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How To Apply Cuticle Cream: Have you been curious lately to know the best way to apply cuticle cream on your nails for maximum results or you’re probably looking for best nail cuticle oil?

Then you’re the reason why this article was created.

Do you know that applying cuticle cream on your nails the right way opens doors to a healthy natural nail growth and also qualifies you into the Nail Gang community? Well read on to know more..

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Over the years, i have come to understand that the reason why so many persons including you reading this article wont get to see a little leap in their nail growth journey is because they fail to pay attention to the most important factor that contributes to nail growth.

Believe it or not, when it comes to nail growth, the cuticle has a maximum role to play.  So if you do not care for them as you ought to, getting that healthy beautiful nails would seem more like a lost battle and i know you wouldn’t want that to happen to you.

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Taking care and maintaining healthy cuticle using cuticle cream  is still possible and it literally doesn’t take time neither does it requires much money to maintain.

So why leave them unkempt? Also remember this, Your cuticle are like road map that tells the health status of our nails and our overall health in general.

Cuticle are to be respected just the same way we respect our elders. When you do not treat them nicely, you’ll be amazed how disappointing they will look on your hands.

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Have you ever wondered at some point in your life why some persons tend to get beautiful looking nails? and why yours is a different story entirely?

Well the answer to your question is not far fetched, it all boils down to how well they care for their cuticle.

Cuticle therefore are tiny slice of skin that helps to protect our nail bed from bacterial or fungal infection covering the bases of our nails.

Duty Of Cuticle In Our Nails

Apart from the binding capability, the cuticle prevents the entry of unwanted dirt’s or harmful materials which might invariably leads to fungal or bacterial disease in our nails.

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Fungal or bacterial disease can be very painful and they can cause a nail to look unsightly. Early signs of bacterial or fungal infection includes, redness, irritation and swollen around the cuticle.

When this early signs are left unattended to, they may result to swollen milky substances around our cuticle known as pus.

Maintaining And Caring For The Cuticle

One of the easiest way of getting a healthy looking nails you will be so proud of is to constantly care and maintain your cuticle.

Maintaining and caring for the cuticle involves paying attention to every details to what you eat down to how well you moisturize the cuticle.

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In fact, research has shown that getting healthy looking nails lies on how well you moisturize the cuticle.

Moisturizing means to apply creams and oils to the cuticle so as to prevent them from getting dried up.

Dry Cuticle

Walking with dry cuticle can be pretty annoying and i know you wouldn’t want that to happen to you right? Well no one actually wants to look bad about his or her nails.

Dry cuticle is one major issue of concern faced by many during the winter season. Dry cuticle can lead to a serious nail infection if not treated on time.

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What then causes cuticle to dry up? Dry cuticle can be cause by using harsh sanitizers or shampoo, regular hand washing using harsh soup or detergent, nail hardener or malnutrition.

Since there is hardly a second chance to correct a first impression of someone about you, don’t give them this ugly impression about your nails, be good to your cuticle and they will never disappoint you.

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How To Apply Cuticle Cream

Before we proceed further on how to apply this cuticle cream on our nails, lets quickly look out what cuticle cream are.

Cuticle Cream Meaning

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Cuticle cream are thick lubricants containing vitamin A or E that are mostly used to protects layers around the cuticle from getting dried unnecessary.

This cream often contains Sunflower oil, a very important ingredients that should be present in all cuticle cream.

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If you must buy a cuticle cream for your cuticle, you should also consider those that contains citric acid which are more effective moisturizer.

This cream can be applied at night or during the day. For effective result, it should be applied during the night with hand gloves on.

Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is another lubricants that can as well be used to moisturize our cuticle. Although they work just like cuticle cream, the only difference is that cuticle oil prevents skin around the cuticle from future dryness.

This cream often contains Aloe Vera or Sunflower oil rich with Vitamin E for effective results.

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NOTE : Cuticle oil shouldn’t be applied first during moisturizing, They should come after the cuticle cream has been administered.

