Long Nails Models : Reason Why You Should Join Today

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Long Nails Models: Beauty does not only lies in the eyes of the beholder anymore, but a virtue to be cherished for the safe space it provides.

To some, the best way of expressing theirs is by dressing gorgeously; others prefer to make it a statement. Same goes for long nails model.

Long Nails Models, hand models

Lately, there has been an ongoing trend that doesn’t seem to go anytime soon. It’s the hand model trend, and everyone seems to be going crazy over it.

In fact, if you’ve been following Instagram keenly, you must have seen pictures of celebrities or influencers flaunting their hands.

They do this for several reasons. Firstly, to make a statement. Secondly, to send a message about the latest polish they just had on.

Long Nails Models, hand models

Truth be told, don’t you love it when they flash those hands right in front of your face? Well, Don’t lie, I know you do.

And you can’t help but compliment them almost instantly. Remember what they say about compliments?

“It has the power to change lives”

Each time one gets a sincere compliment, he or she will start seeing life in more positive ways.

Having said that, lets quickly look at who a model is.

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Who’s A Model?

The word model is like a tossed coin with various sides. But for the sake of this article, I would like you to see it from my perspective.

Long Nails Models, hand models


A model can be said to be anybody which one looks up to or plan to be. Models are a successful exemplary figure to be copied, in most cases, with or without modification.

Long Nails Models, hand models

In the same vein, people look up to them for inspiration. That’s why you hear people today say things like he or she is my role model.

Why do people look up to them?

They do so because they are people that have the same vision as you. People that are already where you’re planning to be. They can be regarded as a god.

Nevertheless, models should not be confused with mentors. They are not the same, but they do have a lot in common.

A mentors job is to guide. More like a teacher while models, inspire people to become who they are.

Long Nails Models, hand models

More also, the first stage to becoming a mentor is to start as a role model. So with this, I hope I am are safe to say that they both go hand in hand.

With that being said, let’s proceed.

Who Are Long Nails Hand Model?

As you may have already known, a hand model is someone who’s in the business of growing and keeping nails as a lifestyle.

Long Nails Models, hand models

They do so for a lot of reasons. It could be for the gram, a runway obsession, or maybe just a way of expressing their fashion statement.

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What You Should Know About Long Nails Hand Models

1. They’re cautious

Long Nails Models, hand models

If you’re a hand model or you probably know someone who is, you would have seen or noticed that they are always careful with things and people around them.

This is because if their hands should slip, a break is bound to happen. Broken nails are no joke, especially when they cut across the nail beds.

2. They avoid close contact

Long Nails Models, hand models

Hand models hardly involve themselves in any contact sport so that they won’t inflict injuries on people with their nails.

Why Long Nails?

Over the years, long nails have been in vogue. Its the next big thing in this 21st centuries. All thanks to celebrities like the likes of Beyonce, who has been keeping the flag up high.

Long nails became a global obsession when fad like stamping of nails, amazing and colorful nail arts and designs became a leading trend among women.

Plus to think of it that nail arts and designs on longs nails look so cute is undoubtedly the reason why a lot of ladies has sworn to go on with more extended tips.

What Do Long Nails Models Do?

Primarily, the major work of a nail model is to serve as an influencer. An influencer is someone with a huge social media fan base.

Influencers use their account to promotes products for companies or brands. Same goes for nail models.

They help promotes the latest brands of nail polishes to their ever-growing follower base with an agreed token.

Who Is Eligible/What It Takes To Join?

As long as you have those long nails on, whether they’re natural or acrylics, you’re eligible and can be regarded as a hand model.

But then again, nothing beats being natural. It is for this we recommend growing of nails naturally.

When you grow and keep natural nails, you’re indirectly saving yourself from the dangers that come along fixing nails.

Why You Should Join Today

If you don’t belong to any group yet, you should consider thinking about joining the league of the trendsetters, MyNailGang

Long Nails Models, hand models

Being a long nail model is such a promising and ever-growing career with lots of potentials.

In it are arrays of mouth-watering opportunity that is capable of changing your life for the better.

Imagine brand like Deborah Lippmann coming to you for an endorsement deal. Isn’t that a dream come through and a life-changing opportunity? Just think about it.

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How To Join And Become The Next Big Long Nails Hand Models

Long Nails Models, hand models
Photo Credits: Nailshe.com

The first step towards joining the trend of hand models is to start growing your nails today. Growing and keeping nails is the only ticket you need.

So how do you grow your nails fast? It’s quite simple. All you need do is;

1. Eat balanced diets
2. Moisturize more
3. Avoid nail biting
4. Practice good nail hygiene
5. Don’t pick or trim your cuticle
6. File your nails the right way
7. Exercise more
8. Avoid overexposure of nails to water
9. And lastly, massage the skin around your nails daily.

Wrapping Up

Long nails hand models are increasing every day with a number of them making a living out of it as influencers.

All of these can be attributed to technology advancement. A number of them now lives on Instagram.

All they do is post pictures of their nails, with or without brand identity, market brands, and get paid.

Doesn’t that sound like a cool business to you? Well if it does look like one, then you should consider joining the league today.

Like I said earlier, becoming a bonafide member doesn’t take much, a little care here and there and investing in some good moisturizers is all you need. See you at the top.

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