Is Cuticle Oil Good For Nails? Find Out Now


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Is Cuticle Oil Good For Nails: Over the years, we’ve come to realize that one of the surest ways to keep dehydrated nails moisturized is by applying cuticle oil on them.

As you may have already guessed, Cuticle oil (such as LONDONTOWN kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil) is not just like every other oil you see around you, but rather,  they are an excellent choice for keeping our cuticle intact.

is cuticle oil good for nails
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When it comes to the health of your nails, the best bet to keeping them moisturize always is by using oils.

Mind you, not all oil is good for your nail’s health. Some might cause more harm than good.

So how do you know or differentiate that which is good and or not?

This is why this article which is “is cuticle oil good for your nails” was written to address that

Keep reading…

It is no longer a myth that a lot of persons are beginning to know the value of oils to enhance one’s life.

Is either they’re applying them on their hair – facial or skin or they’re using them for cooking. Most important of that oil when it comes to nails, and the cuticle is cuticle oil.

is cuticle oil good for nails

Cuticle oil, as the name implies, is a specific action-oriented oil whose primary work is to keep cuticle and surrounding skin moisturized.

With that being said, lets quickly look at cuticle oil meaning.

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What’s Cuticle Oil


In layman’s language, cuticle oil helps to keep your cuticle, surrounding skin, and nails moisturized. They can do this because of other oils – jojoba, flaxseed that is present in it.

Aside from keeping nails and cuticle in shape, they are other things they do. We will reveal that as well in this article.

What’s In Cuticle Oil/Cuticle Oil Ingredients 

In it is a combination of different oils ranging from flaxseed, jojoba, apricot, lavender, and safflower oil.

These oils with other vitamins are the critical ingredient a typical cuticle oil should contain.

If one or two of this is present in any product, don’t hesitate to go after it. If all are present, it’s a goldmine.

Having said this, let’s quickly look at some brief info about the oil mentioned above.

Avocado Oil

is cuticle oil good for nails
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This oil is gotten from the famous avocado plant – the fruit specifically. This oil, coupled with its antibacterial properties, helps sink into a deeper portion of the skin to fight against bacterial infection.

Grapeseed Oil

is cuticle oil good for your nails
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Grapeseed oil is a product from the seeds of grapes and also a by-product for the making of wines.

This oil contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties because of the presence of linoleic acid and helps to keep the skin around the cuticle healthy.

Flaxseed Oil

is cuticle oil good for nails
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Flaxseed, otherwise known as linseed, is a type of oil gotten from flaxseed.

Aside from using it as skincare, this oil has a lot of health benefits due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids present in it.

These omega-3 fatty acids present in flaxseed can help promote the health of your heart alongside that of the brain.

Jojoba Oil

is cuticle oil good for nails
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The oil that comes out from the seed of the Jojoba plant is referred to as Jojoba oil.

This oil also has a lot, loaded in it with massive health benefits — this account for why it’s always present in skincare products.

For example, in the early days, the Americans use the oil to soothe bruises and sore.

Today, it has metamorphosed from an ordinary remedy for sore or bruises to a much more exciting concept.

It is now widely used to treat acne, to regrow smooth hair and also, to soothe dry skin, nails, or cuticle.

Apricot Oil

is cuticle oil goof for nails
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Apricot oil, pronounced as /ˈeɪprɪkɒt/ is gotten from an apricot tree – Prunus armeniaca.

Apricot oil is another essential oil to look out for and can be used to achieve almost everything.

It can be used as cooking oil, massage oil when mixed with other essential oil, and most importantly, they’re readily available.

Lavender Oil

is cuticle oil good for nails
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This oil, lavender oil, is the go-to oil because of its benefits, which have been known for ages – around 2,500 years ago.

Due to his usefulness, coupled with the fact that it contains antimicrobial properties, it is being used today in cosmetics and therapeutic purposes.

Safflower Oil

why cuticle oil is good for nails
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As you may already know, safflower oil is an oil extracted from the safflower plant.

It is an oil of high quality and temperature and a perfect choice for cooking.

Over the years, research has it that the oil is capable of lowering cholesterol levels and subsequently increases the health of our heart.

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Why Use Cuticle Oil For Nails

If you’re looking for an ointment that will keep and protect your nail health, cuticle oil is what you need.

