Can you put gel polish over regular polish?

I’ve amassed quite a collection of nail polishes and have shared how the builder gel has been a game-changer in maintaining strong, healthy nails despite frequent color changes. For those who are new here, builder gel is a type of nail enhancement that not only fortifies your nails, allowing them to bend and flex without breaking but also shields them from environmental damage. Can you put gel polish over regular polish?

Can you put gel polish over regular polish?

Can you put gel polish over regular polish?

The Issue:

Previously, when you exclusively used regular polish, you enjoyed changing your nail color or design almost weekly. However, these polishes often failed to last, were susceptible to chipping, and sometimes even stained and weakened your nails when they grew longer.

The Solution:

Builder gel has been your go-to solution. This gel, when applied correctly, provides your nails with additional strength and a protective layer, making your regular polish applications more durable and quicker to dry. The gel base ensures that the regular polish adheres better and doesn’t chip as easily. You particularly enjoy the aesthetic of the apex it creates, which not only looks good but also adds strength to longer nails.

Understanding Builder Gel:

The builder gel you use falls into the category of semi-hard gel. It’s crucial to understand the different types of gel products to choose the right one for your needs:

  • Level 1 – Nail Polish: Basic color application with minimal strength.
  • Level 2 – Soft Gel: Includes hybrid and pure gel types. Hybrid gels are common in salons and are easier to remove but offer less durability and strength. Pure gels, like your preferred Kokoist brand, are more pigmented and durable.
  • Level 3 – Semi-Hard Gel: This is what you use. It’s stronger than soft gels and can be soaked off, suitable for both strengthening and extending nails.
  • Level 4 – Hard Gel: Provides maximum strength but must be filed off as it cannot be soaked.
  • Level 5 – Dip/Acrylic: While strong, you find them challenging to use and prefer gel for its ease and finish.

The Process:

You follow a meticulous routine to maintain your nail polish, combining the benefits of builder gel with regular nail polish:

  1. Start with a dry manicure to prep the nails.
  2. Apply a slip layer and then an apex using builder gel.
  3. Seal with a gel top coat.
  4. Apply regular nail polish and finish with a regular top coat.
  5. To remove the regular polish without affecting the gel, use acetone. To remove or refill the builder gel, refer to your detailed blog post on removal techniques.

This method allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds, maintaining strong, stylish nails without compromising on health or aesthetics.