16 Easy Nail Designs For Kids

There’s no better way to create your kids favourite cartoon character other than to turn them into some awesome creative nail arts and designs on their nails.

Doing this will not only make them happy but will also ignite and brings out the creativity in them as they would want to play with various nail designs themselves.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration for nail designs you can try on your kid’s nails or on your nails, then this collections of simple yet stylish nail designs for children is what you should see. Read on.

When it comes to designing our kids nails, a lot of us are of the opinion that they’re way too young to start going after nail arts but the truth is, they are not.

In fact, if you’ve been paying close attention to the fashion world lately, you ought to have seen kids rapidly taking over the fashion industry.

That alone should tell you that kids are not in any way restricted when it comes to going after what actually gives them the joy of which painting or adorning their nails is one of them.

So whether you have 6,7,8,9 or 10-year-old kids, this cute nail designs for 8-year-old kids is something you would want to try on them.

Also, these cute little girl nail designs are not restricted to kids alone, you can as well give them a try because they’ll certainly look good on both kids and adults nails.

But before I show you some of the nail designs for teenagers or kids, There’s something I want you to know about using nail polish on kids nails which brings us to the obvious questions.

How Safe Is Nail Polish For Kids?

If you’re a mother who loves to adorn your kid’s nails with nail polish, there is something you should look at for when gunning after nail friendly polishes for your kids.

One such thing you should look at for is to ensure that the polish you’re going after is that which is non-toxic.

Does the polish contain Toluene, Formaldehyde etc. which are a prerequisite of most regular nail polishes out there?

If yes, then you obviously shouldn’t go after that especially if you have a kid who can’t resist sticking his or her hands into his mouth.

So what do I recommend? A water-based polish is what you should go after. Although water-based polish takes longer time to dry, it’s indeed an excellent polish for your kids. Here’s an article that explains everything you need to know about nail polishes that are safe for your kids.

Having said that, lets quickly look through some collections of easy nail designs for kids you can do at home.

Simple Nail Designs For Your Kids

Are you planning to visit a nail salon to have your kids nail done? Or you’re seeking for a comfortable yet simple design for your kid’s nails? If so, then this guide will walk you through.

The most important thing about this post is, you don’t even need to be a PRO for you to do this, all you need is a little time, patience and several nail polishes and the good news is, you obviously won’t be going to any nail salons. Isn’t that interesting?

OK let’s get straight to what I have for you here. Below is what you’ll be needing in this tutorial.

Items Needed.

1. A base coat

2. Nail polishes of various colours (red, white, pink, yellow etc)

3. Tiny nail brush

4. Transparent topcoats

5. Toothpicks

6. Your time

Having listed them out, let me explain a bit further for better understanding

1. Basecoat

Every manicure should start with a clear base coat and end with a topcoat. This coat helps nail polishes to stick better and also makes them last longer.

More also, applying a layer of clear base coat to your nails helps prevent your nails from getting stained especially when working with darker polish.

2. Nail polish

This is what you’ll be needing in different colours (white, green, yellow, black etc) to create that magical look on your kid’s nails.

3. Tiny nail brush

This is another tiny little tools you’ll likely need to create those awesome designs ordinary big brush cannot do.

4. Topcoats

These act as a sealer and also, prevent nail polish from chipping. In fact, every manicure section should end with a transparent topcoat. Top costs, on the other hand, adds a kind of glossy shiny appearance to the nails.

5. Toothpicks

A toothpick is another handy tool you’ll need to create or add dots in other to give your kids nail arts a finishing touch. For example, if you want to create polka dots nail designs for your kids, a toothpick is what you need.

6. Time

It’s no doubt that good things take time to materialize, so it is with creating nail designs on your kid’s nails everyone would love.

So a little bit of your time and patience is what you should have to give your kids a design they’ll forever be grateful to.

So now that you know just the right tools you’ll be needing for this tutorial, lets quickly get down to some fantastic nail arts you can do almost instantly on your kid’s nails.

16 Amazing Nail Designs & Arts For Your Kids

Before I proceed to give you some of the amazing nail arts/designs you can try on your nails or that of your kids in 2020, below is a quick video for you. The below vids contains some cool nail art that you might find interesting. Click to watch or continuing reading below for some more cool nail arts/designs.

In no particular order, I present to you simple nail art designs you can do on your nails or your kid’s nails even if you don’t know a heck about designing nails plus brief steps to getting it done like a Pro.

1. Converse Sneaker Nail Arts Designs For Kids

Nail Designs For Kids

One or two pair of converse sneaker is something a lot of kids have in their closet and if you have a kid who loves sneakers as much as I love putting them on,  then recreating it on their nails wouldn’t be a bad ideal. All you need is a tiny nail brush and a toothpick to enable you to dots the necessary spot.

