size of the workstation might be too small for some usersCHECK PRICE
Lorvain Manicure TableMade of quality solid wood boards with marble textureIt might be expensive for some usersCHECK PRICE
MefeirCabinet plus side rack for storage

Presence of dust collector



Detachable wrist rest

Kalolary Manicure Nail TableComfortable

Spacious drawers


The lockable wheels might not be sturdy enoughCHECK PRICE
CHAOEEMY Nail Desk Portable Manicure TableHigh quality

Lockable Wheels

LED lamp with USB connection

The USB plug may not be very practical for some usersCHECK PRICE
CHAOEEMY Portable Nail Salon Technician DeskLarge drawer for storage

Very comfortable

Versatile and suitable for various use
Some customers have reported issues with the stability of the tableCHECK PRICE

What’s A Manicure Table?

A manicure table is a table especially designed for the manicurist. It is a table where all manicured works are being carried out. This table consists of various parts and compartments and helps provides ample room for nail techs to carryout out their work effectively.

A good workstation should be suitable enough and accommodating for both the client and the nail tech. It must be suitable for clients and the nail technician to rest their hands comfortably while working.

Why Are Manicure Tables That Important?

You may be thinking that owning a nail desk isn’t important after all you can do a manicure without making use of a manicure chairs and table ( even without a table as the case may be)

Well, You’re right, but if you want your client to take what you do seriously and don’t want to give them the room to question how much you charge for your services, then purchasing a manicure table is a must.

Below are the obvious reasons why purchasing a manicure table is necessary

1. Ease Of Doing Manicures

The goal of every manicurist is to satisfy their client, but what happens if all you do is strain your back due to bad posture? This is where investing in a manicure table and chairs come to play. A good nail table and chair will ensure you’re well seated and will ease you from unnecessary stress while doing a manicure.

2. Access To Manicure Tools

Having a manicure table in your salon gives you access to your tools. This is possible because most manicure tables are designed with a storage system in place for you to keep all of your tools while working.

3. Customers Satisfaction

A nail desk allows customers to easily rest their hands while doing a manicure.

How We Came Up With The Best Nail Salon Table For Manicurists

We understand that choosing a nail desk is crucial for your salon but what happens when you’re overwhelmed with the various options and of course, how pricey some of them can be?

Well, you don’t have to overthink all of that because We’ve done the leg work for you. To put this in perspective, We went through the majority of the review post from your favorite websites, and here’s what we came up with.

In other to simplify things and not add to the problems on the ground, we carefully went through each product and handpicked that which best matches your budget (no matter how small it may be)

Best Manicure Tables for Comfort and Durability

1. Yaheetech Portable & Foldable Manicure Table

Yaheetech 37-inch Portable & Foldable Manicure Table Nail Desk Workstation with Large Drawer/Client Wrist Pad/Controllable Wheels/Carrying Case for Spa Beauty Salon White, 1 Count (Pack of 1)


The large drawer is perfect for storing all of my nail tools and supplies, and the wrist pad provides added comfort for my clients.

One of the best things about this table is its portability. The wheels are controllable, making it easy to move around, and the foldable design allows for easy storage. You can appreciate the carrying case that comes with the table, making it easy to transport to different locations.

Our Verdict

This is a basic manicure station, so it’s bound to lack some features, but to think that it’s foldable, saves space, is affordable, and can be easily carried even when traveling is mind-blowing.

2. AGESISI Portable Manicure Table 

AGESISI Portable Manicure Table Foldable Nail Desk with Dust Collector Professional Nail Tech Table for Technician Spa Salon Workstation, Client Wrist Pad Carry Bag 4 Lockable Wheels, 36-inch, Pink


The AGESISI Portable Manicure Table is a versatile and practical option for professional nail technicians. It features a foldable design, making it easy to store and transport. The table has a built-in dust collector to clean the work surface and a client wrist pad for added comfort.

The table also has 4 lockable wheels, making it easy to move around, and a carry bag for transportation. Measuring 36 inches in length, this table is perfect for spa and salon use and comes in a stylish pink color.

