Are Electric Foot Massagers Good For You?


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Using electric foot massager is one cool way to massage and relax your tired feet at home and they provide much relief compared to a manual massager. This massager – electric comprises of rollers that can help soothe pains around the feet, ankles and give your feet that tender loving care they deserve.

As versatile and useful this massager is, there are still some unanswered questions lingering in the minds of some people which we will look at somewhere in this article.

So Are Electric Foot Massagers Good For You? The simple answer is YES. This type of massager uses electricity to give you a powerful and effective massage due to its speed that often exerts strong pressure giving you that Spa-like experience while ensuring that your feet are fully relaxed.

An electric foot massager is perfect for anyone who wishes to relax and pamper their feet after a long day at work while allowing the machine to do its work.

Before using an electric foot massager, ensure to see your physician or consult the manufacturer as it isn’t suitable for everyone especially for those who want to have greater control of the pressure of the massage.

Note: If you are in a hurry? Here’s our list of the best electric foot massagers in the market

  1.  CloudMassage Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager – Best Electric Shiatsu Foot And Calf Massager
  2. RENPHO Foot Massager Machine with HeatHeat – Best Rated Massager
  3. Shiatsu Foot Massager – Best Inexpensive Foot Massager

Health Benefits Of Using Foot Massager

People who go for regular foot massage do that for a reason. Continue reading to know some of the health benefits associated with a foot massager

  • Helps improve blood circulation
  • Help reduce anxiety and depression
  • Helps relieve headache and migraine
  • Help prevent joint pains
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Helps you sleep better

1. Improves Circulation

Putting on tightly fitted shoes to work all day can put your feet in danger by reducing blood circulation through the muscles. But engaging in regular massage especially before going to bed can help improve blood circulation around the foot and keep them healthy.

2. Helps Reduce Anxiety And Depression

During reflexology certain organs and body system receives different pressure. This pressure exerted from these machines will make you feel relaxed. In fact, various research has shown that regular foot massage can help reduce depression and anxiety in cancer patients.

3. Helps Relieve Headache And Migraine

It’s true that stress, depression and anxiety can cause one to suffer from headache and migraine but do you also know that you can get rid of these with a constant foot massage?

Well, in a study conducted in Denmark, it is believed that a huge number of persons who undergone reflexology had increased relief than does who do not.

Not just that, they where also results of an improved lifestyle of those that went through this process of constant foot massaging than does that were on medications.

4. Helps To Prevent Joint Pain

Regular massaging can in a way help to prevent you from having joint pains and also help joint injuries to heal faster. When massage is combined with ankle strengthening and a bit of foot exercise, you can be sure of getting healed faster from injuries and can even help prevent future injuries from occurring.

5. Lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure can arise for a number of reasons. It can occur as a result of stress, diets and oftentimes, it could be genetically engineered.

And the best way I’ve found to be pretty effective is to engage in regular foot massage. In fact, my mum was able to lower her high BP the moment she started massaging her feet 3 times in a week.

6. Helps You Sleep Better

If you often find it extremely hard to get a good night rest even when you go to bed early enough, then getting your foot massaged might help you to sleep better. Massaging helps to relax the nerves endings of your foot and makes it possible for you to fall asleep easily.

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What to Consider When Buying a Foot Massager

Foot massagers are becoming more popular than before and the reason is that manufacturers are beginning to unveil different foot massagers tailored to suit almost everyone’s need.

As popular as they may be, there are quite a few things you should keep in mind when you’re planning to get one for yourself. All of the things are what I’ll talk about in my next heading.

Purpose Of The Machine

The first thing you might want to look out for when buying a foot massager is the overall use or purpose of the machine.

Remember, some machines are built to offer just relaxation and relief for your feet, others might be loaded with benefits like pain and aches relief.

For example, if you’re an active person and your lifestyle involves jogging or wearing high heel shoes often, then it’s okay to go after professional foot massagers that do not only offer massaging but other therapeutic benefits.

Features Of The Machine

Another thing to look out for in a foot massager is the features embedded in it. Some massager offers intensity level. Electric massagers are best known for providing various intensity level based on aches.

