Can You Have Nails Painted For C Section?

Is it almost time for your baby’s delivery? Have you been informed, or would you prefer to do the C-section to have your child delivered? Perhaps you have had your nails painted, wondering if you can keep them for the cesarean delivery.

Many people have asked this question, and there’s an answer. However, in this blog post, we will find out if you can and provide you with more important information for delivery.

However, “Can You Have Nails Painted For C Section?” No, you can’t have your nails painted for cesarean delivery (C-section).

Before you enter the LDR (labor, delivery, and recovery room), the nurse or midwife will instruct you to take off the nail polish, make-up, contact lenses, glasses, piercings, and other jewelry.

Although you might be allowed to wear your wedding ring, anything else will not be allowed. If the C-section is already planned, you will be given all the information to get you prepared.

But if the operation wasn’t planned, everything will be sorted out for you. Knowing that you can’t have your nails polished for the C-section, let’s find out how you can prepare for cesarean delivery.

The Drawbacks of Having Your Nails Painted Before a C-Section

You should take off your nail polish before the c-section so that your oxygen rates can be observed during the operation. How? The doctors will clip a probe on your finger to get it done, as that is one of the common ways oxygen levels can be monitored.

So, if your nails are painted or have acrylic or fake nails on, they can hinder the observations. This is why the nurses or midwives would inform you before coming to the hospital for the cesarean. If you don’t do it, they will do it themselves, but it is advisable to do it as informed.  Here are some drawbacks of having your nails painted before a C-section:

1. Risk of infection

One of the main concerns is the risk of infection. The surgical site must be kept clean and sterile, and nail polish can act as a barrier to this, as it can trap bacteria and other contaminants underneath it. Also, nail polish can easily chip or peel off during the surgery, potentially exposing the surgical site to bacteria.

2. Allergic reaction

Another potential concern is an allergic reaction to nail polish. Some people can have an allergic reaction to the chemicals in nail polish, which could cause skin irritation, redness, or even anaphylaxis (a severe allergic reaction that can be life-threatening) in some cases.

3. Limited mobility

The mobility could be limited by having the nails painted, as it can make it difficult to perform certain tasks like typing and or using the hand or fingers during recovery. Even though a patient will have limited mobility, having painted nails could add extra inconvenience.

How Do You Prepare for Your C-Section?

A cesarean section can be scheduled and impromptu. However, the doctor will tell you why you need an operation, what will occur during the section and the danger of not doing the operation.  So, if the section is planned, the nurse or midwife will list the things you need before and after the cesarean.

1. You will be told to appear natural

One way to prepare for the cesarean section is by appearing natural. So, you’d be told to cut off your nails, and clean off the nail polish and makeup so that your skin can be scrutinized during the operation.

Also, other things such as acrylic nails, contact lenses, jewelry, glasses, and piercings will be required to be removed before the cesarean.

2. You’d be given some medications to stop you from feeling sick

While preparing for the c-section, everything will be done to prevent you from being sick. So, the night before and on the day of the delivery, you’d be given an antacid medication to decrease gastric acids that can cause you to fall sick. Aside from the antacid, you would also be given other drugs like antibiotics.

3. You’d be told to suspend eating and drinking before the cesarean

Another important thing you will be asked to do is suspend food and drink. You’d be told not to eat anything for hours before the c-section.

This is to make the operation easy to carry out. However, you can still drink water an hour before the operation.

4. You will be told to stop shaving or waving

Finally, the nurse, doctor, or midwife will tell you not to wax or shave your pubic hair for one or two weeks before the cesarean section.

Doing this would reduce any risk of infection during the surgery. However, the nurse would be the one to shave the hair and also apply some antiseptics to kill any bacteria.

5. You’d be given a bar of antibacterial soap to bath with

While you have to prepare for your cesarean delivery, you’d be given a bar of antibacterial soap to bathe with so that you won’t be infected with bacteria or viruses.

For the impromptu cesarean

You might not need to do anything if it’s impromptu because the nurses or doctor would do the necessary things to keep you and the baby safe. The medical team will do all the medications and treatments without having you do anything.

How Do You Prepare for Impromptu C-Section?

While preparing for your baby’s delivery, you must pack some important things for yourself and your baby. So, here I’d be your guide on what you’d need at the hospital for cesarean delivery.

1. Postpartum underwear

You need high-rise Postpartum underwear that you can wear after the cesarean. Postpartum underwear is disposable, and they are the best to wear after delivery.

Wearing your typical pants can make the wound sore. So, while packing your bags, don’t forget to purchase disposable underwear. You can purchase- cotton High Waisted Soft Women’s Underwear, Breathable Panties, and Multipack.

2. A dressing shawl

Another thing you will need at the hospital is a dressing shawl. This would be useful when you and your baby are having skin-to-skin contact.

You can also pack a dressing gown if you don’t have a shawl. But if you want a shawl, you can buy QBSM Women’s Shawl Wrap Poncho Ruana Cape Open Front Cardigan Blanket Wraps for Fall and Winter.

3. Footwear

You should also pack footwear such as flip-flops or other comfortable shoes you can wear around the hospital.

4. Loose clothes

After the cesarean delivery, you’d have to stay at the hospital for 4 days and sometimes a week. So, you’d need some clothes to change into within those days, which is why these loose clothes are important.

You can wear tight clothes immediately after the surgery because of the wound, so pick comfortable clothes. Plus, you need loose clothes to breastfeed your baby easily.

5. Maternity pads

You need maternity pads after delivery that will last you within the days you’d stay at the hospital. One of the best maternity pads you can purchase is Always Discreet Incontinence & Postpartum Incontinence Pads for Women.

6. Baby Wipes

You will need wipes to refresh yourself till you can have your bath. Also, you’d need them for your baby. So, you can purchase Little Me Baby Wipes, Natural and Extra Soft Baby Wipes,

7. Books and chewing gums

You won’t want to get bored at the hospital before and after the delivery, so you can pack books, headphones, laptops, or tablets to help you stay lively. You can also pack mint chewing gums to relieve your bowel wind.

Can you have nails painted while pregnant?

Yes, you can have nails painted while pregnant. As long as you are careful and you don't get injured, you can have pedicures, nails painted, and manicures while you are pregnant. Although no research talks about the safety of the products during pregnancy, they can be used. However, whichever nail product- acrylic nails or nail polish you choose to use, a salon is a well-ventilated place so you won't get irritated or choked by the smell.


Your oxygen levels have to be observed with a probe during your child’s delivery, so you should have your nail polish removed.

You have to pack the things you’d need at the hospital before and after the cesarean section, which are listed in this blog post. Likewise, how you should prepare for the cesarean delivery.

Other information you need to know about the c section has been discussed in this article. I hope you get all the answers you need. Kindly click on the links to check the price of the products recommended. Good luck.