How To Do Things With Long Nails With Ease (15 Hacks)


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How To Do Things With Long Nails: Have you for once wondered how people with extremely long nails do things or function with them without hurting themselves in the process?

Well, in this article, I’m going to spill everything out on how to do stuff with long nails. I’m going to tell you how I’ve been coping with mine.

how to do things with longer nails

And most importantly, how you too can keep up with yours without hurting yourself with them.

But before I do so, I want you to NOTE this vital point. (Very necessary)

In life, If you want something so badly, you will always look for a way out, to make it work.

do things with long nails

So it is with growing and keeping longer nails. To me, having long nails gives me joy, I must say.

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Having said that, if you’re that type that has long nails measuring up to 10-15 mm or more, you probably might have been asked or heard statements like;

How To Do Things With Long Nails
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How do you type with those long nails? Who washes your clothes? Who does your kitchen work for you, or How do you even do things with long nails?

All of this was what prompted me to come up with this article. Like I said earlier on if you want something that much, you’ll always make out time for it.

Before I proceed further, here’s an article I wrote a few months back on how to successfully wipe your butt with long nails without hurting yourself.

And here is another on some amazing benefits of growing and keeping longer nails.

The reason I’ve decided to reference the aforementioned is that I won’t be writing much on them in this article.

Instead, I shall be leveraging all my energy (lol, that’s if I still have some left ) on how to cope with the daily task with long nails at home or your place of work.

Keep reading; the show is just about getting interesting…

My Little Nail Story

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that keeping long nails have helped me in several ways (sigh)

Although they’re lots of claims out there that long nails are gross, so far, I’ve not had any issue with mine. (Trust me)

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I’ve had mine since I was 12. Hey, don’t get me wrong; it’s not like I have any 12 years old nails on me. I occasionally trim them once they’ve overgrown to a certain level, especially when it’s beginning to come in my way while doing something.

Plus, I’m that type of guy that loves keeping my nails medium-long. (If you know me too well, you must have noticed that my nails don’t exceed 3 mm)

Because to me, I find it much easier to care for them when they aren’t that long.

My whole obsession began while I was in high school. I was tiny and innocent. ( Even up till this moment, trust me)

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I’ve always admired long nails, so growing mine became a daunting task. (It’s either I grow mine or die trying, lol)

While at it, I discovered they were more to it. Some stuff I could do. Ordinarily, I couldn’t do them anymore because of my new friend (my nails )

As the saying goes, if you want something so badly as much as you want to breathe, making it work wouldn’t be a problem.

So I decided to give it my best shot and so far so good, I found out that they’re most useful to me more often than they are a hindrance.

What am I trying to say here?

Growing and keeping nails isn’t an easy task. It comes with a little bit of stress. (Yeah, you heard me right)

But once you’re abreast with the right hacks towards doing things with them, trust me, the possibilities of keeping them are endless.

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So whether you’ve had them on for some time or you want to know how to do things with fake nails or long nails, the below are just what you need to know.

Things You Should Know If You Must Keep Long Nail

1. Every long nail are subject to break

How To Do Things With Long Nails
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It’s no longer a myth that every good thing must inevitably come to an end. The same goes for long nails.

If you’ve had long nails on for some time, you’ll agree with me that no matter how careful you can get with them, your nails are bound to snag.

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And when they do break, the pains are way too real. Especially when the break cut across the nail beds. (I spoke my first tongues the day mine broke )

2. Coffin shaped nails are not the best to keep

How To Do Things With Long Nails

Over the years, I’ve come to understand that the narrower your nails are, the more likely they are bound to break.

PS: Below are some nail shape to look out for

how to do things with long nails

Although this might not be true for all, I’ve had success keeping them round than coffin shape.

3. Long nails model are always careful

How to do things with long nails


If you’re planning to become the next hand model like me or you’re already one, you ought to have known this by now.

Hand models are always careful especially when they’re around people.

