11 Ways To Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover

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How To Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover: Has anyone ever been caught up in a situation where your nail polish is uneven with part of it getting peeled, and you just want to shield them from the glaring eyes of others so you ain’t worn the garment of embarrassment?

Without being told, I know a lot of us can attest to this. We’ve all at a point being placed in tight situations where our nails have balanced us on a pedal of shame.

Our nails happen to be one of the first assessments of the human body. Like some would simply say “our nails depict our personalities”. I certainly do agree with this to some extent. A well-cared, nurtured and manicured nail in a way, shows how kempt and groomed an individual is.

But before we look into how you can remove nail polish without nail polish remover, let’s find out why we use nail polishes for our nails.

Why Do We Use Nail Polish?

In a world where trends and technologies have become the highlight of the century, the ability to keep up with such a lifestyle becomes our topmost priority so we can fit in. Each passing day, we’re being introduced to certain things that act as adornments for the human body. And inclusive in this trend is the painting of our nails either natural or acrylic which is common in the female world.

Nail polish is commonly used by the female folks as a way of giving a beatific touch to our nails. This isn’t restricted to a particular region, caste or race of people. Nail polish is done by the majority of our ladies, excluding those who flaunt their natural nails.

Moreover, the use of nail polish shields our nails from scratches or any factor that could inflict pain on us. So aside from its beauty, there is the need for its usefulness. The surface of the fingernail is protected looking at it from an angle.

They improve our nail health, strengthen and help to relax them. You don’t need to condition your nails at all times because the application of nail polish does that. How? When you want to get the nails to be polished, you’ll first have to clean around the cuticles, remove the dead skin from the nails, before finally applying the polish to them. At such, you’re already caring for the nails without you knowing.

Moreover, we also have what we call the nail art. Imputing different types of designs on the nails. They are done either in complimenting our outfits, or for a specific case, or even for fun. Nail art is truly unique.

Nonetheless, using a nail polish remover to remove your polish is what we know best to be a way of cleaning the polish from our nails. There’s no way you will apply nail polish without using the acetone nail polish to take them off. Sadly, we can’t often rely on it in crucial moments when we know we can’t get one in some situations.

And this calls for alternatives. It isn’t best each time we keep doing or using a particular thing. There has to be a substitute to fill in should in case if what we rely on isn’t available. That is, when the needed is unavailable, the available should be used. Instead of putting your hopes on the nail polish remover, figure out another method to learn how to remove your polish without having to use what the world normally uses.

After conducting and trying out different methods on the possibility of having an alternative in removing nail polish, research conducted suggests that indeed, the remover of our nail polish isn’t restricted to just the use of the acetone polish remover. The best part of this is that you don’t have to stress yourself about placing in order the materials. Most of the items to be used can be found right in our homes, nor running round to a nearby salon to get some of those beauticians to help remove your nail polish, with you paying for the services that would be rendered.

So, for those of us who can’t lay our hands on a nail polish remover at a moment when we desperately need to, here are ways to remove nail polish without even having to spend a dime on anything.

How To Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover

The following are substitute on how you can remove nail polish without using nail polish remover

1. The Use Of Toothpaste

Over the years, toothpaste has been recorded to be one useful tool that serves a variety of purposes. And one of this variety includes the use of toothpaste in removing nail polish from our fingernails. You don’t have to be scared of its aftermath effect nor if you’ll be experiencing some pains or not. It will give your nails a glossy look followed by the nice fragrance that would follow, depending on the toothpaste that is being used.

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The only thing that would be required of you is to get warm water in a little bowl and soak in your nails in the warm water for the purpose of softening the nails, such that when in the process of removing the polish, you won’t have any difficulties in that aspect.

How To Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover

So for this, you will be needing a new toothbrush for it and not the one you normally use in brushing your teeth. Take your toothpaste and press on your brush, then brush your nails with it gently and not vigorously that you end up bruising your nails and hands.

Go over them slowly ensuring they’re foamy. When there isn’t any sign of nail polish remover, rinse the nails to be clean, and that’s all. You can then see the magic behind it.

2. The Use Of Other Nail Polish

I recall once having to tell a friend to apply this same method I am about writing now but, she doubted it was ever going to work. It took me quite a long time to be able to convince her to try it just once to see if it works or not.

She did anyway and since then, she stopped using a nail polish remover, but instead, using other nail polishes in the removal of nail polish. A little application of a nail coat on the painted nail will make the nail polish on the nail to become soft, making it easy to be wiped off with a cotton ball.

