How To Get Toenails To Grow Straight In 2021 With Steps


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You’re here simply because your nails are beginning to curve inward and you’re probably looking for ways to get them to grow out straight again. Well, you are not alone. Curved nails are no joke and the pains that accomplish them is unbearable.

In a hurry? here is How To Get Toenails To Grow Straight. 

But don’t worry, that’s why I’m here to give you all of the information you need for free to successfully straightened your curved nails but before I do so, I want us to have a clearer understanding of what thick curved toenails is.

What Are Curved Toenails?

An ingrown toenail is a condition whereby the nails grows into your skin rather than growing out straight.

Ingrown nails don’t just happen on their own as there are factors responsible which we will probably look at somewhere in this article.

Having toenails curved into your skin comes with pain which is often accompanied with swelling and redness around the skin of your toe.

How To Get Toenails To Grow Straight

Ingrown toenails that are left unattended to, may lead to other forms of injuries as the skin around the nails harden to form a whitish-yellowish liquid known as pus.

The presence of pus is a sign that such toenail has been infected and as such needs immediate attention. If you would love to know what causes curved toenails and how to correct them? Then Read on.

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What Causes Curved Toenail?

Toenails just don’t curve on their own, they happen for a reason. Below are some few causes of curved toenails you should know today.

1. Genetics

Genetics is one of the major causes of ingrown toenails for some people. I once had a friend whose toenails are always curved inward.

Whenever they grow to some certain length, they automatically begin to dig deep into her skin and when this happens, she begins to feel pain until she trims them out.

So if it happens that your ingrown toenail is as a result of genetics, you’ve got to be careful to prevent contacting serious fungal infections.

2. Incorrect Trimming Of Toenails

Some people make the mistake of cutting their nails too deep thinking that it’s the best way to go about it not knowing that they’re causing more harm than good to themselves.

How To Get Toenails To Grow Straight

Although it may look harmless at first after some time, the nails that are a bit too short will start digging their way into your toe.

One way to go about this is to cut them straight across and not too short, that way, they won’t grow out digging into the skin. So incorrect trimming is also a contributing factor to toenail growing inward.

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3. Trauma

Trauma is another cause of ingrown toenails. Trauma usually occurs in three ways. It can occur when you hit your toenails, when heavy objects fall on them or when you involve yourself in activities such as kicking that constantly adds pressure to the toes.

And when this happens, it can damage your toes and may invariably affect how your nails are growing and often time may cause them to grow inwardly.

4. Putting On Tight Shoes

Putting on tight shoes that are not your actual size oftentimes can as well cause your toenails to begin to grow inwardly.

Here’s what happens when you wear a tightly fitted shoe. They exert pressure on your toenails and may cause them to begin to dig deep into your skin causing you to feel pains.

That’s why It’s always advisable that you wear shoes that are your exact size so that you do not inconvenient your toenails in the process.

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5. Poor Nail Hygiene

This is another thing that can make or cause your toenails to curve inwardly. If your nails are always wet, the possibility of them digging deep will be high also, when they’re too dry, they can as well lead to curved nails.

In other to avoid this, it’s best that you carry out proper nail hygiene. Ensure to keep your nails clean also, trim your nails every week to keep them safe and free from infection. That said, let’s quickly look at how to make your toenails grow straight

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How To Get Toenails To Grow Straight

It’s really not that hard to get a curved toenail to grow out straight. Continue reading to learn how you can make your toenails to grow straight.

1. Proper Trimming

The usefulness of trimming your nails the right way is such that can’t be overemphasised. How you go about it and how many times you trim them all matters a lot.

How To Get Toenails To Grow Straight

I’ve seen cases where people go over it the wrong way by trying to cut their nails too short. If this is you then you really have to stop right away.

The best way is to cut them straight across, it shouldn’t be too short though as short nails can often time lead to infections.

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Here’s what you stand to get when you trim your toenails too short.

If you happen to cut your nails too short, you may find them digging down into your tissue anytime soon due to the pressure from your shoes acting negatively on them and causing them to dig deep into your toe.