They try to avoid playing rough so that they won’t inflict injuries on others while at it or themselves.

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Having said that, lets quickly look at some of the daily tasks you can do with really long nails

How To Do Things With Long Nails: The Complete Guide

Are you finding it challenging to accomplish a primary task at home or in your various places of work with long nails?

Or are you probably looking for an in-depth hack to function with long acrylics or natural nails?

Then this guide should walk you through and gives you all the steps you need to do almost everything with long nails.

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1. Reaching out to your ATM or credit cards from your wallet with long nails

How To Do Things With Long Nails

If you’re the type that keeps exceptionally long nails, then it will be a bit difficult to get those stuff out from your wallet.

What do you do then? Quick hacks using either a tweezer, nail cutter, or cuticle nipper could do the magic.

But the catch is, you’ll have to continually go out with this stuff so that you can easily use them to get things done and without stress.

More also, you can as well use your hand with your nails clenched inward like this

How To Do Things With Long Nails

Then using the space between your thumb and index finger to pick your ATM or credit card from the machine.

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How To Do Things With Long Nails

2.  Threading needles 

How To Do Things With Long Nails
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If you’re an embroider like my mum, then you must have noticed that threading needles with long nails on is a challenging task.

But worry not, with tweezers, you can thread any needle irrespective of their sizes.

How To Do Things With Long Nails
Photo Credits:

All you need do is to hold the thread using the tweezers and boom you’re on it.

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3.  Typing with long nails: Laptop

How To Do Things With Long Nails

Since there is hardly any best nail shape for typing or any good nail friendly keyboard out there, I’ve found typing mate for nails the best.

How To Do Things With Long Nails

With typing mate, your nails won’t get stuck in between keys anymore while typing, thereby making typing smooth and stress-free.

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How To Do Things With Long Nails

On the other hand, you can use your hand to grip a pencil and then use it in place of your nails while typing.

4. Tucking your sheet 

How To Do Things With Long Nails

Are you finding it hard to get those sheets under your bed? Worry not.

You can always use a wooden kitchen spoon or fork to get that done without breaking or damaging your nails.

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5. Putting on a necklace with fake or longer nails

How To Do Things With Long Nails

Putting on a chain with long nails has never been easy, but worry not. You can use the side of your thumb to get that done ASAP.

How To Do Things With Long Nails

Plus, you can as well use it to put on that favorite sandal of yours without any hassle.

6. Chopping things with longer digits

How To Do Things With Long Nails

It’s never easy to get stuff done while in the kitchen with longer nails, and to think of it that they get in between your way is saddling.

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But with this kitchen hacks, getting those stuff done becomes very easy.

While doing the chopping, be sure your hands are placed sideways and not the other way round.

7. Opening soda cans

How To Do Things With Long Nails

Don’t let your long digits stop you from taking a sip from your favorite soda. Trust me; It’s pretty easy to get those tab opened with this simple hack.

All you need do is to go through sideways with either of your finger (I prefer using my index finger)

And another (the thumb preferably) pressing the tab gently towards the opening. Then you pull.

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8. Buttoning shirts

How to do things with long nails
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Are you finding it hard to pass those buttons through your shirt holes? Worry not. Because you can get that done with both hands using the side of your fingers.

8. Scooping cream from containers

How to do things with long nails

If you’re that type with longer digits on you, then you’ll agree with me how difficult it is to get cream out from its container successfully.

Well, the good news is, there’s a walk around to doing that as well, and it’s pretty simple.

Kindly deep your finger into the container and then use your nails to scoop the cream upward.

9. Doing dishes with long acrylic or natural nails

How To Do Things With Long Nails
Photo Credits:

This is by far the easiest long nail hacks you can ever think of. It’s pretty easy, and everyone can do it without much stress. It involves doing dishes with gloves on.

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10. Fixing lashes

How To Do Things With Long Nails

If you’re a fashion freak like my girlfriend, then you’ll always need to fix lashes now and then. But with longer nails, you’ll find it a bit hard to get those lashes on.

