What are Nexgen Nails: The Pros and Cons (All You Need to Know)

Getting the right kind of nails is very important for a woman. You want something shiny, beautiful, and unique, you know, nails that speak of your personality. And what better nails can give you this than NexGen nails? They give you just what you need without compromising. The good part is that you can customize them just the way you want.

What are NexGen Nails?

NexGen nails are types of nails made from a type of nail solution that you can achieve without using UV light or primer. NexGen nails are durable and better than other nails in the market. They ensure the nail is durable and stay well before fading off.

The only thing needed to enjoy this unique product is to put your nail into a powder. The application doesn’t affect your original nail a bit, and it shines well. So if you enjoy flashy nails, but you don’t fancy using acrylic, SNS, or other alternative nails, you should consider using NexGen.

What Makes NexGen Unique?

NexGen is a product that doesn’t have UV rays that hurts the skin as part of its ingredients. It is affordable and a good value for money compared to its features. It is also durable and works excellently well.

The fact that NexGen nails are strong and durable also makes them unique. Unlike some other types of nails, they don’t break easily therefore, you can carry them for as long as you want.

Pros of NexGen

Just like any other kind of nail, NexGen has a lot of Pros and a few cons you should know about.

1. They are more natural than other nail products

Using NexGen nails gives almost the same feeling as rocking natural nails. They are also flexible, and it is as if you are using nail polish. They are better options in all ramifications than acrylics or gels.

2. NexGen nails last longer

Compared to other nail alternatives, using NexGen nails ensure you have fewer cracks to deal with. This exceptional product lasts longer, usually between 40 days and more without changing form.

Though its success depends on how fast your nail grows, you don’t need to break the bank to maintain your long nails because you only have to use them occasionally for optimum performance.

3. NexGen nails are faster to apply

Even though the preparation of the NexGen nails is a bit longer than the average manicure alternatives, it will surprise you how fast it works.

4. They are strong enough to protect your nails

NexGen nail’s ingredients consist of calcium and vitamin d, and this implies that your nail will be elegant when you use the product.

When you compare what NexGen brings to the table with the price it goes for, you will understand that it is the best alternative for other nail products.

5. NexGen is independent of UV light

NexGen nails are not like gel manicures you have to put your palms under a system that let out UV rays to work and shine well. NexGen works naturally, and you don’t have to put your hands under a harmful emission that research has shown harm the skin because you want to be beautiful.

6. NexGen nails are water-resistant

Other manicure alternatives don’t work perfectly underwater. However, the NexGen nails work excellently well when it comes in contact with water, and you don’t need to be scared to do chores with your palms.

7. You can polish on top of NexGen nails without a problem

To polish easily on NexGen nails, you only need to put your best polish on the face of the nail. A standard polish and topcoat will work excellently together.

Cons of NexGen

1. The preparation process is complicated for a lot of people

For NexGen nails to work efficiently, you need to prepare them well. A lot of people resort to using a nail drill to prepare their nails. Despite the use of a cuticle pusher, some people who don’t have a pleasant experience with nail beds think the process of prepping NexGen is complicated.

Though not all of them complain about the stress of the process, if they find an alternative, they will ditch using it.

2. Shaping and filing are required first

After the nail prep, you need to shape the nail using a file to get your desired appearance. A lot of manicurists might not pay attention to this stage, which may not allow the nail to work to perfection. You need to ensure your manicurist is someone that is diligent and knows their onion. After the nail prep, the base coat, powder solution, and the last base coat will happen to complete the process.

3. It is challenging to change when you want to

As a result of the durability of NexGen nails, it takes some time to change the previous one to the new one. You need to soak the product to be sure that the upper part of the nail is okay.  You need to exercise a lot of patience if you want the change to come out well.

This implies you have to make sacrifices on your schedule to make out time for this. And it can be harmful if not done well.

4. You need to think about the many sanitation risks involved

Most beauty salon denies offering NexGen nails because of the sanitation risk involved. The nail can be damaged because the seal coating will be broken during the process. This leads to dehydration in the nail and might later lead to pain in further use.

