Best Portable Pedicure Spa In 2020 (Buyers Guide/Reviews)

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Portable Pedicure Spa: A spa pedicure isn’t complete without exfoliation and pampering and one easy way to successfully do this is by subjecting your client’s foot into a pedicure bath.

Owning a portable pedicure spa in your salon will not only give you total flexibility but will also make it easy for you to move your pedicure spa around.

This is mostly important for those who are not ready for any plumbing set up of any kind in their beauty salon/spa or looking to conserve space.

Continue reading to learn more about the features of this mobile pedicure spa and what you should be looking out for before deciding to settle for one.

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Portable Pedicure Spa – Main Features

  • No plumbing required
  • Vibration and heat functions
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Metal carrier tray
  • Fibreglass base
  • Disposable liners

1. No Plumbing Required

If there’s one thing that I love about this portable pedicure spa is the fact that it requires no drain rather, it uses a removable basin which uses recyclable or disposable liners for faster clean up.

2. Vibration And Heat Function

This mobile pedicure spa also has a heat function with vibration in place which is usually located at the base of the machine. The presence of this knobs at the base helps to adjust the water temperature from cold to warm making it comfortable enough for your clients.

3. Adjustable Foot Rest

There’s also an adjustable footrest made of quality material which can be elongated by pressing a button to give your clients foot the maximum comfort they deserve.

4. Metal Carrier Tray

The metal carrier tray is the removable part where the disposable liners sit on. The presence of this metal tray makes it easy to dispose of water without carrying the entire unit to the sink. This tray is also made of quality galvanized steel and doesn’t rust easily.

5. Fibreglass Base

Majority of this Pedi spa are made of fibreglass base that can resist damage from the water making them durable and able to stand the test of time.

6. Disposable Liners

The Pedi spa also features a disposable liner that can be easily disposed of after every use which means that it doesn’t require any cleaning. The presence of a disposable liners makes for easy sanitization. That being said lets quickly look through the buyer’s guide.

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Portable Pedicure Spa – Buyers Guide

For beauty spa that is short of spaces, purchasing a mobile pedicure spa is a great addition to your salon. This Pedi spa can function exactly as full-sized pedicure chairs.

We understand that finding the best portable pedicure spa can be overwhelming sometimes especially when there are lots of them out there with varying features and styles but it doesn’t have to be so.

Follow our ultimate guide which will walk you through as to what to look out for before committing yourself financially.

1. Quality & Brand Reputation

It is very important that you purchase pedicure spa of high quality and from a reputable brand. You don’t want to purchase a Pedi spa bath today and then goes on to get another the next day.

So consider this when you want to purchase your mobile Pedi spa. One way to avoid this is by going after well-known brands ( like Pibbs Industries, Continuum Foot spas etc) that have been in the business for years.

Only then you can be assured that your investment won’t go down the drain and that you’re assured of getting high quality and long-lasting unit for your salon.

2. Comfortability

If there’s one thing every client want from visiting your salon then it’s being comfortable and investing in a Pedi spa bath with footrest will give them that comfort they deserve.

So endeavour to only go with Pedi foot spa with adjustable foot and leg support. Ensure also that the leg rest is well padded with enough cushion to keep your client happy all through the process.

3. Design

The design is another thing to look out for here. Since there are endless style and designs out there in the market, it’s best that you go after those that would complement your salons look and feel and that which would make doing pedicure a lot easier and fun for you.

4. Rolling Caster With Locks

Going after pedicure spa bath with a swivel caster allows for manoeuvrability and for maximum rotation. This caster makes it easy for you to pivot with ease.

It’s not enough to go for Pedi spa bath with caster alone, it’s also important to go after those with locks as well so that your portable Pedi spa doesn’t roll out through the door (lol)

5. Warranty

It’s important for your Pedi spa bath to have a warranty in place. The essence of a warranty is such that can’t be overemphasized so only go for products with at least 1-year warranty on parts. That way, you can be rest assured of getting a replacement should in case something goes wrong.

6. Cost

The last thing I would want to talk about here is the cost. It’s true that purchasing a portable pedicure spa is a great investment and addition to any salon but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to go broke to get one.

So go after those that best suits your budget and that which will give you value for your hard-earned money. That said, let’s quickly dive straight to the reviews.

Best Portable Pedicure Spa You Need In 2020

Purchasing a pedicure spa is an inexpensive way for small businesses to do spa pedicure without owning a full-sized pedicure chair.

Continue reading to learn more about our list of the best portable pedicure spa you’ll likely need for your beauty salon in 2020.

1. Pibbs DG 103 Portable Footsie Bath Pedicure Spa


If you’re looking for a pedicure spa that is extra light and with a deep foot bath, then you should consider going for this awesome Portable Footsie Bath Pedicure Spa.

The Control

This footbath has a double heating element with vibration control which can be regulated using the knob at the base. There’s also a noise cancellation system in place to reduce the noise to the nearest minimum.

The presence of this noise reduction system makes it easy for it to be used in beauty salons without constituting nuisance while keeping the environment as quiet as possible for you and your client.

There’s also a rolling caster system in place for easy movement coupled with an adjustable footrest to keep your foot comfortable and in one place.


This footbath comes with 5 disposable liners which can be easily disposed of without you having to clean them using any chemical of any sort. In fact, having a feature like this will help minimize the risk of contracting diseases and will keep you and your client safe.

