Grow Long Natural Nails With This Secret From A Nail Blogger

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Long Natural Nails: Growing nails were the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life, and that’s because it’s something I’ve always wanted. The whole nail thingy started about a few decades ago, while I was still in high school.

I desperately needed to groom my nails as much as I needed air to breathe and that’s after I got some motivation juice from my biology tutor back then who happens to be the only tutor with long-ass natural nails.

So to give life and meaning to my new found obsession, I did some quick search on google like every other normal human being. I could remember searching for stuff like, “How can I grow long natural nails” alongside different search variations.

Long Natural Nails
I Broke One Of My Nails While Doing The Laundry

After spending most of my time online trying to source for useful information on growing healthy natural nails, I did find a couple of what seems like a half baked steps by step procedures to getting long natural nails which weren’t helpful.

All of my struggles was what prompted me to come up with this brand “Getlongnails.Com“. I wanted a place where I could pour all that I’ve learnt so far as growing nails is concerned. So if you’re still among the millions of searchers (like I was a few years back) still searching for a helpful guide to growing long-ass natural nails, Congratulation. You’ve come to the right place.

Long Natural Nails

In this article, I’m going to show you what you need to do to get long nails. Naturally, the exact strategy I used to grow insanely long nails, the only oil I’ve been using and how you too can be like me plus give answers to some nail growing misconception. That said, let’s proceed.

The Exact Oil I Use To Grow My Natural Long Nails

For as long as I can remember, Coconut oil [You can check the price out on Amazon] has been the only oil I’ve been using to grow my nails. Although I’ve used quite a lot of most of the essential oil you can think of, but the truth is, I found Virgin coconut oil very useful for nails so its what I recommend.

Step I Take To Grow My Natural Long Nails

There’s nothing extraordinary about the steps I take to grow my nails. It’s something a lot of you must have seen or read online. The only difference is that I usually soak my nails once every week. Here’s how I do it.

  1. Firstly, I make sure that my nails are immaculate. That’s before applying the oil. If they’re dirt underneath yours, Heres how to clean them up
  2. After cleaning them up, I usually start applying Coconut oil on them immediately, and that’s after you must have wiped away moisture from them using a towel
  3. After that, I let the oil stay on them for as long as possible.

Seems easy to do right? Well, that’s not all. Here’s the catch. Don’t just apply the oil on your nails alone; instead, do so with a little massage. Also, let them stay on your nails overnight. Do this three times in a day (In the morning, afternoon and at night)

Long Natural Nails

As for the nail soak, the below video is how I do it overnight. This method is by far the most effective way to grow natural nails within a short while. You really should give this a try if you’re serious about growing out your nails. To WATCH Video, kindly Swipe >>

How I Care For My Natural Long Nails

It’s not enough to grow nails alone; in fact, caring for your long nails should be the most important thing as far as I’m concerned. So how do you care for your nails? Kindly leave a comment below, but in the main time, Here’s what I do to care for mine.

  1. I make sure that they’re neat always. Here’s an article on how to do so.
  2. Aside from cleaning them, I try as much as possible to avoid getting my nails anywhere close to my mouth. So if you’re still battling with nail-biting, this article will help you to stop
  3. I keep them moisturised daily. Here’s an article on how to moisturise nails
  4. And lastly, I try to keep them in shape by filing away rough edges so that they don’t catch on things and injure people they’re not meant to.

That said, lets quickly look at some misconception about growing nails in general.

Misconception To Growing Natural Long Nails

Over the last few years, there have been fantastic nail theories about nail growth entirely. Ranging from how nails grow down to getting them long to your desired length. But in all, something still bothers me, and that’s what I need to address today, once and for all. I call them false assumptions.

So let’s look at some common questions that searchers like you want to know about growing natural nails.

Does toothpaste help nails grow?

Toothpaste does not in any way help nails grow. The only thing it can do for your nails is to make them whiter than the way they are. To whiten your nails, what you need do is to brush the surface of your nails and underneath with a brush containing toothpaste.