With this strategy, you don’t have to force the nail polish out. It comes out on its own. There is no specific use of particular nail polish. You can use any like a basic top coat polish, or whatsoever polish you can lay your hands on especially all fresh nail polish. Just be quick to clean it off with the cotton ball so it doesn’t stick to your nail.

3. Using Hairspray To Remove Nail Polish

Using hairspray is another method you can apply to remove nail polish from your nails without using acetone. Before I go further, let me quickly say this. For some of you who don’t know this, acetone is mainly found in most nail remover. Why? Acetone is so useful and important in removing nail polish. That’s the reason why it is used in the majority of our nail dissolvers. Now, what can one find in acetone?

How To Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover

Acetone contains alcohol, and we all know that alcohol can rid off nail polish. So for our hairsprays, they contain little alcohol which can be used on nails. Just get one of your hairsprays if you’re looking for a quicker way to dissolve nail polish, without having to go to a salon just for this when you can achieve this at the comfort of your home. Rub the alcohol on the nails and wipe with a cotton ball.

Remember, check for the hair spray containing alcohol, so you don’t end up using the wrong one that won’t work.

4. Using Another Alternative

These days, it has come to my notice that quite a number of people are using a different method for removing nail polish without nail polish remover. Well, not definitely going to be used for all the nail polishes, but it sure can be used for removing glitter nails. It’s faster and easier. However, not everyone would like it nor fixes glittery nails, but for those that can, there’s nothing to worry about. First, paint the nails with the white glue and leave for a while before applying your glitter polish.

Thoughtful right? Now, when you are done slaying and enjoying your nails, and you feel it’s time to change to a new outlook, simply peel it off without having to go through any stress.

Mind you, there isn’t any need to be worried about the glue sticking to your nail or not. It does stick perfectly well and won’t come off till you are ready to take it off yourself and that is all.

5. The Use Of Fruit And Vinegar

Do you know you can take off your nail polish without using acetone polish remover at any point in time regardless of where you are? With just a few things in your locality, you’re good to go. Trust me.

How To Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover

By that, I also mean using fruits and vinegar. Oh yes. You can get these anywhere. And by fruit, we’re talking about the lemon fruit. The content of the lemon fruit mixed with the vinegar will wipe off the nail polish, acting as a substitute for a nail polish remover.

All you need do is to extract the liquid out of the juice and add just a little vinegar to it while you form a paste. You don’t have to do this in large quantities. It is for the nails and not for the stomach. Just a little quantity and nothing more. Ensure it is being mixed in a cup or a bowl or whichever you feel it’s okay for you. After that, get your cotton ball and use it to wipe away the polish from your nails.

At times, some nail polish may prove to be stubborn. Well, you can handle this. A little soaking of your nails in warm water first would do so it gets soften.

6. Use Of Sanitizers

We all know the use of a sanitizer for our hands is to reduce the rate of an infectious agent on our hands. The liquid is formulated with alcohol that makes it useful in applying on the hands to rid microorganisms. Though, in the normal sense, when we rub hand sanitizer on our hands, our nail polish does not come off. No doubt. But don’t get all sceptical about it. It does work well for removing nail polish.

Get a bowl of warm water and soak in your fingernails. This will increase the rate at which the nails will be softened so that when it is time to wipe off the polish, it isn’t hard. Take it out and gently use your cotton ball to scrub the polish out.

Peradventure, it doesn’t come out fully, don’t get all worked out. Look for a rough piece of fabric, soak it in the hand sanitizer liquid and use it for nails. The fabric’s hardness will help remove the rest of the polish.

Are these the only ways one can remove nail polish without the use of nail polish remover? Certainly not. Continue reading to learn more ways.

7. Using A Flosser Stick

Flosser sticks can as well be used to remove nail polish. This is one method I’ve tried on several occasions and it has turned out pretty well. Often times, I was caught in some embarrassing situations and flosser saved me a couple of times. Seeing your nails messed up can cause one to be upset.

Rather than looking for a nail remover and getting stressed out because of it, you can simply use a flosser if you have one. Floss has some elements that can cause it to carry out a great job. Just apply them on the nails and wipe off the polish. Also, the softness of this flosser will leave your nails looking nice with no sign of bruises.