Another important thing to take note of is the massage options that are readily available for you. From heat therapy down to relaxation massage etc.

But before you go ahead to make a purchase, first, know what’s good for you and don’t forget to consult your physician for proper guidance.

How Portable Is The Machine

This is one mistake I’ve seen countless persons make. They don’t consider the portability before going ahead to make a purchase.

Well, I don’t know about you but I do think that the portability of the machine matters a lot here especially if you do not have much space to house a machine that is as big as your apartment.

Although depending on its function, foot massager ought to be portable and strong enough to carry your weight. Not just that, when they’re portable, they can be easily carried away by anyone.

Price Of The Machine

The price of the machine is of paramount importance here as this will dedicate whether or not you’ll go after such machine.

Who says you must spend a fortune before you can lay your hands on a good foot massager? Of course, you don’t have to as there are low budget massager with amazing features out there that can do (if not) all of the massaging and soothing of your feet.

If you’re still in doubt whether there are inexpensive, easy to carry and powerful foot massager out there for you then read on as I bring to you the very best of foot massagers that are perfect for anyone with medium to low budget.

Best Electric Foot Massagers In The Market You Probably Need In 2020

Note: The below list you’re about to read is based on what reviewers from Amazon are saying concerning the products. Why I may not be able to use all of the products listed below, I’ve done a lot of research on them already and I can boldly say that they’re of high quality and that a trial will convince you.

So here’s a round-up of the best electric foot massagers you can find on Amazon in 2020

1. RENPHO Foot Massager Machine with Heat

Click HERE to view price on Amazon

 Renpho foot massager machine happens to be the first on my list because it’s one massager that can help anyone relieve foot pains, improves circulation of blood and give your feet the comfort they need.

This massager comes with touch buttons that can be easily manoeuvred with your feet with large massage space for almost all foot sizes.

There’s also a soothing heat therapy embedded in this massager. Which means that whenever you’re suffering from knots, the heated foot massage can help take care of it.

That’s not all, there is also a room for you to adjust the intensity of the speed which means that you can adjust the massage speeds to suits your needs.

2. CloudMassage Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager

You can check the price out HERE

 I’ve got to admit that this massager is a bit pricey but it’s all worth it. This awesome massager has dual massager functions with multiple settings to increase or decrease the heat, pressure, vibration to comfortable massage your calves, feet and ankles.

Another thing I love about this massager is that it can help soothe foot pains caused by swelling, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and can also aid in muscle repairing.

There’s also a patented bar that allows you to change the position depending on how you want it and a deep kneading shiatsu massage for circulation issues.

3. Shiatsu Foot Massager

You can check the price out HERE

If you’re looking for an electric foot massager with air compression then Shiatsu foot massager is your best shot.

The airbags can be easily inflated and deflated to release compressed massage to stimulate the points that need a massage. This can be accomplished with the help of a 3 intensity levels buttons to meet each massage needs.

There’s also a rolling massage feature in place to help you stretch and loosen your muscles when appropriate pressure is applied.

4. Nekteck Foot Massager

You can check the price out HERE

 Nekteck foot massager is another portable and money saver massager for anyone who’s on a low budget. There are 6 massage heads in place with 18 nodes to keep your muscles and tension relaxed.

The massager also has a heating function in place. The heat can help relieve fatigue and also helps to soothe the pain. There’s also an adjustable height of 3 levels which means that it can be adjusted to any level according to your preferences.

Another thing worth mentioning here is that this massager is very portable and very easy to operates. You literally won’t be bending down to turn it on as this can be easily and conveniently done using your toes to turn on and switch between modes.

5. Beurer FM60 Shiatsu Foot Massager

You can check the price out HERE

Beurer shiatsu foot massager is another inexpensive massager for anyone who’s looking for foot massager with a powerful kneading and tissue massage.

The 18 rotating heads can give you that optimal and deep foot massage you want with an easy foot operation which can be activated with just a single button.

The single button, when pressed gently with your toes, can help you switch between massage speed levels. This machine can also be adjusted easily with the help of twisting pegs underneath for your convenience.

How To Use A Foot Massager

As you already know, foot massagers are of different types and style but one thing that is pretty consistent with all the types is that they all have the capacity to relieve pains.