How To Get Toenails To Grow Straight

Another thing I would love to state here is in the tools. What tool are you using to cut your toenails? This is very crucial as using an improper tool can often than not cause your nails to grow awkwardly.

So investing in good quality nail clipper will save you from the stress of having curved toenails. Here’s an article on Best Nail clippers for ingrown toenails that you might find interesting.

Note: Don’t be tempted to use a pair of scissors to cut your nails as manipulating them to go through the edge of your toenails is pretty hard.

Below Is A Quick Checklist On How To Cut Your Toenails

  1. Make use of an appropriate tool (nail clipper)
  2. Cut or trim your toenails straight across
  3. Don’t cut your nails too short, leave them a bit long
  4. Don’t try to clip nails at once, start by making a few small cuts
  5. Trim nails when they’re dry and not when they’re wet
  6. File nails in one direction after trimming.

2. File Your Nails

Even after trimming your nails successfully, if you do not file out rough edges, they may end up digging deep into your skin so always accompany every cut with a smooth filing using nail files.

If you’re confused as to which nail file is best for your nails? Here’s an article on some of the best nail file in the market you can try.

Below Is A Quick Checklist On How To File Your Toenails

  1. To ensure a smooth, fray-free finish, invest in quality glass nail file
  2. Before you file, ensure that nails have been cut-off or reduced to the nearest minimal
  3. Begin filling in one direction and don’t saw.
  4. Check to see if the edges of your toenails are smooth, if they’re not, file again until you achieve your desired results.

3. Wear Fitted Shoes

You already know by now that putting on tight fitted shoe can exert pressure on your toenails and cause them to grow inwardly into surrounding tissues so to avoid such, always wear shoes that are your exert sizes with less pressure at the toe end.

Here’s a Quick Tip For You On How You Can Go About Choosing The Right Fit.

Since our foot are not the same in size, it is a rule of thumb to always use the foot that is a bit bigger to test the shoe you intend to buy.

Naturally, the right foot is always bigger than the left, so use that as a benchmark to test the shoe before you make a purchase.

If they fit comfortably on the right foot, it’s an indication that they are your right fits. If it doesn’t fit, then you need to do some more testing for you to ascertain your right fit.

If it happens that you’re not available to test those shoes if they’re going to fit, have someone measure your feet. For example, If your feet measures 40 (size) go for shoes between the range of 41-42.

Below Is A Quick Checklist On What To Look Out For In Shoes

  1. Buy shoes that fit properly with lots of air movement
  2. Limit or avoid wearing shoes with pointed ends that do not allow for space (e.g heel shoes for ladies)
  3. Shoes made with soft leather are more comfortable to wear than others.

4. Personal Hygiene

One of the surest ways to keep your toenails to grow straight and not to dig their way into your skin is through personal hygiene. How you pamper and care for your feet and toenails matters a lot.

Even if you do all that I have stated above, if you fail to keep your nail game in check with proper personal hygiene, you may be disappointed with the result you’re likely to get.

So how do you go about maintaining proper personal hygiene for your toenails? It’s easy. Firstly, make sure to wash, clean, and keep your feet dry always.

Secondly, cut them straight across every week and don’t forget to keep them moisturized (Here’s how you can moisturize your nails). Also, avoid wearing dirty socks as this may lead to infection.

5. Eat Healthily

Eating healthy diets doesn’t only make your nails to grow out pretty fast but also cause them to grow out straight. So incorporating food rich in zinc, irons etc into your existing diet will pave way for your toenails to grow straight as lack of the aforementioned may cause your nails to grow inwardly or outwardly.

Here’s A Quick Checklist On The Type Of Food To Eat For Healthy Growth Of Your Toenails

  1. Eat more of vegetables
  2. Take in food rich in vitamins and minerals
  3. Incorporate dairy products into your existing meal plan etc.

6. Protects Your Toenails

Another easy way you can adopt to get your nails to grow straight across is to learn to protect your toes. Wear closed-toe shoes if your nature of work exposes you to danger so as to protect your toenails from sustaining injuries.

How To Treat Curved Toenails

There may be lots of different ways to go about treating curved toenails but over the tears, I’ve found Curve Correct pretty effective and here’s how it works.