8. The Use Of Alcohol

In as much as alcohol is seen as something that cools our body and spirit, it’s usefulness in diverse majors is impeccable. It works best as a solvent, in removing things like our nail polish. Some are already in the process of using this, so you can try this or whichever you feel would be best for you or better still, use that which is within your range.

How To Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover

Without being told, we know that the use of acetone and acetate are best known for solvent while the rest do cleanse to some extent with the likes of alcohol. So to begin, you’ll have to place your fingernails in warm water to absorb the water in becoming softer and ready to work on. Then, use your cotton ball to touch the alcohol and remove the polish by scrubbing.

9. Use Of Body Spray

One other element that can be used to give a solution to the issue of your nail polish, is the use of body spray. We know they are made basically to be used on our bodies and, we don’t see any reason why we should use them for something different. We fail to realize that some contain little amount of alcohol.

With the little amount of alcohol embedded in them, they can work on the nail to help remove nail polish. So if you can’t get a nail polish remover, you can settle for this. Like the instructions we’ve given for some of the listed methods, you’ll have to soak your nails in warm water first. When you’ve soaked it to some extent, you can then spray the body spray on your nails. Please make sure it is closer to the nails so it can settle in, so you could rub off the polish using your cotton ball.

10. Use Of Warm Water

This is one method that did get me sceptical. I underestimated it because I never really saw it as something that would pull through. But it did anyway to my greatest surprise.

It doesn’t entail getting this or that but, just pouring warm water into a bowl and soaking your fingernails in them. Let the water be a bit hot. Not too hot that you burn your skin with the water.

For this cause, I always advise people to be extra careful when they indulge in such a method. A situation where you get it wrong and settle for hot water and, you mistakenly scald yourself with it, would be terrific. So be very conscious of this. A little hotness should be what is required to soak your nails into it.

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After dipping the nails into the warm bowl, take it gently, grab your cotton ball and begin scrubbing the nail polish out. If they do not come off fully, soak it in the bowl again and repeat the same processes in scrubbing.

11. Using Water Mixed With Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide does serve some functions. At least, you should know this today. They are used for quite some things including for the remover of our nail polish. It can be found in most persons home that is why I initially said it serve some specific function for us as humans.

What is required of you is to allow the cotton ball to soak the hydrogen peroxide and scrub your nail with it?

NOTE: The different ways of removing nail polish without the acetone nail polish remover are the only alternative. Not all of them contain the most vital element used in removing nail polish which as we all know is acetone. So don’t get too disappointed if the method you choose to use isn’t fully as effective as you may want it to be.

In the process of using any of the listed methods to remove nail polish from your nails, never forget that it shouldn’t get dried up on the nails. If it does, it will be tedious to take off. The earliest you use your cotton ball to clean, the better it would be. This method isn’t limited to just these alternatives. Even on the verge of using the well-known nail polish remover, you don’t allow the cotton ball to get dried. It’s usually wet.

Also, after removing the nail polish, moisturize your nails. Don’t just moisturize but apply some cuticle oil to the nail. They make the nails to be relaxed and healthy. (Here’s an article for you in case you don’t know how to moisturize your nails)

For whichever method you decide to try out, make sure your nails are washed with soap and water after taking off the nail polish. By this, no foul smell will linger on the nails from using any of the methods mentioned. You’ll feel safer when it’s done.

Lastly, it would have been better if you leave the nails to rest for a bit, before reapplying another nail polish to them immediately. During that time, the nails would be resting as you apply those things listed above.

Our nails do need some breathing space. Don’t just clean the nail polish off and hastily apply another so soon. You can leave it for a day or two or more than. It’s left for you to choose the number of days you want to leave it.

Wrapping Up On How To Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover

The removal of nail polish with different methods is one technique that acts as a secondary option at a point of need. Back in the days, we knew just the acetone nail polish remover. As times and seasons emerged, we saw the need to be exposed to new ideas that have contributed immensely to humanity.

Excluding the fact that it saves one from excessive spending, let’s not forget that it paves way for trying out these ideas such that, we can do things at the comfort zone of our home even without nail polish.

Remember, not all methods would give a 100% guarantee. Some may work perfectly well, others may be closer to giving you satisfaction. Well, all the same, there isn’t any harm in trying. Choose that which you feel will be the best for your nails and come thank us for these.

I hope you’ve learnt something new today? If truly you have, please kindly leave a comment below and don’t forget to spread the good news using SHARE buttons below.

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