Why Are My Fingernails Not Growing? ( 9 Reasons & Solnz)

Why Are My Fingernails Not Growing: Do you know that there are hundred and one reasons why your fingernails or toenails are not growing as expected?

Well, I’ve summarized them all in this article, just for you. You’ll find out the real reason, and you would probably stop asking this question “why have my fingernails stopped growing” very soon, but before that, here is an article you should see. You can open it in a new TAB.

My Fingernail stopped growing? Here’s what to do.

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Over the past couple of years, I’ve come to understand that certain things we eat, do, or indulge ourselves in often may harm our body?

For example, poor feeding may affect your overall well being. Likewise, poor hygiene may expose you to health challenges. Health challenges often lead to more serious issues, not just to our body, also to the health of your nails.

Nails, if not properly care for may go from healthy-looking to weak, brittle nails. In more extreme cases, they may even stop growing.

And when these happen, you may be forced to ask questions like why is my fingernail not growing, why are my fingernails or toenail not growing? How do I get my nails to grow? Or my fingernail won’t grow back. What do I do?

Well, if you’re among those whom at some point had asked themselves this kind of questions? Then you’re the reason why this article was written.

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But before I go straight to answering your questions as to why have your fingernails stopped growing, let me ask.

Do you bite your nails? Have you been taking any medication lately? Do you file your nails the right way? Or you probably use them as tools?

These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself first. In the account that you’re guilty of any of those as mentioned earlier, then it might just be the reason why your nails are not growing.

Why Are My Fingernails Not Growing: Reason

If your nails won’t grow or have stopped growing, then it might be that you lack specific vitamins, proteins or minerals in your diet or it could be that you don’t moisturize them well enough.

Below are some of the reason why your fingernails or toenails are not growing as expected.

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1. You don’t moisturize them enough

Why Are My Fingernails Not Growing

It is no longer a myth that moisturizing your nails is one of the surest ways of helping your nails to grow out well.

To moisturize means to apply ointment or cream to your nails and the skin surrounding the nails – cuticle.

Cuticle, when moisturized, helps protect the nails from intruding bacteria’s and creates an enabling environment that enhances nail growth.

On the other hand, not all creams serve this purpose. It is for this reason that we recommend using a cream that is highly rich in fats or lipids.

For example, coconut oil is undoubtedly a perfect choice to consider when gunning after moisturizer that is best for nails.

Other moisturizers that can as well be used in the absence of coconut oil are Argan, Jojoba, Petroleum jelly, Shea butter, Olive and Flaxseed oil.

These oils, along with their counterparts – creams should be applied daily on nails and cuticle, preferably three times a day for effective results.

2. You don’t exercise much

Why Are My Fingernails Not Growing

If your nails suddenly stopped growing, then it could be that you don’t take out time to do workouts.

Yeah, I know this might sound strange to you, but the truth is, regular exercise does contribute to nail growth.

During exercise, the rate at which blood flows to the nail matrix – the part responsible for nail growth increases. And when this happens, there is a rapid growth of fingernails and toenails.

3. You bite your nails

Why Are My Fingernails Not Growing

Constant picking at your nails every now and again might be the real reason why your nails are not growing.

When you bite your nails, you’re subjecting the nails to trauma which in most cases can lead to underlying health challenges such as onychomycosis. Onychomycosis is a severe fungal infection of the nails which often, leads to slow nail growth.

4. You use your nails as tools

Why Are My Fingernails Not Growing

Although long nails serve as a hardy tool in the absence of none, this act can cause more damage to your nails that you can imagine.

For example, using your nails to scratch or pierce through something might render them to fissure, and they may chip at the end.

Often, the nail may lift away from your nail beds. When this happens, it may utter the way your nails are growing. In most cases, your nails might stop growing even after your nail bed is completely healed.

5. You lack a key nutrient in your diet

Why Are My Fingernails Not Growing, why have my fingernails stopped growing

This is another crucial aspect to look at for if your nails are not growing as they should or they suddenly stopped growing.

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Diets play a significant role in nail growth. For example, if your nails are continually splitting or they are brittle, it could be that you lack protein, iron, or zinc in your diet.

So incorporating food such as broccoli, spinach, veggies, whole grain, meat, eggs, or beans can help your nails grow out well in a way you least imagine.

6. Underlying health challenges

Underlying health condition like kidney, psoriasis, thyroid, or liver disease can invariably be the reason why your nails have stopped growing.

Why Are My Fingernails Not Growing, why have my fingernails stopped growing

So if you’re experiencing a halt in your nail growth, it’s wise to check your overall health condition first with your doctor to know what exactly is the cause of the sudden stop in nail growth.

7. Your nature of jobs

The kind of jobs you do can as well affect how your nails grow. For example, if you work at a place that requires you exposing your hands to water, then your nails will become brittle and eventually break.