What do you do then?

A tweezer is all you need at that moment to get it done without stress. So thats that on how to put on lashes with long nails.

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11. Putting on leggings

How to do things with longer nails
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Whether you’re a lingerie addict or you’re merely trying to put clothes on, you’ll find it hard to do so with long nails.

Because at the slightest mistakes, you might ruin them all, especially when your nails catch with everything that comes its way.

So what can you do to remedy this?

A glove is what you need. So when next you’re planning on putting on that your favorite lingerie, don’t forget to wear gloves.

12. Doing the laundries

This, to me, is one of the essential parts of the long nail hacks everyone, including you, are dying to know.

Do you want to know how I managed to do all those laundry myself at home without spending a penny?

Here’s how, and it’s quite easy but a bit technical for those who are new to the nail game.

To do the laundries, all you need do is to tuck your nails into your cloth like you’re making a fist, with the thumb finger facing upward.

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13. Washing your hair with fake or real nails

How To Do Things With Long Nails
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Washing your hair using your nails can be frustrating sometimes, especially if you’re that type that keeps long nails.

But with a comb, you won’t have to bother any longer. Just be sure the comb has wide tooth and be gentle while doing so. So that’s how to wash your hair with fake nails.

14. Picking thing up

How To Do Things With Long Nails
Photo Credits:

Is it a tossed coin you want to pick, or you probably want to get that stuff off the floor with long nails?

Worry not; you can still get that coin up using the side of your finger. It’s quite simple and doesn’t cost anything.

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15. Type on the phone with long nails

How To Do Things With Long Nails
Photo Credits:

Who says you can’t type with ease simply because you’ve had long nails on?

Well, you can do that without causing unnecessary noise to people around you by using the pad of your finger like this. (Keep them straight) so that is how to type with long nails.

How to do things with longer nails

NOTE: Know this, you need to start slowly and be gentle while at it. As time goes by, you’ll learn how to use them well pretty fast and soon become that typing guru you were before. That said, let’s quickly go through some FAQs

How do you get contacts out with long nails?

If this is your first time growing long nails, then you may be wondering how to fix and take out contacts with them successfully, but after watching this video, you’ll surely be a Pro at it.

How do you do something with long nails?

Having long nails shouldn’t stop you from living your life like every other person and that’s because there’s a way around functioning with them. For example, you can type with the pad of your finger. You can as well button your shirt by using the side of your nails. What about getting cream out of the container? Well, that isn’t a problem as you can always use your nails to scoop the cream upward.

Can you type with long nails?

Sure, you can type with ease on your computer keyboard but it will take some time for you to get used to it. At first, you’ll be slow but don’t worry, with time, you’ll get used to it. For you to type effectively, you must first learn how to position your finger over the keyboard while punching each key with care. As times goes on, you’ll be fast as it but don’t forget to punch each key with the pad of your finger.

Do pointy nails break easily?

Yes, having pointed nails like stiletto will break when subjected to too much pressure and it isn’t the best for anyone who wishes to type with their long nails. So if you have long nails and the nature of your job requires that you type that often, then you should opt-in for rounded or squoval nail shape. These nail shapes are stronger and unlikely to break easily.

Conclusion on how to do every day things with long nails

If you’ve read up to this point, you should have learned that doing things with long nails requires constant practice. Although living with long nails might seem more like a nightmare at first, but once you’re able to adapt to it, you’ll find out that it’s the best thing ever.

If you are still having issues functioning with your nails, it’s likely because you’re new to it, which is normal, but after going through this article on how to do things with long nails, you should be able to get those things you literally can’t do.

Disclaimer: There are some places you can’t go with some of the tools mentioned above, like tweezers.

For example, in terminals, you won’t be allowed to go in with any tool whatsoever, so be careful so that you won’t land yourself into trouble.

Now over to you, can you tell us how you do things with your long nails? also, please don’t forget to spread the message using the SHARE buttons below

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