How To Pick Your Nose With Fake Nails (Step By Step)

Nose picking is a common practice that has many potential causes. In most cases, people pick their noses to remove uncomfortable or irritating snouts. In some cases, however, nose-picking may be a compulsive behaviour.

According to a study by a Trusted Source published in 1995, 91 per cent of people who responded to the questionnaire reported they do it, while only 75 per cent thought “everyone does it.”

The reason why people pick their noses is likely to vary from one person to another. Noses that are dry or overly wet can be irritating. A quick pick can relieve some discomfort. Some people pick their noses out of boredom or a nervous habit.

Allergies and sinus infections can increase the amount of mucus in the nose, too. In rare situations, nose picking is compulsive, repetitive behaviour.

This condition, called rhinotillexomania, often accompanies stress or anxiety and other habits like nail-biting or scratching. For people with this condition, picking their noses can briefly ease anxiety. But most people who pick their nose, do so out of habit, not compulsion.

Pro Steps To Picking Your Nose With Fake Nails Without Being Caught 

There are times when one can’t help but pick her nose for a variety of reasons. In such cases, this step by step process aims to help you pick your nose safely whether or not you are wearing acrylics.

  1. Place the index finger of the opposite-side hand next to the exterior of the obstructed channel.
  2. Gently slide the thumb into the nostril as deep as necessary.
  3. Using the thumbnail, delicately clamp onto the dried mucous mass.
  4. Slowly pull the thumb from the nostril. At this stage in the process, be especially vigilant for any trailing mucus which might be attached to the mucus. These un-noticed “stringers” can jeopardize the entire operation.
  5. Return the hand to a more natural position and discreetly execute a flicking motion with the thumb. This should launch the material sufficiently far away from you.
  6. Remember….never wipe it on your shirt or trousers – it’s always a dead giveaway.

Will Picking Your Nose With Acrylic Nails Cause Any Harm?

Picking your nose is unlikely to cause you any serious problems. Nonetheless, these potential issues are especially problematic for people who are sick, or have a weaker immune system:


Fingernails can leave tiny cuts in your nasal tissue. The probability of this is heightened when you use acrylic nails. Potentially dangerous bacteria can find their way into these openings and cause infections.

A study published in 2006 found that people who pick their noses are more likely to carry Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium that’s responsible for what could become a serious infection.

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The spread of diseases

Mucus traps dust, bacteria, viruses, and dirt that you breathe in every day. By picking your nose every day, you could spread those germs to the people around you. One study found that nose pickers may spread the bacteria that are responsible for a large amount of pneumonia.

Damage to the nasal cavity

Frequent or repetitive picking can damage your nasal cavity. According to research, people with compulsive nose-picking (rhinotillexomania) may experience inflammation and swelling of the nasal tissue. Over time, this may narrow the nostril openings.

Your nose would bleed

Scratching and digging in your nose, especially with acrylic nails, may break or rupture delicate blood vessels. This can lead to bleeding.


Nasal vestibulitis, inflammation at the opening and front part of your nasal cavity, is commonly caused by a minor infection of Staphylococcus. This condition can cause sores that may develop painful scabs.

Furthermore, when you pick your nose, you may pull nose hairs out of their follicles. Small pimples or boils can form in those follicles.

Septum damage

The septum is a portion of bone and cartilage that separates the left and right nostrils. Regular nose-picking may damage the diaphragm or even create a hole.

Does Picking Your Nose With Acrylic Nails Pose Any Health Threat?

Nose picking is associated with health risks such as spreading bacteria and viruses. It can also trigger nosebleeds and may cause damage to the delicate tissues inside the nose.

The nose is divided into two halves by the nasal septum. At the antero-inferior angle of the nasal septum, the four nasal arteries form something called an ‘anastomosis’ which in simple terms means that four different arteries which supply blood to the nose join together and form a ‘network’ . This network of arteries is called the Kiesselbach’s plexus.

So, when you pick your nose, your finger is coming in contact with this arterial network which is carrying blood to your nose.

And most of the time, you damage it causing the arteries to leak which results in nose bleeding. You are also transmitting germs to your nasal passages and respiratory tract.

In addition, there is a rare possibility of the spread of infection from the area between the nose and upper lip to a part of the brain called the ‘cavernous sinus’. But, this is extremely rare. So, yes it definitely Unhealthy.

How to quit picking your nose

If picking your nose has almost become an unhealthy addiction, here are some useful suggestions to help you quit the habit.

Treat the underlying cause of your nasal mucus

 If you think you have more boogers to pick than normal, you may need to first diagnose the problem that’s causing your crusty nose.

Dusty environments or annoying allergens can increase mucus production. Low humidity dries the sinuses. Smoke can also do this and household allergens such as dust and dander can irritate your nose.

Once you have identified the underlying problem, try to reduce or eliminate it so you can better control your nose’s mucus production. In turn, it may cut down on irritation or sensitivity.

Use a memory device to stop nose picking

An adhesive bandage is a cheap and easy option. Wrap the tip of your dominant picking finger in a bandage. Then, when your finger is drawn to your nose, the awkward shape of the bandage will remind you to not pick.

Find an alternative stress reliever

People with chronic stress or anxiety may find that nose-picking provides a temporary moment of relief. However, if you find a more productive stress reliever, It becomes safer for you, your nose, and your anxiety.

When your anxiety level starts to rise, consider listening to soothing music

Practice deep breathing by inhaling slowly and counting to 10, then exhaling slowly and counting down to zero.

If you need to keep your hands busy, look for a stress ball or handheld game that requires you to occupy your hands.

If none of these activities work, talk with a mental health care provider about ways to manage the anxiety that causes the picking in the first place.

Has anyone used acrylic nails as a means to stop nose picking?

The short answer is yes. Some people use traditional acrylic nails, while others opt for hard gel extensions and silk veneers. For a cheaper DIY option, others use press-on nails.

How To Pick Your Nose With Fake Nails – Conclusion

Picking your nose with acrylic nails requires special care and expertise so that you do not wound yourself in the process thereby opening you up to infections.

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