I know by now you might be wondering or eager to know if cuticle oil is right for your nails.

Well, worry not, as we are about to spill it out in a short while.

Cuticle oil is good for nails reason being that it helps protect, moisturize, and keep the overall health of the nails in check.

With this, I hope we’ve answered your question, Is cuticle oil good for nails? If we have, let’s look at how to apply them.

How To Apply Cuticle Oil

Unlike cuticle balm, you only need a small drop of the oil on your nails. Since they’re highly active and potent, a drop on your nails can go a long way to get your desired result.

Upon application, gently massage them over your cuticle for about 5 minutes to allow blood flow to your nails.

Method Of Application

They can be applied directly with the help of a dropper, or they can be brushed gently on the nails or with cotton buds.

Things To Note Before Applying

Since the aim is to get results, they’re some things that must be put in place before applying them on your cuticle or nails.

1. Your nails should be free from dirt: Take out time to wash your nails properly before attempting to get them on.

2. Shake well before use: It is always a rule of thumb to shake all content in the bottle very well before use.

The reason for this is simple, which is to ensure that what’s inside is properly mixed for a better result.

3.  Skip the nail polish: Yeah, you heard me right. One of the best ways to get maximum results is to ensure that nail polishes are removed.

Although they can function well with polish on, their ability to penetrate the skin is a lot more complicated with polish on.

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When To Use Them

The best time to use cuticle oil is every night because that’s when they tend to yield results.

Aside from that, you can apply them daily on your nails to keep them moisturized all day.

More also, you can as well apply them after pushing your cuticle back with an orange-wood stick.

Pro Tips: Cuticle oil should not be applied before the manicure section.

The reason is this. Nail polish can not stick to nails well when oil is on the nails but can be applied after a manicure.

Why Should We Use Cuticle Oil

If you’re that type with dry peeling nails or cuticle, carrying along a bottle of cuticle oil should be your thing.

This oil is the only thing your nails and cuticle needs for them to be healthy.

Is Cuticle Oil Good For Nails: Cuticle Oil Benefits 

Aside from the moisturizing effects, they’re other benefits or usefulness of cuticle oil you should know today; below are a few of them.

1. Moisturizing power

No matter how we try to raise our voice to preach about keeping hands dry, the truth is, you can’t keep them dried always.

We are humans, and as such, we tend to use our hands daily.

And when this happens, we find out that our hands may dry out because of too much exposure to water.

At this juncture, to revitalize and keep cuticle and nails in place, you need to keep them moisturize using cuticle oil always.

2. Protection power

One of the apparent reasons or benefits of cuticle oil is that it helps to protect our nails, cuticle, and skin from fungal infection.

He can do so because of the presence of anti-inflammatory properties contained in the oil.

3. Restore shininess to nails

If you’re a manicure freak, you’ll agree with me that applying cuticle oil after taking off nail polish helps keep nails healthy and shiny…

4. Repairs worn-out cuticle

If you’re suffering from torn or dry cuticle, cuticle oil is what you need.

Applying them 3 times a day (preferably morning and evening) will not only repair them, but it will also restore them to their perfect shape.

5. Increases nail growth

Regular application of cuticle oil on your nails with light massage after that helps to keep the blood flowing.

And when there’s constant blood flow to the nail matrix, the growth of fingernail is sure to take place.

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Best Cuticle Oil 

Are you’re looking for the best nail cuticle oil to use for your nails? Keep reading…

1. Sally Hansen cuticle oil       

is cuticle oil good for nails
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Sally Hansen oil is a special kind of vitamin E oil specifically designed to moisturize dry, brittle nails and soften the cuticle.

How To Apply

• Just like every other oil, Sally Hansen oil works best when applied on nails and cuticle overnight.
• Upon application, be sure to work the oil through to aid circulation and also, growth

2. Blossom cuticle oil

reason why you should apply cuticle oil to nails
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Blossom cuticle oil is one of the few cuticle oils infused with real flowers with an outstanding floral scent.

Blossom oil helps to keep cuticle, skin, and nails hydrated, soft, and prevent them from drying up unnecessary.

Also, they are of two varieties – scented floral and fruit-scented.

The scented floral are of different flowers such as lavender, jasmine, rose, hibiscus, etc.