3. SUNCOO Portable Manicure Desk

Nail Table- Wellhut Portable Manicure Tables with Carrying Bag, Salon Station Foldable Nails Desk with Large Drawer, Wrist Rest, Lockable Wheels for Home Spa Beauty Salon Mobile Nail Tech


This is another great, inexpensive nail desk on our list of manicure tables under $100. This nail station offers considerable space for the client and the manicurist. Keep reading to see what sets this table apart from the rest.

Our Verdict

Considering the price and the ease of moving it, this manicure desk is worth it. The only drawback is that it lacks a venting/dust collector. If this is put into consideration, then it will be great.

So that’s all we have for you, for now, the best pocket-friendly nail desk under $100 in the market. Now, let’s take a look at those that are a bit higher. Shall we? Great.

4. BYOOTIQUE 2 Tabletops Manicure

BYOOTIQUE 2 Tabletops Manicure Platform Portable Rolling Makeup Train Case Tattoo Station Table Nail Desk Workstation with 4 Drawers Mirror Speaker for Salon Travel, Black


The BYOOTIQUE 2 Tabletops Manicure Platform is a portable rolling makeup train case that doubles as a tattoo station and nail desk workstation. It features 4 drawers for storage and a built-in mirror and speaker. The sleek black design is perfect for a salon or travel. This versatile and functional piece of equipment is great for professionals who need a portable workstation that can be easily moved and stored. The 4 drawers provide ample storage space for tools and supplies, and the built-in mirror and speaker are convenient features that make it easy to work with clients.

Our verdict

It is a great option for those looking for a portable and versatile workstation that can be used for various purposes.

5. Lorvain Manicure Table

Lorvain Manicure Table, Nail Desk Workstation Marbling Texture Salon Nail Station Stylist Equipment for Nail Tech Spa Makeup Beauty Salon Home


The Lorvain Manicure Table is a stylish and functional nail desk workstation designed for use in a salon or spa. It features a marbling texture that adds a touch of elegance to the overall design. The nail station is equipped with ample space for tools and supplies, and the sturdy construction ensures it can withstand the demands of daily use. It is suitable for nail technicians, stylists, and makeup artists. It’s easy to clean and maintain; it is a great option for both professional and home use.

Our verdict

This manicure table is great for those looking for a stylish and functional workstation that can be used for various purposes.

6. Mefeir Manicure Table

Mefeir Manicure Table Iron Frame, Nail Beauty Spa Salon Desk Workstation with Electric Downdraft Vent, Wrist Rest, Cabinet, Side Basket, Casters and LED Lamp, Black (35.4''L x 16.9''W x 29.5''H)


The Mefeir Manicure Table is a high-end option for professional nail technicians and beauty salon use. It features an iron frame, electric downdraft vent, wrist rest, cabinet, side basket, casters, and LED lamp. The table measures 35.4”L x 16.9”W x 29.5”H and is a sleek black.

Our Verdict

We recommend this to anyone who needs a fully functional workstation with enough storage space to keep your stuff organized.

7. Kalolary Manicure Nail Table

Kalolary Manicure Nail Table, Portable Folding Station Desk Movable Manicure Tech Table for Home Spa Beauty Salon with Sponge Wrist Cushion, Storge Drawer, Carry Bag(Pink)


The Kalolary Manicure Nail Table is a portable and folding manicure station designed for use in a home spa, beauty salon, or for personal use. It features a sponge wrist cushion for added comfort and a storage drawer for tools and supplies. The table has lockable wheels, making it easy to move around and set up. The table also comes with a carry bag for easy transport. The pink color gives a feminine and stylish look.

Our verdict

This manicure table is great for those looking for a portable and functional workstation that can be used for various purposes. It’s perfect for professionals who are always on the go and need a workstation that can be easily transported and set up or for those who want a personal manicure table at home.

