White Fingernail Beds – What It Means


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White Fingernail Beds: Not everyone has this consistent pink beds a healthy nail is supposed to have due to one health challenge or the other, but if all of a sudden, you found out that your fingernail beds are turning white, there’s always something you can do about it.

So is your fingernail beds predominantly white or you have this pale look? If there is, what it means is that you’re suffering from a particular disease which I’m going to reveal to you somewhere in this article. Keep reading…

The Hard Truth

We live in such a funny world where a lot of us spend almost all our time on nail salons trying to look good for the next big party in town without paying much attention to the health of our nails to ascertain whether they are ridges, spots, odd colour or problem from our nail beds such as Terry’s nails.

This sudden alteration in the shape or colours of the nails should give you every reason to worry because your nails are like a road map that tells the overall status of your health.

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When you spot any of this signs or changes in your fingernails or nail beds, you don’t need a prophet to tell you what to do or seek medical help online, what do you do then? A visit to a physician is all you need.

Wait a minute, do you realize we’ve mentioned nail beds roughly two times from the beginning of this article up to this point without giving a proper definition of the term? Alright, let’s do this.

What Are Nail Beds?

Well, the term nail bed refers to the part of your nails(usually pinkish and fragile) embedded with blood vessels where nail plate – (the hardest part of the human nail made up of keratin) lay on. Like every other skin in our body, the nail bed is composed of two distinctive tissues, namely, the dermis and epidermis.

The dermis is that layer of the living skin, which is made up of glands and its subordinates, the capillaries. The epidermis, on the other hand, is that part under your nail plates. All of this, when combined, is what gives your nail beds its consistent colour.

Having a consistent colour in your nail bed, which is usually pinks, connotes, or signifies that your fingers are without spots, ridges, and can be termed as having healthy fingernails. Below is a quick look at what healthy nails entails.

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Also, a bed can either be short or long; whichever way they may be, they have their various roles to play in nail growth.

For example, a person with long nail beds can grow nails up to the length of his or her nail beds; any attempt to grow nails more than the length of his or her nail bed will eventually weaken the nail, and it will break sooner than expected.

Also, if you’re that type with short nail beds, there are expert ways you can adopt to lengthen them a little bit. Just be sure you don’t push too hard so that you don’t irritate your cuticle or cause them to tear during the process of pushing.

Amazing to know, right? Well, let’s proceed with our subject matter.

White Fingernail Beds

Having fingernail beds that are white, White nail beds, Terry’s nails, or pale nails as it is popularly called is a severe condition mostly associated with the aged.

It is characterized by white or pale nail beds either of the finger or toe. That is to say, the nail beds which the nail plate sits upon appears pale with tiny darker rim almost at the point where the nails began to look all white (free edge).

On the other hand, Nails does not become pale or beers ridges for no reason, in fact, any spots or sudden colour changes in your nails be it that of your finger or toe can indicate signs of serious health problem and should be taken seriously.

What Does White Fingernail Beds Mean

If all of your nail beds are looking pale all of a sudden, it’s a strong indication of liver, kidney, anaemia, or severe health complications, so if you have white in your fingernail beds, then you need urgent medical attention.

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Getting interesting, right? How about if we look at some of the diseases associated with having fingernail beds turning white, white toenail beds, or pale nail beds?

Let’s go…


Diseases Associated With Having White Fingernail Or Toenail Beds

White spots on fingernail beds or White nail beds, as we have earlier stated, is a severe condition that can indicate that one is suffering from one of these. It could be hepatitis (hepatitis is a severe liver disease) heart disease and even anaemia as the case may be. ( One is said to have anaemia when there are a shortage of red blood cells needed to transport oxygen to every of your body’s tissues)

Hepatitis, which is of many types (Type A, B, C), occurs when there is sudden inflammation of the liver. Causative agents are the virus.

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The liver whose primary work is to help in bile production and also the filtering of toxins from our body should be cared for to avoid damaging them as a result of our carelessness.

Habits such as drug abuse or taking too much alcohol are some of the causes of liver disease in our body.

Although treating them might seems cumbersome, the majority of the types can be treated by adopting or improving one’s lifestyle in general. Having or possessing white fingernail beds can as well be a sign of anaemia.

What is Anemia if i may ask? Anaemia usually occurs as a result of a shortage of red blood cells or haemoglobin to some specific parts. This happens when there’s a shortage of blood, especially to areas like that of the nail beds.

When this happens, such a person is said to have one or two deficiency of iron. It is because of this deficiency that our nail beds might likely turn slightly pale or white as the case may be.

Over the years, research has shown that 8% of most patients with severe liver disease have been diagnosed to have had terry’s nails. That said, lets now look at the causes of white beds.

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What Causes White Fingernail Beds Or Terry’s Nails

Terry’s nails or white or pale fingernail beds can occur as a result of a decrease in the arrangement of blood vessels and an exponential increase in connective tissues within the nail beds.

It can also occur due to sudden changes in the nail bed that promotes an increase in the growth of connective tissue within the nail beds or the most obvious, fungal infection.

What about if I tell you a little about how terry’s nails became a household name? Wouldn’t that be interesting? Ok, shall we? Let’s go.

In 1954, Dr Richard Terry carried out an extensive experiment on his patient and found out that out of 100% of them, 80% had cirrhosis.

He later investigated and found out that the white nail was as a result of the opaque nature of the nail bed.

Cirrhosis is a chronic disease of liver primarily caused by toxins intake (alcohol), hepatitis, or nutritional imbalance.

Terry’s primary concern when he postulated this theory was based on changes in nails and the diseases that accompany those changes.