Is Nexgen Bad for Your Nails

No, they are not bad for your nails. Getting yourself NexGen nails will only keep your nail healthy without having to worry about your nail beds, cuticles, nails, and every other thing. As long as they are applied properly, you absolutely have nothing to worry about.

5 Tips for Good-Looking Nexgen Nails

Nexgen Nails Tips

In order to make sure your nails look their best and that you’re doing everything in your power to keep them that way:

  1. Understand the purpose of the product you are using.
  2. Get acquainted with the functionality of the product.
  3. Always read the instructions before using them and ensure they are followed.
  4. Don’t file back and forth, file in one direction only, with gentle pressure.
  5. Don’t bite your fingernails or pick at them. This is an extremely common habit that can cause damage, infection, and unattractive hangnails. It will also make your nails chip. You’ll be much prettier if you leave them alone.

Can You Do Nexgen Nails at Home?

Can You Do Nexgen Nails at Home

The answer to this question is yes, you can do NexGen nails at home. You need special nail files and clippers just like when you have your nails professionally done at a salon.

The advantage of having professional NexGen nails done is that they are the most natural looking on the market. You will have to do your research to be able to do them yourself at home.

Nexgen Nails vs Acrylic

Nexgen Nails vs Acrylic

NexGen nails are a better option for achieving healthy long-lasting nails than traditional acrylic nails. Acrylic is made from polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), a plastic that is dangerous to the health of your nail bed. In addition, the process of bonding the acrylic to the natural nail is harsh and does major damage to the natural nail bed.

Acrylic nails also have a tendency to grow out crooked and with overgrowth between the natural nail and the acrylic which can lead to infection between the two. NexGen Nails instead use a resin made from ethyl methacrylate (EMA) which is not as toxic as PMMA and will not cause damage to your natural nail bed if applied properly.

NexGen Nails are removed by soaking in acetone rather than filing them off which means less damage is done to your natural nail when they grow out.

Is Nexgen the Same as Dip Powder

NexGen and dip powder are actually different but their production and application are quite the same. NexGen is a brand name that was popularized recently and was used to refer to any type of dip powder, whether it was a drugstore brand or a salon-exclusive product. Dip powders are essentially pre-made acrylic nails with a special coating on them so they can be applied without a UV/LED light.

Nexgen vs Dip Powder

The only difference between Nexgen and dip powder is that Nexgen is a brand of dip powder. Dip powder comes in a bottle, like traditional nail polish, and does not has to be cured in a special lamp after application.

Nexgen is applied like regular nail polish too, but it doesn’t need any special equipment and can be removed easily with regular nail polish remover when you’re ready to change your color. 

Nexgen Nails vs Gel

There are many reasons to choose NexGen nails over the traditional gel, but one of the biggest is time. Nexgen nails last longer than gel, which means you can go longer between appointments and it takes less time in the salon to get your nails done.

The average person spends about 20 minutes getting a set of gel nails put on, and about three to four weeks before they need to be redone. Nexgen lasts for about two-and-a-half to three months, depending on how often you use your hands. It only takes about 15 minutes at most to get your NexGen nails done, and you only have to go back every three months for maintenance.

NexGen Nails vs. SNS

So people also ask why all the fuss about NexGen nails since there is SNS. Both products are different brands, but their concept and production have similarities.

The main difference between both is that while SNS offers two or three weeks of efficiency, NexGen can work excellently well for a month without showing cracks. Inevitably, NexGen is more durable and reliable than SNS.

How to Apply NexGen Nails in 11 Simple Steps

Step 1

Reduce your nail to the size you want. Remove unwanted cuticles and shine the nail with a nice drum, file, or sandpaper.

Step 2

Put the prep liquid on the nails on all fingers.

Step 3

Put Pro Base on the nail. Brush it again in a back-and-forth movement. (The gel must be on the nail).

Step 4

Dip the fingers in filler powder and tap them to get rid of excess powder. (Put a little coat of ProBase to the areas where you want to add thickness and put in filler powder, tap the finger to drop the excess powder again).

