How To Clean Under Nails Without Brush (7 Easy Ways)


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How To Clean Under Nails Without Brush: Getting that dirt’s away from under nails is something a lot of us still found pretty much disturbing.

It becomes more challenging when we are cleaning them without a brush. But after reading this article on how to clean under your nails without using a brush, you’ll surely be a pro at it.

How To Clean Under Nails Without Brush

Before I dive straight into the subject matter, how to clean under acrylic nails, here’s is what you’ll learn.

In this article, I’m going to teach you the exact thing I use to get those stubborn, annoying stains or dirt’s off my under nails.

How you can use your finger to clean your nails in times of emergency and more so, the best under nails cleaning tool you should have.

So sit back, relax and enjoy your ride as I take you through my little under nails hacks.

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Growing up was pretty much hard for me because I was made to do all sort of works which in one way exposes me to all sought of dirt.

If you have long nails like me, you can relate perfectly that working with grease, oil or digging up soil can in some way get stuck under your fingernails, right?

How To Clean Under Nails Without Brush

Well, that was the case with mine. It was so messy that I had to look for another alternative aside brush to get them off completely under my nails.

So what did I do then to get those annoying stains from grease, oil and soil crumbs off my under nails completely for good? You’ll find out real soon. Keep reading.

Reason Why You Should Clean Under Your Nails

According to research carried out by International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences, they propose that the leading cause of many foods born disease is as a result of dirt under our nails.

How To Clean Under Nails Without Brush

During the cost of the experiment, they found out that Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus spp, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and a host of other isolates from 20 samples from students.

And pointed out that unhygienic nature is the reason why 80 % of the world population today is suffering from one disease or the other.

They further stated that the only sure way to combat this spread of disease is by practicing good hand hygiene.

In fact, to them, good hand hygiene is the only way out to healthy living.

Interesting to know right but they could be something you’re missing out. Do you know what that is?

Just try, well that’s great.

If you look at the aforementioned research work keenly, you ought to have known by now that cleaning your nails and under nails is a prerequisite for healthy living, so how do you clean them?

Keep reading.

How To Clean Under Nails Without Brush: Acrylics Or Natural

Aside from brush, there are various tools you can use to clean underneath your nails and give them that sparkly look. Below are some handpicked tools within our arsenal, just for you.

1. Orange stick
2. Toothpick
3. Your nails itself
4. A folded piece of paper
5. Sponge
6. Nail clipper file
7. Cotton buds

Cleaning Agents

1. Hydrogen peroxide
2. Mild soap/detergents

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1. How To Clean Under Nails Without Brush Using Orange stick

What’s an orange stick? An orange stick is a small handy tool, gotten from orange wood with one side pointed and another, flattened and usually use to push cuticle or clean underneath nails.

Step By Step Procedures On How To Use Orange Stick

1. The first step is for you to know how it works. Knowing this will not only make your nails perfectly clean, but it will also prevent you from inflicting injuries to your under skin.

How To Clean Under Nails Without Brush

2. Start by sliding the flat edge of the stick underneath your nails. Preferably at the end of any of the sides.

How To Clean Under Nails Without Brush

3. Then gently, swipe slowly from one end to the other to remove the grime.

4. Do this until they’re no signs of any visible dirt left.

Pro Tips: At the swipe of each nail, don’t forget to clean the grime from the stick using a napkin or tissue paper.

2. How To Clean Underneath Your Nails Using Tooth Picks

A toothpick isn’t meant to take out those hanging parts of meats from your mouth alone; there is more use to this slender stick that you can imagine and using them to clean underneath nails is one of them.

How To Clean Under Nails Without Brush

To clean, take a quick slide under your nails, be sure you’re using the blunt side. Although the pointed side can as well be used, care must be taken.

From one end, swipe your toothpick from one end to the other until they’re no dirt’s or debris left.

NOTE: Your nails should be dried while using toothpicks or orange stick for cleaning your nails.

3. Cleaning Your Underneath Nails Using Nails Itself

This is by far the easiest way to get those dirt’s out from your nails. I practically use this often when I’m far from the reach of other tools used for cleaning.

Here’s how I do it

I usually start cleaning from my index finger down to my thumb using my thumbnails; after that, I use the middle finger to clean my thumb.

This method though doesn’t give you a 100% job done, but it’s a sure and more natural way to clean your nails in the absence of no tool.

4. Clean Under Nails Using Folded Piece Of Paper

Another hack I continuously find myself doing is using folded pieces of papers to clean underneath my nails.

Here’s how I do it

If I desperately need to clean my nails and I don’t feel like using the nails itself, here’s what I usually do.

I’ll look for any available piece of paper or cardboard paper preferably then carefully, fold them into the shape of an acute triangle.

How To Clean Under Nails Without Brush

After that, I’ll use the pointed side of the angle to swipe those dirt’s off my under nails. Isn’t that quite Simple and reliable?

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5. Bathing Sponge


How To Clean Under Nails Without Brush

During bathing, the second thing I do after scrubbing my body is, I use my sponge to wash underneath my nails. I’ve been doing this for quite some time now, and I can tell you that it has helped me.

Clean Underneath Nails With Nail Clipper File

I believe you know what nail clipper is? Or you’ve probably used them for your manicure?

Well, do you know that the filer attached to those clippers ain’t only meant to file your nails?

How To Clean Under Nails Without Brush

That tiny metal, curved at the tip of the filer was explicitly designed for picking dirt’s or debris out of your under nails. Sounds interesting, right?

Here’s how to use them

Slide them gently under those nails, be careful not to push too further. Starting at one end, swipe from one end to the other until you’re left with no dirt.

How To Clean Under Nails Without Brush Using Cotton Buds

Cotton buds have more use aside cleaning your ears. Which is, for cleaning your nails. Cotton buds can be used when dried or when wet.

How To Clean Under Nails Without Brush

When dried, they don’t perform excellently while using them on your nails. So how can you use them effectively?

By damping them a little bit. In other words, add little moisture to them. I prefer using my saliva – sorry if this sounds disgusting to you, but that’s just me.

Mind you; I do this before even thinking of using them on my nails. So here’s how you too can, with saliva or a little drop of water.

1. Take at least 3-4 sticks of cotton buds. That’s if you intend cleaning one hand like I usually do. Reason being that I only keep nails on one hand – my left hand.

2. Then add little moisture to it. You can use hydrogen peroxide for more intense and effective cleaning.

3. After that, Lay your hand with your under nails facing upward and carefully wipe them up with the soaked cotton buds.

4. Do this, starting from your pinky finger down to your thumbnails until all five of them are well cleaned.

NOTE: In the absence of hydrogen peroxide, you can as well use mild soap or detergents. When using soap or detergents, try using the lather instead.

The Take-Home On How To Clean Nails Without Brush

Aside brush, there are numerous ways you can keep under nails clean and shiny. All of which we’ve stated in this article.

Using orange wood, toothpick, cotton buds, or the nails itself helps to remove stains under fingernails and make nails white and shiny.

So now that you know some of the best ways to clean your nails without using a brush, we hope you’re going to step up your nail game and keep them clean at all time no matter what comes your way.

Also. Don’t forget, practicing good hand hygiene is the only way out to the healthy living. Stay healthy and please SHARE this article with your friends using the buttons below..

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