How Long Do Nails Grow In A Week, how long nails grow in a week

How Long Do Nails Grow In A Week? Learn Now

How Long Do Nails Grow In A Week : Do you know that your fingernails grows at about 3.47 mm a month and 0.1 mm in a day? OK good.

Although the rate at which they grows varies with individual. But on average, the growth rate is about 3.47 – 3.5 mm a month.


How Long Do Nails Grow In A Week, how long nails grow in a week

So how long does it takes for them to grow in a week? You’ll find out very soon somewhere in this article. Read on.

What you’ll learn.

In this article, I’m going to tell you

1. How fast do nails grow in a week , in an hour, days, minutes and in seconds.

2. How to grow your nails in a week naturally

3. What your nails need for them to grow

4. Lastly, provide answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQ)

That said, lets proceed.

No matter how much you want your nails to grow out, one thing you should understand today is this, nails grow at their own pace.

So no matter how hard you try to push them to grow, if they refuse to, all you need is for you to be patient with them.

What if time is what you don’t have? If this sounds like you then there’s something you can always do to help them to grow out well.

For example, a little care, moisturizing them every now and then, eating the right food, practicing good nail hygiene and letting them be might just be what they need for them to grow.

This now brings us to the obvious question, how long does it take for a nail to grow? or how long do fingernails grow in a week?

Well to answer to this, there’s something I want you to know.

The rate at which nails grow is solely dependent on many factors such as age, location, hormone, weather condition, health etc.

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At of all the factors mentioned above, age and health status happens to be the most important determinant as to how your nails grow.

For example, nails grow faster for youth and teens between the age 10 – 25. As one approaches adulthood let’s say between the age range of 35 – 70, the growth slows down a bit.

What this means is, as you ages, the rate at which blood flows to your body in general slows down.

A slow blood flow can often lead to slow growth of your nails. Beside that, health issues can as well come in your way and slows how your nails grow.

That said, lets quickly look at how fast it takes for nails to grow in one (1) week.

How Long Do Nails Grow In A Week?

How Long Do Nails Grow In A Week, how long nails grow in a week

Short answer : The rate at which your fingernails will grow in a week is somewhat between 0.70 – 0.75 mm. Though this depends on your age and how fit you are. That of your toenails usually grows at about 0.5 mm in a week.

How about in a day?

How Fast Do Nails Grow In A Day?

In a day, with all things put in place, your fingernails will grow up to the length of 0. 1 mm.

What about in an hour?

How Fast Do Nails Grow In 1 Hour?

Your nails will grow up to a length of 0.0036 mm in one hour.

What about in one minute?

How Long Do Nails Grow In 1 Minutes?

Well, In one minute, your nail growth will be somewhat between 58 – 60 nanometer.

And lastly, in seconds.

How Fast Do Nails Grow In 1 Seconds?

In one (1) second, it will be 1 nano-meter per seconds.

Irrespective of the differences in nail growth, a lost fingernails usually takes up to 3 – 6 months for them to grow while that of your toe nails takes longer ( between 12 – 18 months )

Now that you know how long do nails grow in a week, lets now look at how to grow your nails in a week.

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How To Grow Your Nails In A Week Naturally

Getting that pretty nails your friends will admire in a week is quite easy and achievable only if you follow all that I’m going to share here.

How Long Do Nails Grow In A Week, how long nails grow in a week
One Week Nail Growth

So how do you grow that beautiful nails faster in one week?

Keep reading….

But before I do so, here’s something you should know.

How Nails Grow

Irrespective of the many factors that may hinder them from growing, nails grow when they receive adequate;

1. Blood flow
2. When moisturized

Blood Flows

In as much as you want your nails to grow out well, one thing you must understand is that nails do need blood for them to grow.

When the nail matrix – the area where new nail cells are produced are richly supplied with blood, they produces new cells which further gives raise to nail growth.

So how do you trick your body to release more blood, needed by the matrix? I’ll tell you in the next heading

Exercise More

It is no longer news that regular exercise is the surest way out to get your blood flowing.

How Long Do Nails Grow In A Week, how long nails grow in a week

This brings us to the obvious question, How does blood flow increase during exercise?

During exercise, there is changes in the way oxygen is circulated around your body. First, your capillaries opens up and pump blood to your muscle cell.

How Long Do Nails Grow In A Week, how long nails grow in a week

Secondly, the blood then flows out to your skin as a result of increased heat. When this happens, the matrix and its associated cells gets a portion of it and respond adequately.

Types Of Exercise That Increases Blood Circulation

For a better circulation, blood must carry oxygen and nutrients to the body cells. Below are a few exercise you can do almost Instantly to increase circulation.


Jogging is a cardiovascular exercise which helps to increase the rate at which blood flows in your body.

During jogging, the body receives oxygen and nutrient as blood flows through the body.

Also, the muscle cells isn’t left out on this. They also receive a quarter of the oxygen for their day to day activity.


If you’re looking for an easy exercise to get those blood flowing, then you should consider yoga.

In fact, any exercise which involves bending, twisting or stretching can be referred to as Yoga. This exercise when done regularly can help open up blocked veins and helps in circulation of blood.


Any activities which involves getting your heart beat so fast is good for your health and this include walking.

Walking is another way to improve circulation. When you take at least 20 – 30 minutes walk a day, it will help improve the rate your blood flows.

Eat healthy diet

Eating healthy diet is another sure way of getting adequate blood flow to your body.