Does food help nails grow?

The answer is a capital YES. When you incorporate food rich in vitamins, minerals and protein to your existing meal, your nails are sure to grow out faster.

Does tapping your nails stimulate growth?

Any activity that involves you using your hands often can, in a way, quicken how your nails grow. This is because, during tapping, there are signals of light traumas which carries blood to the region – Nail matrix responsible for nail growth. Other activities that can stimulate nail growth include Boxing, Grasping nails with your hands and massage.

Is nail polish bad for nails?

Using nail polishes very frequently can, in a way, harm or damage how your nails grow. So to be on the safer side, don’t wear them for too long, you can wear them for one week after which you take them off. Your nails need to breath sometimes.

How long can natural nails grow?

Natural nails can grow up to any length depending on individual preference. Ideally, nails usually take about 3.5 mm on an average to grow in a month. Lost or damaged nails may take longer time to regrow. It may take up to 6 months to grow up to a reasonable length.

How long should natural nails be?

When it comes to growing and keeping long nails, we all have our preferences. Some may love to keep theirs longer; others may choose to keep them short. What I advise is this, if you feel comfortable with long-ass nails, then go ahead and do so. Just be sure to care for them so that they won’t look gross.

Are long natural nails gross?

All nail type can become gross if not correctly care for, but for the most part, the majority of people who sees natural nails as gross are those that are jealous of long nails. Also, keeping long nails defines who you are. Often, it’s one way to describe a woman’s style and class.

How Can I Get Healthy Nails Naturally?

To Grow Healthy Natural Nails In 2020, these tips for nails should guide you through.

  1. Eat healthy: Be sure to develop the habit of eating healthy balanced diets. Eat more of vegetables as this contains Vitamins necessary for healthy nail growth.
  2. Trim regularly: Make trimming your nails regularly a habit. This will take off unhealthy nails and give rooms for healthy ones to grow.
  3. Cuticle care: Caring for your cuticle involves not cutting your cuticle. Exposing this cuticle by cutting them off creates rooms for a bacterial attack. More so, this cuticle should be oiled with either cuticle oil or olive oil to prevent them from drying up.
  4. File the right way: Filing your nails also helps to grow your nails. Filing should be done in one direction and not back and forth
  5. Clean under nails: Underneath your nails should be kept cleaned regularly with either caustic soda or hydrogen peroxide using a toothbrush. If you must clean, be sure to scrub gently.
  6. Protect your nails: Protecting your nails with gloves while doing the dishes or during cleaning also helps to keep the nails healthy. The reason for this is to protect the cleaning agents such as detergents which contain harmful chemicals from stripping the nails off its natural oil.
  7. Avoid using Acetone: Acetone nail polish remover when used too often renders the nails weak. A weak nail is liable to break easily. (Here are 11 ways to remove nail polish without nail polish remover)
  8. Let your nails be: Allow your nails to rest sometimes. Stop picking at your nails every second; this might cause the nail not to grow well. Also, nail-biting can as well result in an unhealthy nail.
  9. Treat nail infection: Infections of the nails as a result of fungal attack should be taken seriously. When you notice any early signs of this fungal infection such as puffy red irritation around the cuticle, be sure to contact the dermatologist as soon as possible.

The Take Home

Truth be told, keeping and growing long natural nails can be very tasking especially if you’re that type whose nails takes almost forever to grow, but the good news is, it shouldn’t be anymore, and that’s because I’ve taken out time to give you what you need to grow that nails that will get you your first accolades.

So if you’re still finding a hard time growing your nails, what you need is Oil. Applying little quantity of Coconut oil on your nails three times in a day can do more good to your nails than you least imagine. Aside from the growth thing, it can help keep the overall health of your nails intact.

I hope this little piece is indeed helpful to you? If it is, please don’t forget to click on the SHARE buttons beneath.

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  1. Your nails are gorgeous! I myself are building and growing my nails. You are certainly an inspiration!💅😀

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