On the other hand, the fruit-scented also are made of different flowers ranging from apple blossom to cherry, grape, and strawberry.

The good thing about blossom cuticle oil is, it has a different flavor for everyone.

So even if you don’t know or can’t differentiate between flowers, mere looking at the lid, you should be able to.

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3. Lippmann cuticle oil

benefits of cuticle oil
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Is it dry peeling cuticle or maybe you want to keep the overall health of your cuticle intact, Deborah Lippmann oil is what you need.

Deborah Lippmann oil from Norstrom is a magic wonder and also the best when it comes to improving nail growth.

4. Julip mighty cuticle oil

is cuticle oil good for nails
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This is another oil you should gun after if you’re suffering from dry or damaged cuticle.

Julip mighty oil does not only restore the cuticle well being from bad to normal, but it also aids nail growth.

5. Elon cuticle oil

is cuticle oil good for nails
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Elon oil is the perfect choice to make if all you need is a soft, smooth and well-maintained cuticle

Elon cuticle oil is that which is well formulated with almond oil plus vitamin B5, which is what every dry cuticle needs.

6. Apricot cuticle oil

is cuticle oil good for nails
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Another sweet-smelling oil to give your cuticle the beautiful life it deserves while doing his job is apricot oil…

It doesn’t just give good vibes to your cuticle alone; it also keeps surrounding skin in shape.

7. Nailtiques oil

is cuticle oil good for nails
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Here is another handy oil that can be carried along even if you’re that type that doesn’t like going out with purse or handbag.

It’s so small that you can easily slide it by the side of your pocket.

And the good news is, it contains all the essential oil – avocado, hemp seed oil and sunflower needed for the healthy cuticle.

Does cuticle help nails grow?

One of the beneficial effects of applying cuticle oil to your cuticle and nails is that it can help your nails grow out in a way you least imagine. To grow your nails using this oil, you should be aware that a little massage during application is what matters. So if you’re asking whether or not this oil can indeed lengthen one’s nails, the answer is Yes.

When should I use cuticle oil?

There’s obviously no universal or set time to applying this oil but what we’ve learned over the years is that, using this oil on your nails at least 2-3 times a day will not only help to keep the overall health of your nails in shape but will also prevent your cuticle from harsh weather conditions by making sure they are free from wear and tear.

Can you use cuticle oil with acrylic nails?

Yes. In fact, research has shown that applying oils on your newly manicured nails can add 2-3 days extra to your manicure.

What does cuticle oil do to your nails?

There are a thousand and one things this excellent oil can do for your nails. For example, applying this oil consistently on your nails at least 2-3 times daily can help lengthens your nails. Also, if you’re suffering from dry cuticle as a result of the harsh weather condition, a drop of cuticle oil should be your best bet.

Does pushing your cuticles back make your nails grow faster?

There may be lots of controversies as to whether or not if pushing the cuticles a step backward makes nails grow longer. Well, the truth is, it doesn’t. Pushing your cuticle back only helps to expose more of your actual nail, making them a bit longer.

For cuticles to be pushed backward, a lot of processes have to be followed for successful pushing. First, the skin has to be softened by applying handfuls of this very oil on your cuticle. While at it, care should be taken so as not to tear them in the process.

For actual nail growth, the steps which we’ve outlined on applying this oil are what you need. Aside from using essential oils for growing nails, taking more of veggies can as well help you out on your nail growth journey.

The Take-Home On Is Cuticle Oil Good For Nails

A lot has been said as to whether it is good to apply cuticle oil on nails.

And from all that has been said, it is evident enough for everyone to make cuticle oil a part of their every day lives.

The usefulness, benefits, and all that it does to the health of our cuticle and nails, indeed can not be overemphasized.

What’s more important is the ability for it to restore, repair, revitalize, protect, and gives life to the worst cuticle you can think of.

Aside from that, if you’re looking to grow your nails, adopting a lifestyle that involves moisturizing your nails and cuticle at least 2-3 times daily with it is what you need.

Now that you know the exact thing cuticle oil does for your cuticle and nails, we are urging you today to take into consideration and make it a part of you.

I hope this article has been able to answer your question, which says,  is cuticle oil good for nails? Well, if it has actually answered your question, why not click on the SHARE buttons located underneath this post so that your friends can get to learn something new from this.

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