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Hello and welcome to another exciting episode where we only interview and document nail success stories.

Here in our midst is a colleague, a friend and hmmm never mind.

She’s going to take us through on her nail success stories, the exact thing she did, or she’s doing to get those nails

Please help me welcome Titi as I usually call her on stage as we go straight to the interview section.

Can you please tell us your name, your country, and your profession?

Hello everyone, My name is Titilayo Oyegbola. I’m from Oyo state, Nigeria and I’m currently a corp member serving in Ondo state.

Ma, could you please tell us what motivated you towards growing your nails? A short story won’t be a bad ideal.

Hmmm well, I’m not much of a storyteller, so I’ll go straight to the point.

I’ve had this set of pretty nails on me for quite some time now.

When I was growing up, people around me were like Hey,  your nails are nice and all of that stuff.

So with the compliments, I do receive, I began to see the good side of keeping them long.

And so far so good, I’ve been keeping them medium-long and trust me; it’s been one remarkable journey I must say.

Ma, could you please tell us how long you’ve been growing your nails?

How long I’ve had them on (thinking) well I can’t remember when precisely the only thing I can recall is I’ve had them on close to 10 years now.

I know you will think that if indeed I’ve had my nails for this long, they ought to have grown to an insane length.

Well, the catch here is, it’s not as if I have any 10 years old nails on me. That’s because the moment any decides to misbehave and break along the line.

The rest suffers for it. What I do is, I trim them all to the size of the one that broke.

Ma, what are some of the natural supplements or ingredients you’ve been using to grow your nails?

Well, I’ve heard that people do use natural supplements or ingredients like Jojoba oil to enhance their nail growth.

The truth is, I’ve never used any of them. Mine grow naturally. In other words, I was blessed with good nails 😉

Ma, can you please share with us some challenges you’ve encountered while growing your nails?

If you’re into growing and keeping nails as a lifestyle, you certainly can relate to this.

My biggest challenge at first was that I continuously injure myself with them, especially during washing.

More also, I seldom injure others with them, so that has been my challenge so far.

How where you able to face those challenges ma?

First, I learned how to function with them with time. When I’m washing, I try as much as possible to go slow.

Secondly, when I’m around people, I try to be extra careful. I try not to involve myself in any form of contact with them.

Thirdly, I try not to use my nails when touching or doing things

Ma, what advice do you have for those passing through similar challenges? and those coming up?

They should decide what they want, and if keeping nails is what they want, then they learn to be careful with handling things.

Ma, can you tell us your nail care routine? What you do to your nails when you woke up?

My nail care routine is quite easy, so I can’t say there’s anything special about it.

The only thing I think I do for proper hygiene is to make sure they aren’t dirty by keeping them cleaned all the time.

For example, When I’m taking my bath, I make sure to wash them using my sponge. That’s all I do to keep them cleaned.

On nail discrimination, what do you have to say ma?

Discriminate? Trust me; I don’t know they discriminate about those that keep nails.

My take on this is, if you’re among those doing that, please mind your business.

My grandpa lived a hundredth and twenty years because he always minded his business.

So whenever you see the next person by your side with extremely long nails, learn to mind your business. Thank you.

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