2. Floral Nail Designs For Kids

Nail Designs For Kids

This is another easy little kid nail designs anyone can create or reproduce on their kid’s nails. All you need is the right dotting tools followed by little knowledge of how to use them effectively.

3. Cat Nail Art Designs For Kids

Nail Designs For Kids

If you have kids that love cat a lot, recreating her favourite pet on her nails sounds like a better idea to me and the step to get it all done is what I have provided above. As usual, you’ll be needing a tiny brush plus a dotting tool (toothpicks) in order for you to create this cute nail design.

4. Cute Nail Arts For Your Kids

Nail Arts Designs For Kids

Above is another easy nail designs you can do almost instantly on your nails or that of your kids. The only challenge is that it may take a little bit of your time but the end results are usually awesome.

5. Penguin Nail Art Designs For Your Kids

Nail Designs For Kids

This is another amazing nail designs you or anyone can do. So if you’re someone whose kids loves this carton character a lot, Then this nail art is definitely a must-try. All you need are black, white and yellow nail polish alongside your nail art tools.

6. Water-Melon Nail Art Designs For Kids

Nail Arts Designs For Kids

Kids are not the only ones that love eating watermelon. In fact, watermelon is one fruit I can’t get tired of eating and I’m pretty sure you or your kids love eating it as well. So a little DIY nail art of your kid’s favourite fruits (be it watermelon or any other fruit) on their nails is a perfect way to keep and make them happy.

7. Red Rose Crown Nail Arts Designs For Kids

Nail Designs For Kids

Adoring your nails or that of your kids with this easy red rose nail art is another way to bring out their inner beauty. Who doesn’t love a rose? I’m sure you do so why not give this cute floral nail art a try? I’m pretty sure your kids will love them so much.

8. Rainbow Nail Arts Designs For Kids

Nail Arts For Kids

This is another awesome nail art that literally doesn’t take much to accomplish. What you need are 7 bottles of nail polishes, a tiny nail brush to paint and draw those rainbow colours and a transparent topcoat to give it that glossy, shiny appearance.

9. Black nail Designs With Coloured Dots For Kids

Nail Arts For Kids

If you’re that type that loves to keep things extremely simple, gunning after this cute yet stylish nail designs for your nails or that of your kids should be your best bet. Its really easy to recreate and I’m very positive that your kids will really love these nail designs.

10. Three Colour Nail Arts For Your Kids

Nail Designs For Kids

11. Easy Glitter Nail Arts For Your Kids

Nail Designs For Kids

12. Cute Santa Hat Nail Designs

Below is another cute nail design you or your kids would probably love to rock especially during Xmas. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are good at doing nail arts, if you can come up with something as close as this, then your kids will love you for good. So the next time you’re looking for some Christmas nail inspirations, then this simple yet cool Xmas nail art could be just what you’re looking for.

Nail Designs And Art For Kids

13. Bear Nail Designs For Kids

Don’t you just love how one can create astonishing cool designs with almost anything? Well, this bear nail designs might just be what your kids may love. You can decide to spice it up by applying other simple design like the one above or design two or three of your kid’s nails with the bear designs. Whichever way you want to spice your kid’s nails, the results you’re most likely to get with this simple design will look great.

Nail Designs And Art For Kids

14. Simple Nail Art For Teenagers

I know you might be wondering what is so special about this simple design? Well, if you think there’s nothing intriguing about this nail design then you should look probably again. Sometimes, looking simple do counts and that’s precisely why we’ve decided to bring this in here. With a simple colour and a bit of dots around the edge of the nails, you’re unto creating something really amazing.

Nail Designs And Art For Kids

15. Back To School Nails Designs For Kids

If you’re looking for a cool nail art/design for your kids who’s about to return back to school then this is it. Trust me, you don’t have to go hard on yourself trying to come up with that perfect design that will look good on your kid’s nails anymore, with this cool exercise book inspired nail art, you are good to go.

Nail Designs And Art For Kids

16. Colourful Nail Designs For Kids

Lastly, here is another simple way to spice up your kid’s nail. You can never go wrong with trying different colours with a touch of either your kids favourite cartoon or just a simple polka dots. The possibilities of working with different colours are endless.

Nail Designs And Art For Kids

Conclusion On Nail Designs For Kids

As you may already know, it’s really not that hard to craft nail art and designs on your kid’s nails especially if you went through this post.

What’s more interesting to know is the fact that from just a single colour and a few drops of colour here and there, you’re unto creating something really amazing.

So the next time you’re looking to try out a few more arts on your nails or that of your kids, don’t be scared to play around as it may turn around and you’ll be shocked as to how they’re going to look.

Now over to you, which of the nail designs do you wish to try right away? And which have you tried? Let’s get to hear from you.

Also, if this post has helped you in some ways, please don’t hesitate to hit the SHARE buttons beneath. Cheers