How To Clean Your Nails At Home In 1 Minutes ( Steps + Pics)


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How To Clean Your Nails At Home: Are you on a low budget or you are a working mother who loves the idea of cleaning your nails by yourself at home? If this sounds like you, then this nail cleaning tips at home is for you. Read on.

Keeping nails clean and white naturally isn’t that difficult as many see it; in fact, it’s one of the easiest things to do.

How To Clean Your Nails At Home

So if you’re still finding it hard on how to clean your nails at home easy, don’t worry, I’m going to teach you how you can successfully do that and all the items you’ll be needing to get it done.

Come with me as I show you the quickest and most stress-less way on how to clean your feet nails at home today.

What you’ll learn.

In this article, I’m going to teach you the step by step procedures on;
1. How to clean your nails at home without stress
2. How to keep nails clean and white naturally
3. how to whiten yellow nails
4. how to clean under nails

But before I teach you how to keep your nails white and cleaned at home, here’s an article for you. These articles took me 80 hours to write them. Please take a look or open them in a new TAB.

Easiest ways to clean nails And How to cleaning under nails without brush

Have you done that? OK good, let’s proceed.

Things you’ll need

1. Mild soap
2. Nail clipper
3. Hand or toothbrush
4. Paste preferable Colgate or Oral B
5. Baking soda
6. Medium size bowl
7. Towel
8. Quality moisturiser such as Coconut oil

Steps On How To Clean Your Nails At Home With Ease

There is a different approach to take when cleaning your nails at home as an individual or as a working mother depending on the degree of stains.

How To Clean Your Nails At Home

For example, if your nails are greasy on the surface, the best way to clean such nails is to wash them off with any mild soap.

If it’s something that ordinary washing cannot do, then you’ll be needing either a nail brush or toothbrush to get it done. Here’s how to do so.

How To Clean Your Nails At Home With Tooth Brush


The first step is to treat your hands to some quick DIY by soaking your nails in warm water for 5 minutes in a medium-size bowl containing liquid soap.

How To Clean Your Nails At Home

Soaking your nails helps weakens the dirt, which further aids for effective cleaning.


After about 5 minutes, remove your nails from the bowl, spread them over on a clean table with your nails facing you.


Dip the brush on that same water, then gently walk the brush through your nails. Do this gently so that you don’t tear or irritate your cuticle in the process.


Do this for all nails, starting from your thumb then down to your smallest finger (pinky)


You can repeat the same steps for your under nails as well. Just make sure you don’t scrub too hard. Be gentle while at it.

How To Clean Your Nails At Home While Bathing

Do you know that it’s possible to clean your nails in the bathroom while taking your shower?

Well, I guess you’re just hearing this for the first time. This is one of my favourite ways of cleaning my nails. Here’s how you too can.

During bathing, use those sponge of yours to wash or scrub the surfaces or underneath your nails. It’s simple and saves time.

What about cleaning my nails while they’re dried?

Do you see that metal nail filer in nail clipper? They aren’t there to file your nails only. The curved end can as well be used to remove dirt’s underneath your fingernails.

Are these the only ways to clean your nails at home?

Hell no. They are other method or tips you can adopt to get your nails shiny and neat.

For example, in the absence of a brush, you can use a cotton bud to whiten underneath your nails. To get them sparkly after cleaning, soak the buds in any of the essential oil then use it to clean under your nails.

So if you’re looking for ways on how to clean under nails without brush, then you should consider using cotton buds, sponge or your finger itself.

What if my nails are beginning to turn yellow and I need to take those stains away completely? If this sounds like you, then you probably will be needing home remedies to get this done.

Using home remedies to clean nails does not keep your nails shiny but keep them healthier. Below you’ll find ways on how to clean nails home remedies.

Other methods of whitening under nails are;

1. Toothpaste
2. Lemon
3. Vinegar
4. Baking soda etc.

How To Clean Nails With Toothpaste

Are your nails stained? Do you which to get them sparkly again? Or you probably want to keep them shiny? Then toothpaste is what you need.

How To Clean Your Nails At Home

Toothpaste isn’t only meant to clean your teeth, the active ingredient in them when used alongside with brush can make your nails shiny, sparkly and keep them healthy.