No Plumbing

You don’t need a plumber to come fix this machine before you can use them because it doesn’t require plumbing. All you need do is to fill the disposable liners then place them inside the EZ basket.

Once you’re done, take them out again without necessarily taking the whole footbath to empty in the sink and don’t forget to replace the disposable liners for each client


Oh yes, there’s a whopping 1-year warranty for you if you decide to make a purchase today for any damaged parts.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Ultra-light tub
  • Easy to move
  • Perfect for small space salon
  • Adjustable footrest


  • The pedicure footrest may flips when wet

What We Think About This

This footbath is extremely clean, sanitized and easy to use and perfect for anyone looking to conserve space.

2. CONTINUUM PediCute Portable Foot Spa


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly foot bath then you can never go wrong with Continuum portable foot spa. This amazing foot bath works just like a full-sized pedicure chair with no plumbing. Read on to learn more about this masterpiece.

The Control

 This footbath comes with a foot and leg rest (which is usually at the centre) that can be easily adjusted to any height by gently screwing without the nail tech having to support the client’s legs.

There’s also three levels of heat (from low to high) and vibrating aqua massage in this machine to ensure that your foot gets the most out of the spa pedicure.

Disposable Tub Liners

One of the things we like about this machine is the fact that there’s a disposable liner for each unit and for each customer. With this in place, there won’t be spread of diseases from one client to the other.

Removable Tub

This spa footbath also has an easy to remove tub which is large enough to hold men’s size (13). This tub can be filled with 1.5 gallons of water then emptied between clients.


This footbath features an eco-friendly material to reduce environmental impact with an acetone resistant finish with four dedicated casters (which can be locked) for easy gliding or movement.


There’s also a whopping three (3) years warranty in place for you should in case any parts should get spoilt or damaged. Isn’t that amazing? Well, it is.


  • Sturdy welded steel frame
  • Acetone resistance finish
  • Easy-glide casters
  • Easy to use
  • Light and Portable
  • 3- levels of vibration.


The heater doesn’t heat the water rather, it heats the platform underneath the foot tub.

What We Think About This

This unit is portable and perfect for anyone looking for an In-home salon pedicure unit. The only thing we think needs a bit of torch is in the sound. Although, not too much but we think it can be greatly improved on.

3. Pibbs PS92 Fiberglass Plumbing Free Pedicure Spa Featuring The Footsie Bath Tub


Here’s another great option for those that are looking for a Pedi chair featuring a bathtub. This pedicure chair features the popular Footsie bathtub and as you may already guess, it doesn’t require plumbing of any sort.

The Control

The control system isn’t an elaborate one per se. It comes with an ultra-light, deep footsie bath and with double heating elements which can be regulated at the sides with another button to switch between vibrations.

The footsie bath also contains a removable tub/basket which houses the disposable liners. This disposable liner doesn’t require cleaning which means that they can be easily disposed of once used.

The Materials

This unit is made up of a highly durable water resistance fibreglass shell to ensure a long-lasting unit that won’t rust easily.

The Pedicure Chair

The top of the pedicure chair is built in such a way that it can swivel for easy client access with a back that can be adjusted as well.

The backrest of this pedicure chair also has heat and massage features in place to give your client a warm massage with a button to switch between vibrations.

Space Saving

This pedicure chair featuring the Footsie bathtub is also great for saving space. All thanks to the retractable fibreglass base that can be easily retracted for you to save space.


  • No plumbing required
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Top of the chair reclines
  • Footbath retracts to save space
  • Resistance to damage
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install


  • It does not have jets in the foot tub

What We Think About This

Everything about this pedicure unit is just mind-blowing. Getting this unit for your beauty salon will not only make doing pedicure more fun but will make your client love you the more.

Portable Pedicure Spa – FAQ

What Is A Spa Pedicure And What Does It Include?

A spa pedicure involves getting every other benefit that you may likely not get with a regular pedicure. For example, during spa pedicure, you do not only get your nails cleaned, trimmed, buffed or scrubbed alone, you’ll also likely get a warm and inviting massage plus a special type of treatment as the case may be.

How Long Does A Spa Pedicure Take?

Unlike regular pedicure, a spa pedicure usually doesn’t take much time. It can take anywhere between 45 – 90 minutes depending on the expertise of your nail technician.

How Much Does A Spa Pedicure Cost?

Pedicure are of different types and the prices may vary from salon to salon. But generally, you should expect to pay somewhere between $35 to $60 depending on the types plus the expertise of the nail tech.

Wrapping Up On The Best Portable Pedicure Spa

Getting a full-sized pedicure chair can be very expensive especially when you’re on a low budget but that shouldn’t stop you from doing pedicure.

There are portable pedicure spa that is easily available and can function just like a full-sized pedicure chair for your beauty salon

Purchasing a portable spa foot bath in your salon will not only give you maximum flexibility but it will make things easier for you.

And for those that are not ready to install pedicure chairs with plumbing facilities, getting this small yet useful spa bath will help you conserve space and ensures that diseases doesn’t spread from one client to the other with the help of the disposable liners that came along with them.

So if you’re looking to buy one for your salon today, don’t forget to give this awesome one ( CONTINUUM PediCute Portable Foot Spa) a try.

Even if you don’t like any of the ones mentioned here, then our guide will walk you through the next time you plan on getting one for yourself.

Do have a nice day and don’t forget to spread the word by clicking on the SHARE buttons located below. Also, if you have any questions regarding this post, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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