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Other jobs such as heavy-duty workers in construction or mechanical workshop may experience snag and tear. All of these might contribute to slow nail growth or in most extreme cases, no growth at all.

8. You use nail polish way too much

Why Are My Fingernails Not Growing, why have my fingernails stopped growing

I know this might sound strange and unacceptable to polish lovers, but the truth is, if you want to see a leap in your nail growth, you certainly have to stop or limit how you go about using nail polish.

Nail polish contains an active chemical which is capable of rendering your nails brittle and prone to breaking. Besides that, acetone polish remover is another worst nightmare to nail growth.

9. Your medication might be the cause

Why Are My Fingernails Not Growing, why have my fingernails stopped growing

Specific intake of meds such as chemotherapy might be what is interfering with your nail growth. Usually, the side effects of medications are the primary cause of major nail growth problems you see around today.

So, if you’re experiencing no growth in your nails, then it’s high time to visit your doctor to advise you on what to do.

Why Are My Fingernails Not Growing: Solution

1. Moisturize more

Did your nails stop growing? Or they’re not growing as they ought to? Then you should start moisturizing them today.

When moisturizing, be sure to accompany it with a little massage. This helps a lot and helps blood flows to the nail matrix.

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2. Don’t cut your cuticle

Why Are My Fingernails Not Growing, why have my fingernails stopped growing

Cuticle plays a vital role in your nail growth. However, they should not be cut or trimmed. If you feel they’re too long, the best way to go about them is to push them back.

Why Are My Fingernails Not Growing, why have my fingernails stopped growing

Before pushing them back using a cuticle pusher, be sure they’re well moisturized to avoid tearing them apart. A torn cuticle can create an enabling environment for intruders such as bacterial or fungal infection.

3. Avoid using harsh chemicals

Why Are My Fingernails Not Growing, why have my fingernails stopped growing

Nail polishes, detergents or hand sanitizers all contain chemicals capable of rendering your nails brittle.

So if you’re that type that does a lot of work which involves exposing your hands to those chemicals, try as much as possible to wear rubber gloves.

For nail polishes, try to limit its usage or better still, go for those that are free from those chemicals.

4. Eat healthily

Try as much as possible to eat food rich in the six classes of food. As it is with your body, your nails also need a balanced diet for them to grow out well.

Try incorporating food rich in vitamins, calcium, minerals, proteins to your diet. This food helps to strengthen your nails and also, improves nail growth.

4. Be nice to them

If you want your nails to grow out well, be nice to them. Stop using them as tools. Using them as handy tools weakens the nail plate, which may cause them not to grow out well.

5. Groom them

Why Are My Fingernails Not Growing, why have my fingernails stopped growing

Constant filing and nail grooming can as well keep your nails in the right shape. During filing, be sure to file in one direction and not the other way round.

When you saw them back and forth, you’re rendering your nails weak, and as you already know, Weak nails are prone to break.

Do nails stop growing at a certain age?

There are several factors responsible for slow nail growth of which age is among one of them. Usually, age comes with slower nail growth. This best explains why children between the age of 10 tend to have rapid nail growth than adults.

So to answer the question, nails don’t stop growing at a certain age rather the rate at which they grow is slower. Another thing that is what mentioning here is that age brings about changes such as dullness, hardness or thickness to nails.

Why are my nails growing so slow?

If your nails are growing very slowly, it could be that you’re lacking a key nutrient responsible for nail growth in your diet. It could also mean that one or two medication is responsible. Also, your age can as well dictates how fast your nails will grow but generally, most slow nail growth could be hormonal differences. Pregnant women tend to experience faster nail growth than others.

Why do my fingernails grow down?

If your nails are growing downward with a rounded edge, then its obvious that its a sign of clubbing. Usually, clubbing is a sign that one is likely suffering from congenital heart problems, lung cancers or infections of the heart. If this is the case with your nails, it’s advisable to seek the help of medical personnel for diagnosis and possible cure.

Do fingernails ever stop growing?

Fingernails won’t stop to grow because they have a duty to fulfil which is to protect the nail beds. The fact that they won’t stop growing doesn’t mean that you cant experience sudden halt in growth. The only time you’re likely to experience no growth is probably when the cells are dead and this only happens when one is no more (dead)

Conclusion On Why Are My Fingernails Nails Not Growing

As you may already know, fingernails may stop growing for a lot of reasons, which can be due to either internal or external factors.

Such as lack of exercise, improper nail care, health challenges, you bite your nails, or you lack a vital nutrient.

Despite all of these, there are still ways you can adopt to remedy this and improve the way your nails grow.

One such way is by;

  • Getting to know the best food for nail growth.
  • Keeping your nails moisturized.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals.
  • Try as much as possible to avoid biting your nails.

If you can do this today, your nails that have stopped growing for some time now will start growing back again.

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