What is nail care, fingernail care, toenail care, nail care routine

What Is Nail Care And Why Is It Important? Learn Now

What Is Nail Care: If you’re into growing nails as a lifestyle like me, then you should understand better the importance of nail care and the various ways to go about it.

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what is nail care
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Wait a minutes

Why should we even care for our nails in the first place if i may ask?

Well, if you’ve been listening to News lately, you’ll agree with me that our nails serves as an hideout for bacteria.

This bacteria’s when ingested into our body through our nails, they rupture sensitive parts and then alters the entire body system which can either make us sick or pose serious threat to our health.

What’s more important to know is that our nails are like a road map that can tell whether we are sick or not.

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Lines across the nails, a little bump here and there, curved nails looking like a spoon and a yellow coloration on the nails may be early signs of serious disease.

For examples

Pale or white nails can signal a serious health conditions such as Anemia, liver disease or malnutrition.

What is nail care, fingernail care, toenail care, nail care routine
Photo Credits : Webmd.com

Yellow nails is a sign of fungal infection which can lead to a more serious health conditions such as lung disease or psoriasis.

What is nail care, fingernail care, toenail care, nail care routine
Photo Credits : Webmd.com

Blue nails occurs when there’s shortage of oxygen in the body particularly in the nail bed region. Having blue nail is a sign that one has emphysema. Emphysema is a serious lung disease.

What is nail care, fingernail care, toenail care, nail care routine
Photo Credits : med-health.net

How about split nails? When your nails are dry and brittle, they split which simply indicates early signs of thyroid disease.

What is nail care, fingernail care, toenail care, nail care routine
Photo Credits : Webmd.com

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All of the above are just a few of what we stand to face if we do not care for our nails.

Now let me ask

Would you rather take good care of your hands and foot or face the consequences?

I bet you’ll think twice when answering this.

If your answer is YES, then adopting daily foot or hand care routine should be your thing as from today.

Wait a minute

I know you’re probably asking yourself questions like

What are healthy nails? Or What do healthy nails look like?

What is nail care, fingernail care, toenail care, nail care routine
Healthy Nails

Let me answer that for you.

A healthy nails should be consistent, it should be free from bumps, pits or grooves and it should have a uniformly aligned colors. Most preferably, a pink coloration per say. These are the only true attribute of all healthy nails.

Can we do a quick check on our nails right away? 

Turn to your nails, can you spot any change? Is there any sign of ridges, bumps, pits or strange coloration? If there is, then this is the time to see a doctor.

With that being said, let’s quickly look at the meaning of nail care so that we can know just how to take care of our feet and hands at home.

But before I proceed, It will be wrong to just dive at what nail care means without breaking it down for you to digest. Even if you know what it means, there are some persons who doesn’t so Shall we? OK good.

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What Are nails?

Like we all known, nails are a modernized form of claws in primates, covering the finger and toes of humans. This nails we are talking about here are made up of keratin, the same material our hair is made of.

Is the definition of nails clear enough or I should explain further?  OK great.

Let’s now look at what care means.

What Is Care?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, to care is to shield something or someone from impending danger.

Here’s another definition of care by the Oxford Dictionary. To care means to provide that which is necessary or to maintain something.

Simply put, when we talk of care, we should be looking at it in this manner.

Which is?

To protect, maintain, give attention to or deal with a problem.

Having said that,

What Is Nail Care?

what is nail care
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Nail care simply means to protect, maintain or give special attention to the fingernails and toenails. Caring for your nails is as important as taking in food into your body.

Let’s look at it this way.

Why do we eat? To keep fit and healthy right?

What then happens when you fail to eat? You’ll fall sick right?

In the same vain, if you want to live an healthy life, then you know exactly what to do now.

In fact, research has shown that people who engage in proper nail care routine tend to have a longer life span compare to people who don’t.

When you take proper care of your hands and nails, you don’t only have rest of mind, you also safeguard yourself from the numerous diseases that may arise as a result of dirt underneath your nails.

Having establish this, lets look at the importance of nail care.

What Is Nail Care And Why It Is Important

What is the importance of nail care services? can you try? Well, the importance of nail care cannot be overlooked. Through nail care, we can prevent problems associated with nails such as yeast or fungal infection.

Infections of the nails on the other hand can be a pain in the butt, early signs of fungal infection includes yellow spots underneath your finger or toe nails.

Under severe occasion, your nails will begin to smell vary bad and if left untreated, your nail bed may begin to lift. I guess you wouldn’t want that?

Let’s take another turn to look at nail care services.

Nail Care Services

To care for feet and hands at home, you’ll be needing some basic nail care tools like nail clipper for clipping long nails, nail buffer for filing rough edges, cuticle pusher for pushing cuticle backward etc.

If you’re that busy type that hardly have time, then you should visit the nail salon often where you’ll meet nail care specialist who’ll help you care for your nails without taking much from you.

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These specialist performs various operations or treatments on their clients nails. If they’re not working on your fingernails (manicure) then they’re probably grooming your toes (pedicure)

What Is Nail Care And Its Purpose

As a manicurist or pedicurist, giving your client a nice appearance and look should be your utmost goal.

To accomplish this, his or her nails should be well groomed, underneath nails should be cleaned to remove dirt which are capable of causing disease.

When you do this, you are not only fulfilling  the purpose of caring for their nails, you’re instilling a kind of joy in them.

At the end of the routine, you could leave them with one or two daily tips for nail care or probably tell them some nail treatments at home like soaking nails in warm water containing salt during a snag that may likely cut across the nail bed.