Why Do We Need To Moisturize Our Cuticle Using Cuticle Cream Or Oil?

There’s need to constantly moisturize the skin around our cuticle with cuticle cream and oil because the layers of skin around our cuticle can get dried easily especially during the winter.

When the weather condition is so severe, so to avoid this ugly scenery, moisturizing your cuticle shouldn’t  be an option to debate on then.

To moisturize your cuticle, you either make use of cuticle oil or cream. When you fail to do so, you risk getting ugly unsightly peely or dry cuticle which may habour disease.

Apart from getting infected, moisturizing your cuticle helps to make your nails grow healthier and stronger.

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How Long Should Cuticle Be Moisturize?

There is obviously no universal time to moisturize cuticle. Moisturizing should be done on a daily basis so as to keep the skin around the cuticle smooth which then allows blood to flow all over the matrix.

Furthermore, moisturizing your cuticle helps to protect infection from getting the better part of your nails because the cuticle cream or oil contains vital ingredients that helps to fight against bacterial infection.

Cuticle Cream uses

Primarily, cuticle cream are not just design or fashioned to moisturize skins around the nails alone, this creams serves three major functions which are

  1. To remove layers of dead skin in living skin
  2.  Takes care of dead skin in nail plates
  3. Moisturize skins around the finger nails

Steps To Apply Cuticle Cream On Your Nails 

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Applying cuticle cream on your nails and around the skin surrounding the cuticle the right way like i earlier stated helps your nails to grow healthier without much struggles.

Apart from that, it also helps to prevent your cuticle from getting dried  up all the time. Remember a dried cuticle opens rooms for other possible infections.

To  learn how to moisturize cuticle the right way and save yourself the stress of walking around in shame, do the following

  1. Let your hands sit in warm water for about 15 minutes. The reason for this is to soften the skin around your cuticle for them to absorb the cream.
  2. After your hands have completely seated on the warm water for 15 minutes,  remove your hands gently from the warm water after which you towel dry with clean towel.
  3. Squeezed a reasonable amount of cuticle cream around the skin of the cuticle in such a way that it shouldn’t be too much. Remember its the skin around the cuticle that needs them not your entire hand.
  4. After the cream has been applied around the skin of the cuticle, the next step to take is to gently massage using the tip of any of your finger in an oval manner so that the skin can absorbed the cream.
  5. Lastly, let the cuticle be.

Why You Should Moisturize The Cuticle

The reason why moisturizing our cuticle with cuticle cream is so important is  to ensures the continuous flow of blood from other part of the body to the nail region particularly the matrix which is the center where growth of nails take place.

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Best Cuticle Cream For Hangnails

If you’re that type that is constantly suffering from extremely dry cuticles and hangnails or you’re looking for best cuticle cream for nails, then what you need is a good cuticle cream that is rich in essential oil, minerals and vitamins to remedy your situation.

Below are just a few we can recommend to putting a stop to those annoying hangnails.

  1. Burt’s bees cuticle cream – Burt’s bee 100 % natural lemon butter cuticle cream
  2. Kiehl’s cuticle cream
  3. Eve lom cuticle cream

Conclusion/Take Home Note On How To Apply Cuticle Cream

The importance of moisturizing and caring for our cuticle using cuticle oil can not be overemphasized.

This cuticle which plays a very important role in our nail should be cared for all the time if we must see changes in our nails.

It is also important to state here also that caring for the cuticle doesn’t happen overnight, it may takes months for you to see the changes you’re looking for but when it finally comes, it does last long.

Also, cutting the cuticle isn’t a nice ideal as this opens up cuticle to bacteria or fungal infection.

If your cuticle has overgrown to the extent that it seriously need to be cut, it is always wise to push them back using cuticle pusher. That way, you wont  leave them looking unsightly.

Now that you have read through this article, it is now left for you to take actions or let your cuticle decides your lifestyle. The choice is entirely yours.

Now over to you, have you experience dried cuticle before? how where you able to curb this annoying look? Lastly which cream did you use to achieve this? Lets hear from you.