How To Get Long Nail Beds In 2021 With Steps


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How To Get Long Nail Beds: When it comes to the act of lengthening nail bed, the best bet is to push them back. But it has to be done systematically. So how do you push them back when your cuticle is hard or soften them a bit? That is what you’ll find out real soon. Keep reading.

How To Get Long Nail Beds
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Getting long fingernail beds is as important to some people as growing longer nails. But then, there’s something you should know.

Which is?

The length and shape of the nail beds cannot be changed. Reason being that it is genetically engineered. In other words, genetics is what determines the shape and length of your beds.

How To Get Long Nail Beds

KEY: The black lines is the length while the thick blue lines is the width

So if you have shorter nail beds and you want to lengthen them, the only way out is to push them back. So how do you go about pushing them back so that your nails can appear longer?

Keep reading.

Before I proceed with the step by step guide on how to get longer nail beds, here’s something you must know.

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What Is Nail Bed

How To Get Long Nail Beds

Nail beds is that pinkish part of your nails, that is richly covered with blood vessels. It is also the site where your nail plate sits upon.

What Shortens Nail Beds

The overgrown cuticle is the real reason why your nail bed may appear short. Pushing them back a little bit helps elongate your beds.

Myth About Nail Beds

Over the years, as I would always say, I’ve had this set of pretty nails on. To me, it’s more like I was blessed with it.

Fast forward. A few years back, I notice a shocking thing about my nails. I notice that each time I manage to grow them to some certain length, they’ll break or chip at some point.

All of this was what prompted me to do some extensive research on why am I experiencing a chip the moment my nails are up to some certain length.

And this was what I came up with. All of which I’ve summarized here, just for you.

Here’s a link to that article Long Nail Beds, And It’s Importance To Nail Growth

You can open it in another TAB and take a look at it later. But if you’re too busy to do so, below is an EXCERPT for you if you must get long nail beds.

The length of your nails solely depends on the length of your beds. What this means is, if your beds are long, you can grow nails as long as the length of your beds.

Also, if your beds are short, you can only grow nails as long as the length of your beds.

However, if you try to grow nails more than the length of your beds, they’ll break sooner than expected. With that being said, let’s proceed.

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How To Get Long Nail Beds: Step By Step Guide

Getting longer beds are quite simple, and everyone can do it if you follow the steps here. Below is a step by step process on how to make your nail beds longer that will guide you on your bed’s journey.

How to get long nail beds


The first step to lengthening your nail beds is to get a medium-size bowl, big enough to contain all five of your finger.


Add warm water to the bowl then drop 2-3 drops of any essential oil such as Jojoba, Argan, Rosemary or Tea tree oils inside the bowl.

How To Get Long Nail Beds


The third step is to soak your fingers on that bowl containing warm water + drops of essential oil for 5-8 minutes.

How To Get Long Nail Beds

PS: Soaking your nails helps soften your cuticle for them to be pushed backwards.


After about 5-8 minutes, remove your nails from the bowl then towel dry.


Now it’s time to get those oils on your cuticle. For this, we recommend either LONDONTOWN kur Nourishing Cuticle OilCoconut oil or olive oil.

How To Get Long Nail Beds


Once you’ve laid your hands on any of the oil as mentioned above, massage a little quantity on your cuticle using the tips of your finger. Do this gently and leave the oil on your cuticle for 2-5 minutes.


After about 2-5 minutes, you can now push that cuticle of yours back using a cuticle pusher or an orange stick.

How To Lengthen Nail Beds, How To Get Long Nail Beds

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Things To Note On Lengthening Nail Beds

1. When you push that cuticle backwards, what you do is, you’re exposing more of the nail plate which invariably makes your bed longer.

2. Lengthening nail beds doesn’t happen a day; it takes time and commitment.

3. For more effective results, repeat the steps above or after every shower, you can push them back using an orange stick.

4. Be nice to your cuticle, never cut them as this will create room for infection. The best way is what we’ve said here. Which is, by pushing them back.

FAQ On How To Get Long Nail Beds

Are Long Nail Beds Genetic?

Capital YES. Genetic is what determines the shape, sizes and how and what your nail beds should look like but notwithstanding, there are still ways you can lengthen them a bit which is, by pushing your cuticles back.

Are Long Nail Beds Good

Yes. Having longer fingernail beds does not only make your hands or nails attractive, but it also gives you a lot of options to try different nail shapes on.

Wide Nail Beds Meaning

When you have a wide nail bed, what this implies is, the width of your nail beds is more than half of the length of your beds. When this happens, you’re said to have a wide nail bed.

Longer Nail Bed Surgery

Surgeries that has to do with nail beds are quite painful and should be treated immediately.

How To Lengthen Nail Beds, How To Get Long Nail Beds
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Cut across the beds when you hit your finger on a hard object is the major causes of nail beds injuries. Treating nail bed injuries involves restoring the condition of the nail to the state it was before the injuries.

How To Lengthen Nail Beds, How To Get Long Nail Beds
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To treat, especially in more severe cuts, its advisable to see a doctor who will carry out a scan on your beds. Results gotten from that scan is what he or she will capitalize on to give you the best treatment so that you can grow or get your nail bed back.

What Do Small Nail Beds Mean

If you have a tiny bed, what this means is, your beds are short. Shorter beds give rise to small nails, and they can be elongated by pushing your cuticle backwards.

How To Fix Short Nail Beds

The best way to fixing short beds is by soaking your nails in warm water containing a few drops of tea tree oil. Leave this for like 10 minutes then towel dry. Apply coconut oil after that; you can now push your cuticle back.

How To Have Nice Nail Beds

The best way to grow healthy nail beds is to be nice to your cuticle and your nails. You can do this by eating healthy, avoid biting your nails, and most importantly, keep your nails moisturized always.

Can The Nail Bed Grow Back?

This is a YES and a No answer. Yes, your nail bed may grow back depending on the damage done. If the damages cuts across the matrix, then your beds may likely not grow back. Even if they do grow, it won’t look like the way they were.

Another thing worthy of consideration is the fact that the growth rate varies. A child who accidentally ripped his or her nail beds may experience faster bed growth than an adult. I’ve seen cases, where a little child who lost half of his nails alongside his beds, recovered them all in 4 months.

How To Regrow Nail Bed

There’s more to growing back badly injured beds if you ask me and I wouldn’t suggest you do it yourself. The reason is that it involves performing the right treatment after the injury which can only be done by a hand surgeon. A hand surgeon should be able to stitch the beds especially when they separate from the finger and then reposition the finger so that the growth process can continue.

How Long For Nail Beds To Grow Back

It will take between 6 months to 8 months for a nail bed to grow back completely depending on the severity of the damage. Like I earlier stated, I’ve seen a situation whereby it took just 4 months for a child’s nail beds to grow so it all depends on the individual.

The Take-Home On How To Lengthen Nail Beds

99% of the shape of our nail beds is solely dependent on genetic. In other words, genetics is what determines the shape or size of your beds.

In spite of this, there are still way out for you to get long nail beds. All of which we’ve broken down in steps for you to lengthen your nail beds.

I hope this article has indeed helped you achieve that? If it has, Please do well to SHARE it with your friends and don’t forget to leave a comment below. Stay blessed.