8. CHAOEEMY Nail Desk Portable Manicure Table

CHAOEEMY Nail Desk Portable Manicure Table, Professional Nail Table with USB-plug LED Table Lamp, Sponge Pillow, Electric Dust Collector, Carrying Bag, White


The CHAOEEMY Nail Desk is a portable and professional manicure table designed for a salon or spa. It features a USB-plug LED table lamp, a sponge pillow for added comfort, and an electric dust collector to keep your work area clean. The table also comes with a carrying bag for easy transport. The white color gives a sleek and modern look.

Our verdict

It’s perfect for professionals who are always on the go and need a workstation that is easily transported and set up. The LED table lamp and electric dust collector are convenient features that make it easy to work on clients.

9. CHAOEEMY Portable Nail Salon Technician Desk

CHAOEEMY Portable Manicure Table,Nail Salon Technician Desk with Large PP plastic drawer、LED-Light、Wrist rest、Carry Bag,for nail salon、beauty salon、home nails painting、tattoo,Black…


The CHAOEEMY Portable Manicure Table is a versatile and practical option for professional nail technicians and beauty salon use. It comes with a large PP plastic drawer, LED light, wrist rest, and a carry bag. The table is made of high-quality materials, perfect for nail salons, beauty salons, home nail painting, and tattoos. The large drawer provides ample storage space for tools and supplies, and the LED light ensures better visibility while working. The wrist rest offers added comfort for the clients during treatments, and the carry bag is a great feature for portability. The table comes in a stylish black color.

Features To Consider When Choosing Your Manicure Table

1. Budgets

The first thing you need to consider before buying a manicure table is to look at how much you have with you. If you’re on a tight budget, there are other inexpensive ones out there for you (usually under $100) that can still give you or serve you well.

But if your budget is big enough, you can consider those with enough features to give you and your client that comfort you envisage.

2. Storage

Storage is another thing we like to consider when buying a nail desk. Only go for those you think can provide you with enough storage space to house your manicure tools and accessories.

Going after those with robust storage systems allows you to organize your tools for easy accessibility.

3. Vents

Doing manicures and working with polishes produces many fumes, which can harm one’s health. Although this venting system can’t eliminate the fumes from nail polish, having a manicure desk with a vent/dust collector in place is sure a good way to keep yourself and your client free from nail dust and safe in the process.

4. Light

There are some manicure desks with an attached LED lamp for a clearer view when doing a manicure, but if you went after those without an inbuilt lamp, there are varieties of portable lamps you can buy online, so it isn’t a big deal after all, but it’s sure a plus mark for those that have.

5. Table Surface

Accidentally knocking off polishes is a must, no matter how carefree you are, but what happens if the surface of the table you went after isn’t designed to repel polish or acetone? Well, that’s why you need to go after a desk with acetone resistance and easy to wipe. The majority of the tables above have this feature in place.

6. Portability or Stationary

Going after manicure desks that are portable and easy to fold is a great thing, especially if you don’t have enough space (and, of course, if you’re a traveling manicurist), so this is another thing you need to consider as well, but that doesn’t mean that a stationary desk is a bad idea, it just means that having a static table may not be a good fit for most salons.

How Much Is A Manicure Table?

Manicure tables are of different types and made to fit your needs. Usually, you'll find a typical nail desk with a price range from $60 - $3000 that will fit into your budget, style, and decor.

How Long Is a Standard Manicure Table?

There are various nail salon desks out there with varying degrees of length, but usually, a typical nail desk measures 36 to 48 inches long.

How Wide Should a Nail Desk Be?

Well, there isn't a universal width as to how a manicure desk ought to be but what we've found out over the years is that the majority of the manicure desk are usually 16 to 21 inches wide and 36 to 50 inches tall.


Purchasing a manicure desk that does all you want as a manicurist is a great feeling, but what happens when you’re overwhelmed with various options?

That’s where our reviews come in. We’ve carefully reviewed the various tables and brought you the best according to your budget.

So feel free to go through each of them and read through some of the factors you need to consider before making a purchase.

And don’t forget that owning a manicure table not only adds credibility to you as a manicurist but also ensures comfort in doing nails and keeps the client coming back.