Even As A Chef, I’ve Always Wanted Long Nails | Carol

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OK, I’m so super excited today and as you already know, here is another nail stories of Carol King we documented over the weekends.

Carol King will be taking us on a memory lane as far as growing nails is concerned.

She’s going to tell us everything you need to know, starting from a simple introduction to much more intricate details.

By the end of everything, I’m pretty sure you must have learned a thing and starting a nail journey will be your only option.

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So sit back, relax and let’s have a wonderful time together..

Ma, Can you please tell us your name, your country, and your profession?

I am Carol King, from Barbados and an Entrepreneur.

Ma, could you please tell us what motivated you towards growing your nails? A short story won’t be a bad ideal.

I have always wanted long nails, but then, as a professional chef, I could not have them.

Nail stories of carol king

Four (4) years later, I started working for myself, and I started moving away from cooking. That’s when I decided to give growing nails a shot.

Ma, could you please tell us how long you’ve been growing your nails?

Well, I started growing my nails in April 2018, although it took me 9 months to grow them long because I was learning about my nails.

In December 2018, I cut them off because of some work I was doing. I started growing them back on December 1st.

Nail stories of carol king

This time, it only took me 4 months to grow them back because now I know what my nails need to grow them long.

Ma, what are some of the natural supplements or ingredients you’ve been using to grow your nails?

I don’t use supplements.  I only use the products I make myself to grow my nails. These products are cuticle oil, nail growth oil, fizzy manicure salts, sugar scrub, hand mask, and body butter.

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Nail stories of carol king

Ma, can you please share with us some challenges you’ve encountered while growing your nails?

My biggest challenge was learning to stop using my hands as tools. I used to be very rough on my nails, and it took me a long time to break that habit.

Ma, what advice do you have for those passing through similar challenges? and those coming up?

Have patience with yourself and your nail growth. Try focusing on enjoying each stage of your journey instead of focusing on the destination.

More also, Be mindful about your nails, always reach out your hands slowly to avoid crashing into things.

Open doors, cupboards slowly. Make sure you position your hands correctly before opening or lifting anything.

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It may seem like a lot to think about at first, but if you keep at it, it will soon become second nature.

Ma, can you tell us your nail care routine? What you do to your nails when you woke up?

My Daily routine is straightforward. I don’t do anything in particular first thing in the morning, but throughout the day I moisturize my cuticles every time my hands have been in the water for an extended period.

Furthermore, I keep a cuticle butter in my handbag so that I can moisturize my cuticles anywhere anytime. I also make sure I give my nails extra good oiling before I go to bed at night.

More Also, Every weekend, I give my hands my full spa treatment which is manicure salts soak, sugar scrub, hand mask, oil hydration, and nail polish.

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On nail discrimination, what do you have to say ma?

I live in the Caribbean where people don’t have the belief that those that grow nails are linked to some witchcraft activity as many perceive it to be.

In fact, Long nails are trendy and very common here. But the majority of women who have long nails wear acrylics or gel nails.

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I have not met even one woman with long natural nails yet. I have not experienced any discrimination of any kind truth be told. The only thing I would say is almost everyone I meet thinks my nails are fake and they are always really shocked when they find out they are my natural nails.

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