My Nails Are A Natural Part Of Me | Ochuko Chovwe

As part of spicing up our Nail gang community, we have decided to bring to you Nail growth stories that are likely to get you inspired towards growing healthy natural nails in no distance time.

Today, we have a very special guest in our midst who happens to be a very close pal.

He will take us through on how he was able to grow his nails, challenges he had and a message for those willing to join our community.

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You’re most welcome sir, it gives us more pleasure to know that in this 21st century, we still have people like you who are so passionate about growing healthy natural nails.

 Can you please tell us your name, your country, and profession?

My names are Ochuko Samuel Chovwe, I hail from Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. I’m a part-time hairstylist, and also a student currently serving in Kogi state.

What motivated you towards growing your nails? A short story won’t be a bad idea, sir.

Nails……. Ummmmmmmm. Its a natural part of me. I have been growing my nails for a very long time now.

I have these long sets of nails that grow out of proportion. So at first, I got tired of cutting them so I had to grow them.

How long have you been growing your nails?

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I’ve been nurturing my nails for about 8 months now. Though the one before this one you’re seeing above lasted for a yr plus

What are some of the natural supplements or ingredients you’ve been using to grow your nails?

I don’t have any natural supplement. Mine grow naturally. But you can add fuel to make yours stronger

Can you please share with us some challenges you’ve encountered while growing your nails?

Challenges include accidentally injuring itself. It comes with a lot of pain when broken without your notice.

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The last time I lost my nails accidentally it bleed for 3 days because it has developed veins.

How where you able to face those challenges?

I was able to overcome those challenges by simply applying Robb on the surface area to avoid bacteria or fungal infection.

What advice do you have for those passing through similar challenges? and those upcoming?

If you’re not ready for the task, don’t grow nails because you will have to be cautious with yourself and the next person.

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