While some may require electricity to function, others like the manual foot massager may not. So in other to efficiently get the benefits embedded in using foot massager, you need to know how to use them effectively.

Electric Foot Massager

An electric foot massager is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a massager that will do everything on its own which makes it suitable for people with limited mobility.

This massager has oscillating footpads for increased stimulation of your feet. All you need do is to place your foot in the pad and let the machine do its job.

There are also specialised buttons to help you regulate the speed and for other purposes such as massaging the calves and other areas of the foot.

Manual Foot Massager

You can check the price out HERE

The manual massager is designed with specific needs for people who prefers to massage their feet manually. This type of massager has been invoked for ages and can be seen in most houses in China.

They consist of rollers usually made from wood or plastics where you can gently place your foot in and then starts moving back and forth while pressing your feet towards the rollers.

This type of massager isn’t that bulky so you can easily carry them around from one place to another.

Spa Foot Massagers

This type of massager makes use of a tub of warm water where you can place your foot for them to be massaged. There are vibrating rollers also to help increase the rate at which blood circulates.

FAQ – Are Electric Foot Massagers Good For You

What Happens During A Foot Massage?

There is a lot that happens during a foot massage. First, your feet go through a lot of relaxing experience as the reflex zones of the muscles are being manipulated either by hands or with a massaging machine.

How Can I Improve The Circulation In My Feet?

To improve blood circulation in your legs and feet, you need to constantly indulge in regular exercise that involves the legs. Squatting is a good way to achieve this.

Another easy way that you can use to improve blood circulation around your legs and feet is walking. You don’t need to trek miles for this, a little 5 – 10 minutes walk every day can help keep the blood flowing.

You can also improve blood flows by sitting down. Once you’re seated, raise both heels and let it stay in that position for 5 – 10 seconds.

Do Foot Massagers Help Circulation?

Yes, using foot massager is one of the easiest ways to keep your blood flowing. It doesn’t only improve circulation, involving in regular foot massage can also help to reduce pains and tension.

How Often Should I Use A Foot Massager?

There isn’t a defined answer as to how often you need a foot massage but here’s a little tip that would guide you. Only use foot massage once you feel like your feet deserves some TLC.

Is Foot Massager Good For Health?

Yes, indulging in regular foot massage can help boost blood circulation thereby keeping your muscles and tissues healthy.

Is Foot Massage Dangerous?

As relieving as a foot massage, overdoing it sometimes can lead to more problems rather than helping. For example, some people with chronic pains may feel more traumatised from intense massage.

What Should I Look For In A Foot Massager?

There are some key features you need to look out for when you want to purchase a foot massager. For example, you need to look out for things like the control options, the massage speed, the surface and of course, the heating function. If all of the above are present in the foot massager that you want to buy, then go ahead and do so.

What Should You Not Do After A Massage?

There’s a lot of things you shouldn’t do the moment you are out of that machine. For example, listening to news about the economy and latest happenings around the world can raise your blood pressure which you’ve succeeded to bring down.

Also, avoid eating heavy diets after a foot massage, rather opt-in for something light like veggies.

Another thing you need not do is to stay away from alcohol and caffeine. This can make you dehydrated when you’re supposed to be hydrated.

How Long Can You Use A Foot Massager?

You can use the foot massage several times a day for 30 minutes as long as it doesn’t hurt your feet. The moment you begin to feel pains, stop it at once and don’t forget to consult your physician if the problem persists.

Are Electric Foot Massagers Good For You – Conclusion

There’s no better way to relax your tired feet after the days’ work than to treat yourself to some cool massage and one way to achieve this is by using an electric foot massager.

Unlike the manual massager that requires manual actions, This electric massager will do almost everything on its own with the help of some buttons.

Using an electric foot massager will not only help improve the blood circulation of your legs and feet but will also help keep them free from aches and healthy.

So if you’re still thinking of not getting one after reading through this post, then you should probably get one for yourself, today (Here’s a link to one electric foot massager you should see). You won’t regret you did.

Also, if you have any question regarding this post, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and don’t forget to SHARE with your friends.

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