Can You Have Acrylic Nails In The Military?

The military has its standards considering their bodily image and outfits. Each gender is required to retain individual hygiene in cosmetics, haircuts/hairstyles, and nails. They must all match the military’s regulations. However, can you have acrylic nails in the military?

Yes, you can have acrylic nails in the military. Females in the military are allowed to have long nails but must not surpass ¼inches. Although, due to safety measures and individual duties, the commander could request short nails.

Acrylic nails are accepted in the military because they fit the standards and possess a real image, unlike other nails.

However, The male soldiers are not allowed to have long nails like the females, they are to keep them neat and short, and due to changes in policies in the military, they are permitted to use clear nail polish.

Can You Have Acrylic Nails in the Navy?

Yes, you can have acrylic nails in the Navy. It is allowed as long as it’s not too bright and it’s not a color that may cause a distraction or present an image of unprofessionalism to the public. Also, if you get acrylic nails, you cannot have them overly exaggerated or decorated with glitter or sparkles, which can be distracting during any official activity.

How Long Can Your Nails Be in the Army?

Nail length is a personal preference, and different styles have different acceptable lengths. The Army does not dictate the length or shape of fingernails.

The only non-negotiable rule is that your nails cannot be longer than 1/4 inch past your fingertips. This ensures that you can operate all the necessary tools and equipment daily.

Long nails in the army can be a problem because they can catch on to things. This could cause you to drop your weapon or, even worse, injure yourself by breaking off your finger. The other issue is that if you are a soldier who needs to use your hands to pull a trigger or pick up a grenade, having long nails could make it difficult for you to do this.

A lot of people think that nail polish is not allowed in the army because it gives away your position when you are hiding in the dark. However, this is not true, and there is no reason why you should not wear nail polish while serving in the armed forces.

Some people also think that long nails look unprofessional and don’t look right when wearing their uniforms. While this isn’t always true, it might seem like you are trying too hard to look good rather than focusing on what job you need to do.

Longer nails can also make it harder for people to understand what you are saying when they see your hands moving around quickly or waving around in the air during an argument.

Army Regulation on Acrylic Nails

In the Army, acrylic nails are allowed as long as they have a natural appearance and conform to Army standards. Nails may not exceed 3/4 inch in length and must be filed to avoid injuring others during physical training.

Acrylic nails that are too long can cause blisters, calluses, and pain when running, lifting weights, or doing other exercises. They also risk injury to others during PT if they break or chip off. Calluses on your fingers can be caused by repeated friction or pressure from rucking and pull-ups, carrying heavy items with your hands, or using hand tools for long periods.

Below are some of the nails that are not allowed in the army:

1. Extreme nail shapes

Nail art is popular with women, but the military restricts how you can decorate your nails. Extreme nail shapes, such as stiletto nails or ballerina, are not permitted. You also need to keep your nails short and smooth, so they don’t scratch other people or cause damage to equipment.

2. Extreme colors

Nail polish colors that are too bright or extreme will not be permitted. Base colors like white, clear and nude are acceptable. Only solid colors are the only color allowed for your fingernails. No patterns, glitter, or other designs may be added to the nails or around them.

What Color Nails Can You Have in the Army?

Below are military approved nail colors: 

1. Nude/natural shades

This includes light brown, tan, and other neutral colors. These are great for your nails because they won’t clash with any uniforms or other pieces of clothing you may wear.

2. American manicure (without clear polish)

This is when you paint your nails white and add a line of color on top (typically red or blue). It’s a popular style among soldiers because it can look great.

3. Light pink polish

This is one of the most versatile colors for soldiers because it goes with everything. You can wear it with any uniform color, including green and brown ones, since they’re neutral colors too.

Can the marine corps have acrylic nails?

Yes, the marine corps can have acrylic nails. The nails must retain the ¼inch that the marine officials instructed. The style and appearance regulations of the Marine corps are quite similar to the military and Air force policies. The commander always lists all rules before the operation to ensure that all personnel are aware to avoid breaking of the law. There is always a law code for each of the regulations given.


Acrylic nails are authorized in the military because they look like natural nails, but they can become unauthorized when patterns are added to them.

All rules and regulations listed in this article may differ in other military branches. However, you should appear neat as always.

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