What Is Nail Gang And Why You Should Join In 2020


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What does Nail Gang mean to you? Can you try? OK, no problem. Well if you’ve been paying more attention to the cyberspace lately, particularly social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you ought to have heard or probably seen the #NailGang hashtag all over right?

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Nail Gang, MyNailGang

Well, that alone goes a long way to show or prove how passionate people are towards joining the Nail Gang community.

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Over the years, lots of people especially youth are beginning to know the importance of belonging to one or two gangs of which of course they’re very proud of ranging from, MyBeardGang, LightSkinGang, #GucciGang to WritersAlike E.t.c.

Nail gang

All of these simply tells us that the Gang bandwagon is here to stay and doesn’t look like a trend that will be going anytime soon. So if by any chance you don’t belong to any Gang, you should probably consider doing so today.

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Nail Gang, mynailgang, nailgang, natural nail gang, join my nail gang, nail gang meaning, nail gang community
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With that being said, lets quickly look out what the Nail Gang community is all about, but before I do so, it will make more sense to define what Nail and Gang mean clearly.

What are Nails?

A nail according to the free encyclopedia, Wikipedia, defines nail as a horn-like envelope covering the tips of fingernail and toenails in primates.

This nail in questions contains very vital elements known as the Alpha-Keratin – the same substance that makes up your hair, and it plays a very significant role in our nails.

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Now that we have an understanding of what nail is, let quickly look at what gang is.

What Are Gang?

A Gang is a close associate of three (3) or more individuals whose members adopt a group identity either to create fear or intimidation.

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Nail Gang simply put is an associate of three or more like-minded individuals (Nail enthusiast) coming together to form a community bent on promoting an identity. The identity in this context connotes nails.

You see, almost everyone under this earth is invariably a member of one or two groups.

For example, if you’re among those who gossip a lot as a lifestyle, you’ll definitely find a gossip mate, right? Those mates can as well be regarded as your gang. Simply put, you guys are already in a group known as #GossipGang.

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Mind you; you can as well be in a gang without knowing. For example, I read a lot of messages online about people asking questions like

“I’m into growing nails as a lifestyle, does that mean I’m already in the Nail Gang”?

Well, you might obviously not be a member of any known Gang, but the moment you possess that brand identity of that particular gang, believe it or not, you’re a part of that Gang already.

So for those growing nails, just know that you’re already in the Nail Gang.

Nail Gang Discrimination

As it is with other gangs, the nail gang has received a considerable amount of backlash over the years.

In fact, there’s this misconception about nail enthusiast.  They are being seen in our society today as people linked to Witchcraft activities, especially those keeping long nails.

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Well, since you can not change what the society think about your nails, neither can you stop people from assuming, there is something you can always do, which is, never pay attention to their dirty talks.

When I started growing my nails, that was as far back as 2 decades ago, so many people, including my friends and family members, thought I was insane.

A lot of them saw me as someone possessed not until I was able to clear their misconception. Now they’re so proud of how successful I’ve become in the nail world.

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Apart from the witchcraft thingy, the society also sees us as dirty individuals since keeping nails harbours dirt that is capable of causing harm to our body.

In fact, research has it that our hands act as a vector through which diseases gets into our body.

When you do not wash your hands properly, you’re likely to contaminate your food which invariably might cause severe diseases to your body.

It is based on this that the society has partially tried to rule out the Nail Gang but thanks to those that are making us proud by caring for their nails, you guys are the real MVP.

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Mind you, as we have earlier stated, the Nail Gang has some standard that must be meant and keeping healthy nails is one of it.

Nail Gang Vision

Contrary to societal discrimination about those who keep nails, one of the sole aims of the Nail Gang is to raise a community of high esteemed nail enthusiast who is so passionate about growing their nails irrespective of what others are saying.

Thanks to the ever-growing fashion industry for never letting us down and for always raising the flag high.

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My dear, if you’ve ever been to the runway during fashion shows, you’ll understand better how well these fashionistas have been wowing their audience with their sets of beautiful looking nails.

That alone should tell you that the Nail Gang is here to stay, and nothing can stop us from flaunting our God’s given gift to humanity.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining The Nail Gang?

There are a thousand and one reasons for Joining the Nail Gang. One of the apparent reason is that nails help to beautify your hands and adds this sparkly look to your personality.

In fact, I don’t think there’s anyone who does not love to see a well-groomed nail, especially when it is without blemish.

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Now that you’re familiar with the whole concept lets quickly look at what it takes to join the Nail Gang community.

What Does It Take To Join The Nail Gang Community In 2020?

Joining the Nail Gang community literally doesn’t take much. In fact, in as much as you have healthy looking nails, you’re already a part of the family.

Simply put, joining the Nail Gang in 2020 is quite simple; all you need do is to start grooming your nails today.

Groom Your Nails

Grooming your nails involves taking care of every part that makes up the nails. These parts are the bedrocks towards which nail growth is hung upon.

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Although they are various parts that make up the nails, ranging from the nail bed, matrix, nail plate and cuticle, all of these parts should be taking care for.

For example, the Cuticle, which is that tiny skin that binds the nail plate to the matrix occasionally need to be oiled either with cuticle oil or coconut oil to prevent Dry cuticle.

The purpose of oily and massaging the cuticle is to ensure blood flows to the appropriate quarter.

Apart from taking care of the cuticle, to experience an overall boost in your nail growth, be sure to make vitamin intake a part of your daily diet.

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Take Lots Of Vitamins

In fact, research has it that taking lots of vitamins A makes nail grow healthier and stronger. See what LifeWithZandra has to say about eating vegetables and how it has improved her overall nail growth.

Nail gang

File Your Nails The Right Way

Another thing worthy of mentioning here is how you file your nails. Nails are to be filed with nail filler and in one direction.

Filing nails back and forth tend to render your nails weak, which might cause them to break. So as a rule of thumb, nails should be filed only in one direction.

Exercise More

Regular exercise has been linked to a 50 % increase in hair, skin and nail growth. During exercise, there is an overall increase in the blood flow, which further helps to carry nutrients and oxygen to various parts of our body, including those of the hair, skin and nails.

Nail gang

Final Note

With that being said, growing healthy-looking nails in 2020 take time, perseverance and commitment. You don’t just start to grow nails today and expect to see results the next day. In fact, averagely, the nail grows at around 2-3 mm a month.

Nail gang

Why am I saying all this? I’m saying this so that you don’t give up on your nail journey halfway.

So if you must be among the Nail Gang in 2020, these are some of the things to consider to be a bonafide member of the Nail Gang community.

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