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I Started Growing My Nails Out Of Depression | Brie

Hello and welcome to another exciting time where we only interview and document success stories of hand models.

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Over the weekend, we reach out to a lot of hand models to have their nail stories documented and so far, we’ve gotten a lot of nail stories for you to get you inspired.

Below is Brie’s nail stories. She’s going to tell us her nail journey had been so far.

The challenges she had and probably tell us some of the supplements or oil she has be using to keep her nails in shape.

So help me welcome Brie on stage.

Can you please tell us your name, your country, and profession?

My name is Brie and I am a student from the United States.

Ma, could you please tell us what motivated you towards growing your nails? A short story won’t be a bad ideal.

I started growing my nails because I was going through a depressing time in my life so I began to spread some creative freedom with my nails to help my mental health.

nail stories of brieMa, could you please tell us how long you’ve been growing your nails?

I started taking care of my nails December 2018 but I did not really focus on growing them until February 2019.

Ma, what are some of the natural supplements or ingredients you’ve been using to grow your nails?

In my opinion, the best thing for growing your nails is an oil, jojoba is my favourite and I think that it makes your nails stronger and healthier to continue to maintain them.

nail stories of brieMa, can you please share with us some challenges you’ve encountered while growing your nails?

Some challenges I have faced while growing/doing my nails were dryness. My hands get dry very easily so I have had to test a lot of products to see what was best for me.

My favourite set for keeping my hands and nails hydrated is the Mary Kay Satin Hands set,

The combination of those three is the only thing that made my hands normal and hydrated again.

nail stories of brie

My current nail favourites are the Satin Hands, the OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, the Body Shop Hand Creams, and a combination of Jojoba/Almond/Vitamin E oil.

Ma, can you tell us your nail care routine? What you do to your nails when you woke up?

In the morning I put on the oil and the body shop hand cream to keep my hands and nails hydrated. Then I frequently re-oil throughout the day.

On nail discrimination, what do you have to say ma?

My opinion on nail discrimination is that people should keep their thoughts to themselves.

I think it is crazy when people associate growing nails with witchcraft, dirtiness, etc. as very immature.

nail stories of brie
If they actually knew about nails then they wouldn’t feel this way.

I also just think it is rude and people should just keep their opinions to themselves.

Because not everyone is going to like what others are doing and that is okay.

Feeling motivated already? Why not send us a mail right away let’s get your nail stories documented.

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