Ways To Know If A Patient Is Suffering From Terry’s Nails Or White Fingernail Beds

Apart  from the visible signs of terry’s nails which is, the nail beds become entirely pale except for a few pink bands at the proximal fold of the nail, further examination on patients fingernails having thin pink band of about 0.5 to 2.0 mm in width and no lunula is a sign that such patients are suffering from terry’s nail.

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Now that you know what white fingernail beds entail lets quickly answer some FAQs

Can Terry’s nails or white fingernail beds be normal?

If you’ve been following us closely, up to this point, you would understand that we have rightly said that White fingernail beds are a severe sign which indicates one is suffering from any of the below diseases.

1. Cirrhosis
2. Heart disease
3. Anaemia

Although having pale nail beds is mostly associated with ageing, having one or any of the above diseases show an abnormality in the nails.

Are white fingernails healthy?

Well, the answer depends on which side of the nails you’re referring to. If its the part just after the nail bed (the free edge), then its perfectly normal, but if it’s on the nail beds, then it is not. In fact, one characteristic of a healthy fingernail is in the colour, which is usually pink. Simply put, a nail (finger or toe) is said to be in its best shape when it has a consistent pink colour and without a ridge.

Can fingernails show signs of illness?

Yes. Most (if not all) diseases usually show up on our nails. For example, little colourations, bumps, or ridges may be signs of underlying health issues, which, in a way, can help professionals (Doctors) to know what exactly is wrong.

Can white nail beds or Terry’s nails go away?

Well, it depends on your definition of away. Terry’s nail or white nail beds, as we’ve rightly stated, are some of the major signs that one is suffering from either of the disease mentioned above.

To get back your nail bed as it were before, you obviously need to look closely at your lifestyle. For example, Cirrhosis can be prevented by abstaining from the intake of toxins such as alcohol.

Anaemia caused as a result of iron deficiency can be prevented by taking food rich in iron. Examples of food rich in iron are beans, dried fruits, beef, vegetables, etc.

So to answer to that question, Terry’s nails can completely go away when one can identify the signs then align it with he or she has been up to lately (diet), once you’re able to get this, you’re halfway towards putting an end to it completely.

What about the early signs or symptoms?

There’s obviously no way you’re going to know of a problem if there aren’t any symptoms or signs. It is from these symptoms your doctor can tell what’s wrong with your overall health.

White Fingernail Beds Symptom 

Although there are lots of symptoms that can come when one is diagnosed with white toenail or fingernail beds, below are just a few of them.

1. Abnormality in nails structures
2. Nail colouration
3. Wrinkled flesh around nails

Are white nail beds the only disease of nails?

Obviously not. There are a thousand and one diseases associated with the nails; some have been successfully identified while others are still not known. Below are just a few obvious ones and the diseases that come along with them.

1. Yellowish nails

White fingernail beds
Photo Credits: webmd.com

A nail can suddenly go from the natural colour; it was to become yellowish when there’s a fungal infection or excessive usage of nail polish. ( Yellow nails caused by polish can be prevented by using a base coat first before applying nail polish)

But most often, it is caused by a fungal infection. Yellow nail is an indication that one has lung disease or diabetes. When a fungal infection causes it, you can get rid of it entirely in 2 weeks using tea tree oil. First, start by mixing 2-3 drops of the oil – Tea tree with any courier oil such as coconut oil and smear it over your nails.

2. Red nail beds

White fingernail beds
Photo Caption; Dailymail.co.uk

A nail bed can become red when there’s damage to the nail beds, especially when a one hits his or her nails against a hard object, but often, fungal infection or iron deficiency can make one’s nail bed red. A red nail bed sometimes may be a sign that one has heart or kidney disease.

3. Nail Clubbing

White fingernail beds
Photo Caption: verywellhealth.com

A nail is said to club when some parts of the nails, particularly towards the proximal end of the nail beds, bends downward-looking more like a golf stick or spoon. Clubbing nails is an indication that one has lung or heart disease.

4. Nail pitting

White fingernail beds
Photo Credits: Healthline.com

Nail pitting occurs when there is little tiny depression running across the surface of the finger or toenails. The pitting nature of the nails could either have the same colour as the nails or pale looking. Pitting of nails is a sign that one is suffering or has psoriasis.

5. Beau’s lines

White fingernail beds
Photo Credits: Nailpro.com

This is tiny coloured little depression that runs across the nails, which often signifies that one is suffering from malnutrition.

Do Beau’s lines grow out?

Except they are an internal injury on your nail beds, having beau’s line running across your nails horizontally shouldn’t call for alarm because it will grow out along with your nails.

What vitamin deficiency causes Beau’s lines?

Although there is no known leading cause of this temporary depression that runs across the nails, research has shown that zinc deficiency is among the primary cause.

6. Spoon nails

White fingernail beds
Photo Credits: Healthline.com

Spooning is a condition where the nails raise upward and looking more like a spoon. Spoon nails are a sign that one is suffering from iron deficiency anaemia or heart disease.


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Wrapping Up

Possessing a white finger or toenail beds are some of the obvious signs that one is suffering from one disease or the other.

Although our fingernails or toenails are like a window that tells the status of our health, having or possessing any of the nail abnormalities mentioned above might not necessarily mean one is suffering from that disease.

For example, they’re some persons born with natural white fingernail beds; you can’t conclude that such people actually have that disease by mere looking at their nails.

However, When there are spots, ridges, or sudden alterations on your nails, it is advisable to seek the help of a physician.

Checking up with a physician for early signs or going for a proper diagnosis can help know what is wrong with your fingernails or toenails and put you ahead as to what to do or the next actions to take.

Have you experienced any of the abnormalities mentioned above? If yes, what did you do to avert the situation? Do you have a question or contribution? Please don’t hesitate to drop them below using the comment box.

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