Here’s how to use them for maximum results

1. With your toothbrush in your hand, spread some reasonable amount of toothpaste on it.
2. Then scrub your under nails with it. Do this until there is enough foam coming out from it.
3. After which you can now rinse, towel dry and then moisturise your nails.

How To Clean Nails At Home With Lemon

The juice in the lemon act as an efficient cleanser for our nails as well. Especially when the under nails are extremely dirty. Here’s how to use them for your under nails

How To Clean Your Nails At Home

1. Get some reasonable amount of lemon juice in a bowl.
2. Soak your nails in them, for about 5 minutes.
3. After which you rinse with warm water. Towel dry and apply some hand lotion to your nails.

How To Whiten Your Nails At Home With Vinegar

Vinegar is another great way of getting stubborn stains off your under nails. Here’s how you can utilise it to whiten your nails for good.

How To Clean Your Nails At Home

1. Measure 1 tablespoon full of white vinegar in a bowl
2. Add a little amount of water to it. (To dilute)
3. Then soak your nails on the bowl for about 15 – 20 minutes after which you rinse your nails and add some moisturiser to keep them healthy and shiny.

How To Clean Nails With Baking Soda At Home

Aside from the beauty benefits of baking powder, this powder can as well be used to whiten your nails in a way you least imagine. Here’s how to use them to keep your nails shiny and forever clean.

How To Clean Your Nails At Home

1. Take 2 – 3 tablespoon full of baking bother in a small bowl.
2. Mix the powder with little water to create a paste.
3. Apply them on your nails, allow it to settle on your nails for 5-10 minutes
4. After which, you wash off, dry with a towel then moisturise.

How To Clean Nails Of Foot At Home

A lot of us usually don’t pay much attention to our toenails. We go about our daily activities without considering how much dirt’s can be hidden there.

How To Clean Your Nails At Home

If you don’t clean them often, they may end up becoming a hideout for microbes which invariably isn’t good for the health of your nails

So how do I get them cleaned?

It’s quite simple. You can use the end of your nail clipper to sweep the dirt’s away or probably use an orange stick to do so.

How To Keep Toenails Clean And White

Keeping your toenails clean and white naturally literally doesn’t take much. The first step is to get them trimmed with a nail clipper.

Followed by washing the surfaces and underneath your toenails. For stubborn dirt’s, you can use the flattened end of an orange stick to take the dirt’s out.

How To Keep Nails Clean And Shiny

The best way to keep your nails clean and shiny is by using toothpaste, baking soda or white vinegar to clean your nails.

How To Keep Clean Nails For A Working Mother

If you’re a working mother who actively does a lot of house chores, then I suggest that you first keep your nails somewhat shorts.  Keeping them shorts will prevent dirt from finding their way into your nails and cleaning them will be a lot easier.

How To Whiten Nails Instantly

To whiten your nails almost instantly, you can make use of either vinegar or baking soda.

Just be sure they stay in your nails for 5 minutes before washing them off. Don’t forget to moisturise them after taking them off.

Does Toothpaste Strengthen Nails

Toothpaste doesn’t strengthen or lengthen one’s nails. The only thing toothpaste does for your nails is to keep them clean, shiny and healthy.

Toothpaste Hacks For Nails

Toothpaste does a lot of things to your nails, you least imagine. Below are some of the things you can achieve by just rubbing toothpaste on your nails.

1. It can make your nails white from yellow.
2. It can keep your nails clean and shiny.
3. It can help prevent your hands from offensive odour, especially after using your hands to dice or slice onions.
4. It helps give your nails the freshness it deserves.

Does Toothpaste Help Your Nails Grow

Toothpaste does not in any way help nails grow. Like we said earlier, the only thing they can do for you is to keep your nails fresh, sparkly and shiny.

Conclusion On How To Clean Your Nails At Home

Keeping your hands and nails clean naturally doesn’t take much of your time. And to think of it that you don’t have to visit a nail salon to get them cleaned is even mind-blowing.

Trust me; It’s something you or anyone can do at the comfort of their home. The only thing you need is time.

If you have the time, these tips on cleaning nails at home will go a long way to keep your nails clean, healthy and looking the best way ever.

Now you know the exact way I’ve been using to clean my nails at home without stepping an inch to any nail salon.

I hope you’ll take action as soon as possible and save yourself some extra cash which might be useful to get some other stuff done.

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