Step 5

Repeat Steps 3 & 4 again to make sure the coat stays on all fingernails.

Step 6

Put the activator liquid on all fingernails. Dry with a fan for half a minute.

Step 7

File the side of the nail with a medium file to your or your client’s desire. Use a nail machine with a file bit to shape the cuticle area and the contour file nail to shape and get rid of errors.

Step 8

Buff the 10 fingers and let the client clean and wash their hands, dry well before moving to step 9.

Step 9

Repeat step 6

Step 10

Apply a light layer of gel as quickly as possible and then another coat. Dry each hand for a minute and move to the next step.

Step 11

Put the nail Cuticle Oil around the cuticle well.

How to Remove the NexGen

  • Buff the top part of each nail with a rough nail file thoroughly

  • Prepare a big aluminum foil so that you can wrap each nail equally with a cotton ball.

  • Soak cotton balls in total propanone or other nail-removing alternatives.

  • Put the soaked cotton wool on each fingernail and place gently on the aluminum foil, then wrap well.

  • Don’t tamper with the wrap for twenty minutes for it to soak well.

  • Remove all the wraps in a twisting movement on the finger.

  • Apply pressure well on the wrap to remove the product from the nail surface easily

  • You can then make use of a file or cuticle pusher to remove the remnants

Note: If NexGen doesn’t come off within 20 minutes, soak nails for five more minutes.

How Long Does it Take to Fix NexGen Nails?

It ranges from 20 minutes to 40 minutes

Is It Advisable to Polish on Top of NexGen?

Definitely, you can. You only need to apply on the nail surface with the regular polish and topcoat. Also, NexGen comes in different intense and exotic colors that go on all occasions.

How Often Do I Have to Change It?

It depends on the rate at which your nail grows. Some people fix their nails within 14 days, while others go a month without doing it.

What Is/Are The Materials NexGen Is Made Of?

NexGen is made up of the primary ingredient used in Krazy glue and a touch of acrylic. Also, it has elements of calcium and vitamin D that make it durable.

How Long NexGen Nails Last?

This is an important question everyone wants an answer to. Unfortunately, there is no consistent answer to this. Typically, the lifespan of the NexGen nails depends on the lifestyle and activities of the woman using it. Normally, NexGen nails work perfectly for a minimum of 21 days. However, several women have said that NexGen works excellently without showing any sign of change within 60 days. This is exceptional when you compared it to the best time of alternative nail products.

How Much Do NexGen Nails Cost?

NexGen nails price is not static. It changes over time due to market forces. However, the cost can be between $40-$50 in nail salons but if you buy online, it would be cheaper.

Where Can I Buy NexGen Nails?

You can buy NexGen nails in your nail salons but it is cheaper when you buy it online, especially on Amazon. Amazon products always provide value for money and have a good warranty and return policy.

Can You Use NexGen on Natural Nails?

Yes, you can use NexGen on your natural nails without any effect because they are strong enough to protect your nails. Parts of the ingredients used for producing NexGen include calcium and vitamin D and it purposely protects you from any damage.

Are NexGen Nails Sanitary?

Yes, to an extent, NexGen is sanitary. However, it poses some sanitary risk because the powder can impair the nail because the coating breaks all through the process. This leads to dehydration inside the nail and subsequently leads to pain in a subsequent application. Nevertheless, NexGen is generally sanitary because it is made with calcium and Vitamin D that ensures the nails are protected at all times.

Why Do NexGen Nails Crack?

As strong as NexGen nail is, if it is not applied the right way, It may lead to cracks. You should try not to apply it too thick or close to the edges of your nails. Always ensure your manicurist is applying the right coat in the right way so that it will be stronger and less prone to cracks and damage. Also, try to reduce the rate at which you file the nail during the shaping period prior to coating. If you want to change the kind of nail products you use at your nail salon, tell your manicurist to use NexGen for you or order online from Amazon at a cheaper rate. You now have sufficient information on how amazing this product is, and when compared to other alternatives, it offers the best value for money.

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