How Long Do Nails Grow In A Week, how long nails grow in a week

So which food can you eat to get your blood flowing? Read on.


Eating oily fish helps to improve cardiovascular health because of the presence of omega-3 acid in them.

When you take more of oily fish such as mackerel, salmon or sardine, the rate at which your blood flows increases.


This is another food to consider for those that are vegetarian. This also helps to improve blood flow because it contains omega-3 acids as well.

Red meat

Incorporating red meat into your duet can as well help to keep those blood flowing as they’re rich in iron. Spinach is another vegetables that contains iron as well.

Moisturized More

Another way to get your nails to grow in a week is to keep them moisturized.

How Long Do Nails Grow In A Week, how long nails grow in a week

So how do you moisturized your nails?

It’s quite simple and doesn’t take much time. All you need is a good moisturizer.

When gunning after moisturizer, you should always look at for moisturizers that has high percentage of lipids or fats in them.

How Long Do Nails Grow In A Week, how long nails grow in a week

Most preferable, coconut oil – virgin or not. Over the years, I personally I’ve found coconut oil as one of the best when it comes to nail growth.

In fact, it is what most nail model you see around you are using to grow their nails ( seems like I just leaked someone’s secret )

What if I don’t have coconut oil cant I make use of any other essential oil?

Oh yes you can. In the absence of coconut oil, you can as well use jojoba, olive, argan and any other oils you can think of.

Now that I have the oil with me, is that all?

Certainly not. You’ve just passed the first step. Let’s now move to the second steps which involves applying the oil.

How To Apply Coconut Oil To Nails

I believe your oil is with you now? If that’s the case,let’s proceed with the steps.

How Long Do Nails Grow In A Week, how long nails grow in a week


Before you apply any oil to your nails, be sure that your hands are cleaned. If they’re not, you should consider doing so now.


Now that your hands are clean, take a reasonable amount of the oil and place it around your nails and cuticle.


Gently, massage the oil on your cuticle using the tip of your finger for about 5 minutes. Do this also for your nails.


Continue doing this at least 3 times a day. If you can do this religiously for a week, you’ll be amazed how your nails will grow.

PS : For more effective result, be sure to do this before going to bed. If you don’t want to stain your bed sheet, you can consider putting gloves on.

Now you know just the right thing to do for your nails to grow out in a week, lets now look at some FAQ and provide answers to them.

How Long Does It Take For Nails To Grow After Biting?

If you stop biting your nails today, then you should be expecting to see growth in few days. That’s if you’re going after your free edge.

How Long Do Nails Grow In A Week, how long nails grow in a week
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In more severe cases when you pick at both the free edge and your skin, it may take longer time for growth to kick off.

The reason is because, at that time, the skin needs time for them to heal so that they can function well again after they’ve been bitten.

How Fast Do Toenails Grow?

Toenail grow three times (3 X) slower than finger nails. Usually, they grow at the rate of 2 mm a month and 0.5 in a week.

Do Nail Beds Grow Back After Biting ?

Sure, they do grow back after they have been badly bitten. But then, it may take time for them to heal completely.

During this period, nails stopped growing or slows down a bit. As soon as the healing process is completed, they start functioning well again.

How To Grow Bitten Nails Faster

The best way to grow bitten nails fast is to stop biting them. Here’s a trick to stop biting your nails for good.

Get some nice acrylics on your nails for like a week. Then take them off. Upon remover, adore your natural nails with polish.

You’ll notice that the urge to go after your nails will keep coming but you can’t go after them. Reason been that you don’t want to mess the look of your nails.

When you do this for like a month, you’ll notice that that constant urge will die slowly.

How To Heal Bitten Skin Around Nails

The best way to heal a badly bitten skin is by applying antibacterial ointment on it.

How Long Do Nails Grow In A Week, how long nails grow in a week

Before doing so, it’s advisable to wash the surface first, if it’s a fresh wound after which you can now bind using adhesive bandage.

After about 3 – 4 days and there’s no sign of any improvement, kindly report to your doctor for proper checkup.

How Long Does It Take For A Big Toenail To Grow Back?

If you accidentally lost a toenail, it will take approximately 12 – 18 months for them to grow out back depending on how severe the injuries are.

What Affects The Growth Of Nails

The below factors may hinder the way your nail grows
1. Age
2. Climate
3. I’ll health
4. Medication
5. Poor diet
6. Hormonal changes
7. Chemicals

Conclusion On How Long Do Nails Grow In A Week

By now I guess you know how long nails grow in a week right? Or maybe I should ask to be sure.

How long do your nails grow in a week ? You say? OK good.

As you may already know, Fingernails grow at 0.75 mm in a week and that of toe nails is somewhat between 0.3-0.5 mm if all things are kept intact.

That said, growing beautiful nails is really easy to get only when you understand what your nails actually need.

Sometimes, the things you think your nail need might not really be that which they want.

So how do you know that which your nails want?

All of that is what I’ve outline in this article. When your nails receive adequate blood supply, they’re sure to grow at well.

Besides that, keeping them moisturized always can also help your nails grow in a way you least imagine.

So how long does your nails grow in a week ? If they grow slightly different from what i have up there, kindly drop it as comment below.

Now that you know the exact thing your nails want, I hope you’ll take into actions all that have been said here to give life to those nails of yours.

Please if you find this article quite interesting or you’ve learnt something new, kindly hit the SHARE buttons. Thanks.

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