I’ve Always Loved Growing My Nails As A Kid | Kassidy

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OK, its another edition of our nail growth stories and here in our midst is a colleague, a brother and a friend who happens to be a member of the prestigious Nail Gang Community.

He is going to walk us through on his nail growth journey so far, challenges he had and how he was able to handle those challenges.

Please join me as we introduce our guest Kassidy on stage. Sir, it’s nice having you around.

 Sir can you please tell us your name, your country, and profession?

My names are Aghwadoma Oruno Kassidy. I’m from Delta State, Nigeria. I’m currently self-employed. CEO HumbleBrag music label.

Sir, could you please tell us what motivated you towards growing your nails? A short story won’t be a bad ideal.

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Hmm(exhales)… Well as a kid, I’ve always loved growing my nails. But due to the routine punishment in assemblies and my mom having to be meticulous about our personal hygiene, I couldn’t afford to grow my nails even if it cost 1 Naira.

Towards my closing stages in secondary school, I summoned up the courage then started keeping my two pinky fingernails. I further moved to my middle finger on my left hand.

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Then moved to my thumb on that same hand. Before I knew it, I was practically keeping all my nails on my left hand and the pinky finger on my right hand. Oppos. I almost forgot. “A short story,” you said and not my biography.

Sir, could you please tell us how long you’ve been growing your nails?

Well, I’ve been growing my nails approximately 10 years now. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have any 10-year-old nails on me, though. And that’s because whenever I see a crack on my nails, I choose to cut it off.

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Cutting it off while they are little and tender reduces the pain and anger you’d have on yourself when they are much longer. And eventually, they would cut off someday. So, why not save yourself the pain and anger by cutting them when you notice the crack?

Sir, what are some of the natural supplements or ingredients you’ve been using to grow your nails?

I don’t use any natural supplements or ingredients. Honestly speaking, I’m just getting to know that there are supplements and ingredients people use to grow nails. I’ve always thought those kinds of stuff don’t work.

Mine grow naturally. Removing dirt from underneath the nails enables the nails to ‘breath and eat fine’. Thereby having a long life span. Simply put, try as much as possible to regularly clean your nails

Sir, can you please share with us some challenges you’ve encountered while growing your nails?

Challenges?  With all these years of nail experience? Lol, I have little or no challenge. The only thing is me trying to educate the ‘ministers of good hygiene’ that it isn’t all that bad to grow my nails on my left hand.  I don’t partake in any contact sport. So, I’m never gonna get anyone injured accidentally.

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How where you able to face those challenges, sir?

By trying as much as possible to avoid talks relating to my nails.

Sir, can you tell us your nail care routine? What you do to your nails when you woke up?

I really don’t have any routine care for my nails. I clean my nails countless number of time in an hour. I use my pinky finger on my right hand to clean the nails on my left hand.

On nail discrimination, what do you have to say, sir?

Don’t discriminate anyone growing their nails. Everyone has their own reason to grow or not to grow their nails.

Don’t look at a guy with long nails that he’s unhygienic. Or prolly too lazy to do some pieces of stuff. Because what anyone can do with his short nails, I can do as well with my long nails.

Sir, what advice do you have for those passing through similar challenges? and those coming up?

They are always gonna talk. How lazy you are. How unhygienic you are. Who washes your clothes or how do you wipe your butt? How unkempt you are and all that. If you’re really not up for the talks, you should have a change of mind about growing your nails.

Also, avoid that teeth and nail plays. Keep your nails far from your mouth Cause when temptation comes, you’re gonna bite off your nails.

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Trust me; we can’t wait to have your story documented for everyone to see! See you soon.


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