Curve Correct is a tiny brace specifically designed for toenails to help correct high nail curvature of the toe. Curve correct comes with a kit.

Each kit contains at least 10 transparent braces which are sufficient enough to correct even the worst toenail curvature you can think of.

Using this curve corrector gives you rest of mind and you can even begin to see results within 1-3 days. You can check the products descriptions, how it works and how much it cost HERE.

Note: Before you attempt to treat your curved or inward toenails, be sure they’re free from infection. If they are, please seek the help of a professional for diagnosis and possible prescriptions.

Other Ways To Treat Curved Toenails Include;

1. These Three Items (Cotton bud, Toothpick And Alcohol)

Have you ever thought that using cotton wool, a toothpick and alcohol can help you combat or heal your ingrown toenail completely? Well, now you know.

These items are something you have readily at home and knowing how to utilise them will help you to put an end to that curved toenail of yours. Kindly watch this 5 minutes video below to learn how to use it to correct that ingrown toenail of yours.

2. Dental Floss

That tiny cord of filaments used to remove plagues and food in-between teeth than an ordinary toothbrush is unable to reach doesn’t just have only one use only, this tiny angel can as well help correct ingrown toenails.

The below video from YouTube will teach you how to use it for your curved toenail.

3. Partial Nail Remover

This is another way you can use to treat curved toenails. This method involves trimming or cutting the edge of the ingrown toenail then treating it with Phenol to prevent further growth.

After applying Phenol, endeavour to place a small wrap of cotton wool on the cut area to discourage growth.

If you’re not sure as to how to correctly trim your ingrown toenail, seek the help of a professional immediately.

How Are Toenails Supposed To Grow?

Growth of nails begins from the matrix which looks like a pocket underneath the skin. Usually, a healthy toenail is supposed to grow out straight without any of its parts digging deep into the tissues of your toe.

So if you have a toenail that grows downwards instead of coming out straight, then you’re suffering from what is called an ingrown toenail. If it grows out facing upward, then it’s called a vertical nail.

What Causes A Toenail To Grow Upward?

It’s normal for long nails to grow and begins to curl but when they grow upwards, then it’s abnormal. Below are some of the few reasons why may experience toenails growing upward.

  • Your shoe could be what is causing them to grow abnormally
  • It could be genetic
  • It could also be some underlying health challenges such as Onychogryphosis.

What Are the Signs And Symptoms Of An Ingrown Nail?

The major signs and symptoms of an ingrown toenail are swelling, pains and redness around the toenails particularly that of the big toe.

If you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, it’s best that you see a doctor at once for possible prescriptions.

What Causes Toenails To Grow Crooked?

Onychogryphosis. This condition may arise as a result of injuries or infection and mostly affects the big toe. Another name for this kind of toenails growing upward is called ram’s horn because the condition makes the nails curved upward.

Can Crooked Toenails Be Fixed?

Yes, but before you go head to fixing you crooked toenail, first you must find out what’s behind the bending. If your big toe is making a shift and then resting on a neighbouring toe, then what you have is a bunion

So to fix crooked toenails, you need to act fast as soon as you notice that by making a switch in footwear. You can fix or correct a crooked toenail with the help of a pedicure toe separator or indulging in exercises that can help to stretch and make them flexible.

Wrapping Up On How To Get Toenails To Grow Straight

Getting your toenails to grow straight isn’t such a difficult task and that’s precisely what I’ve done justice to in this article.

First, you should understand that proper trimming, filing and general personal hygiene is the key to maintaining healthy toenails that won’t grow out and then begins to curve.

So it’s best that you have background knowledge of the symptoms and how to prevent it which will put you ahead of others and prevent you from passing through the pains others are facing.

So how can you correctly trim or straightened ingrown toenails that have grown deep into the skin? It’s simple. To trim, make sure to cut toenails straight across with a sharp nail clipper and not with scissors. Also, to straighten curved toenails, you can either use curve correct, dental floss or partial nail remover.

So that’s all you need to know about trimming and correcting curved toenails. If you have any more questions regarding this topic, feel free to drop a comment below and I’ll be happy to reply to them. Cheers.

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