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What To Look At For When Caring For Your Nails

what is nail care tips
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Whether you want to seek the help of a specialist or you simply want to do it yourself, you should pay attention to the following signs on your feet, legs or hand.

You should check whether

1. They’re cuts
2. They’re swelling in any parts
3. They’re slight changes in nail colors etc.

In the case that any of the above is present, the best thing to do is to seek the help of a medical personnel depending on how serious the signs are.

If they’re not that serious or just about to surface, you can decide to remedy the whole situation at home with a DIY solution containing salt water with warm water for 2-3 days.

When problem persist or condition is way behold your control, then you need to see a doctor or dermatologist as the case may be.

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Best Time To Perform Nail Care

As far as caring for our feet and hands at home is concerned, the best time to execute or carry out nail care should be after bath.

It can as well be carried out by simply emerging hands or feet in warm water for about 15 minutes. The reason for this exercise is to ensure a soften nail.

Nail Care Materials

Nail care materials or implements are those sets of tools used to carryout nail care routine. They can either be in the form of wood, plastics or metal.

When they’re made up of wood, it is advisable to dispose them off after each use. When they’re of metal, sterilizing them should be done before and after use.

These nail implements use to take care of our nails includes nail cutter, nail filer, nail brush, cuticle pusher, pumice or foot stone etc.

Here’s a post that might be of help to you. We’ve explained everything you need to know. [ Nail Care Material : The Complete Guide]

What Is Sterilization In Nail Care

Sterilization in nail care simply means keeping all metal nail care implements or tools free from bacteria’s or other microorganisms. As a rule of thumb, its necessary to keep all implements sterilized before and after use to avoid contamination of any kind..

What Is Sanitation In Nail Care?

In a well established nail salon, it is mandatory to carry out sanitation’s on a daily basis so as to ensure and prevent the spread of diseases from one person to the other. The reason for regular sanitation is to create an environment that is safe for themselves, their clients and to keep the entire nail care implements free from fungal or bacterial infection.

What Is Nail Care Services

Nail care services are those service offered by a nail salon. These services include manicure, pedicure and every other nail related issues.

How To Take Care Of Foot Nails

Taking care of foot nails and the ones in our hand are pretty the same except for some few slight differences that is almost unnoticeable.

For example, since we can’t go a day without using our hand to grasp something, it is therefore advisable to clean them everyday. That of toe nails can be cleaned 3 times in a week depending on the nature of your job.

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To trim toenails, be sure you’re using a nail clipper to trim those nails straight across. Trimming shouldn’t be too close to the flesh.

After each trim, be sure to file the ends of each toenails with nail buffer to smoothen rough edges that are likely to harm you.

How To Take Care Of Hand Nails

Taking care of hand nails is quite a stressful thing to do especially for those whose nails grows out of proportion.

To trim, it is advisable to use nail clipper. Clipping shouldn’t be too deep as this might cause injury. Nail injury can be very painful especially when it has to do with injuries of the nail bed.

After each trim, buffer gently using nail buffer to trim so as to remove rough edges. During buffering, be sure it’s in one direction and not the other way round.

When you buffer your nails back and forth, you render them weak. A weak brittle nails is prone to break anytime soon.

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Nail Care Procedure

As it is with other parts of our body, nails should be cared for as well. How do you care for your nails when you don’t know the right procedure to take? Well this nail care procedure should walk you through.

Steps To Take

1. All necessary items such as nail clipper, nail buffer etc needed for nail care should be provided.

2. A basin containing warm soapy water should be made available

3. Soak hands or foot in the warm soapy water for about 15 minutes.

4. Rinse hands or foots in clear water, then towel try.

5. Place those clean hands or foot on the towel and gently remove any dirt underneath the nails.

6. Trim then buffer nails when necessary.

7. Lastly, wipe the excesses away from those nails with the towel after trimming and buffering then moisturize hands and nails using moisturizers such as coconut oil.

General Or Natural Nail Care Tips

1. Keep nails dry : Wet nails are a breeding ground for bacterial, keeping them clean and dry all the time will not only prevent them from breaking, it will give them a sparkling look.

Also, exposing your nails to moisture all the time may cause them to break every now and then.

2. Protect your nails : Wearing gloves while doing the dishes is a sure way of keeping your nails strong.

3. Moisturize always : Keeping nails moisturize always does not only strengthens your nails, it also keep them healthy.

To moisturize, apply a little quantity of either coconut oil, olive oil or Shea butter on  the skin around your cuticle and nails then kindly walk your hand through in an oval manner.

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4. Trim regularly : Nails should be trimmed on regularly basis at least one in a week. During trimming, nails should be cut straight across.

Before trimming, hand and foot should be submerged in soapy warm water to soften the nails.

5. Avoid chemical : Avoid using harsh chemicals such as Acetone polish remover on your nails. If you must use a paint remover, you should go for those ones that are chemical free.

6. Don’t pull off hangnails : When you spot an annoying hangnails hanging down your nails, don’t pull them off with your teeth, Instead use a nail clipper or scissors to trim them off.

7. Push cuticle, don’t cut : Avoid cutting your cuticle. When you feel they’re getting too long, its advisable to push them back than to cut them off. When you cut your cuticle, you indirectly inviting bacterial to come dwell in your hand.

Conclusion On What Is Nail Care

You see my dear, Taking care of nails naturally at home does not cost much and its something almost anyone can do.

You can choose to do it yourself if you’re less busy or visit a nail care salon to help you out with it.

Now that you know what nail care means and the various nail care routine,  it’s now left for you to decide on which end of the rope to stay.

How have this post helped you? Or you simply want to add to what we’ve said so far, please don’t hesitate to drop them down using the comment box.

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