Can Guys Wear Nail Polish?

On a general outlook, especially by society, wearing nail polish has been relegated to be a “ladies’ thing,” and this, for years, has raised some questions about guys wearing nail polish too.

But, apart from just wearing nail polish, many guys (even yourself) who seem to feel good doing this keep wondering and even asking, “can guys wear nail polish

Yes, guys can wear nail polish. There is absolutely nothing wrong with guys wearing nail polish. And there is no rule that says that only women should wear nail polish.

Why Do Men Wear Nail Polish?

There are different reasons why some men wear nail polish. To some men, adding color to their nails augments their clothing style. Moreover, it also complements the color of art to convey a statement.

In some countries, many men put on nail polish to express themselves outside the labels of masculinity. They express themselves to tell the world that they are free from gender biases.

Moreover, some guys use nail polish to support their nail cuticles, especially on health grounds, although many guys now wear nail polish as a way of self-expression and confidence. Some guys wear nail polish because they like the way it looks or because it makes them feel more confident.

Some guys wear nail polish because they want to challenge gender norms and make a statement that a man wearing nail polish isn’t an inherently feminine thing to do. Some guys just honestly don’t care.

The Myth Behind Wearing Nail Polish

Some myths come with wearing nail polish. The first one is the public perception of this fashion. Some people feel that nail polish is designed for women, not men. This misconception has its root in the primitive days of nail polishing.

Some society attaches a stigma to men with nail polish and sees it as unethical. In addition, some communities tend to assume that men with nail polish are transgender or gay.

An assumption of this nature is unhealthy because sexual orientation or gender identity is not limited to personal aesthetic and physical appearance, and judging people by these parameters should not be promoted.

Do Straight Guys Wear Nail Polish?

This is a question that I’ve been hearing a lot lately. Yes, straight guys wear nail polish; in fact, a lot of guys now enjoy having manicures and pedicures unlike before when they view it as a women’s thing.

We’re in an era where men are playing with their gender identity more than ever before. We’re seeing the rise of genderless fashion and a style movement where it’s acceptable to be comfortable in clothes that were traditionally designated for the opposite sex.

This isn’t to say that dressing in clothes that are traditionally worn by the other sex automatically means that you’re gay, but this new era we’re living in has opened up the possibilities of experimenting with different styles.

Can Guys Wear Clear Nail Polish?

Yes, guys can wear clear nail polish; clear nail polish is not just for girls anymore. It’s a thing. A thing you can wear if you want to.

Clear nail polish is used to give nails a glossy look, strengthen them, and protect them from breaks due to chemical exposure or temperature extremes. It’s also used as a base coat on natural nails in order to help the color of the nail polish last longer and stay shiny. So, it is appropriate for guys as it is for ladies.

Can Guys Wear Clear Nail Polish to Work?

Yes, guys can wear clear nail polish to work. But there are some things to consider. One of which is the policy of the company you are working with. However, there is really no laid down rule that you can”t wear clear nail polish to work.

Type of Work Places Guys Can Wear Nail Polish to

As a man who likes wearing nail polish, you can work freely in offices that promote gender equality. Better still, you can wear nail polish to work as a guy, especially if you work in an organization where you don’t have to meet the different caliber of people daily.

With this, you have the liberty to express yourself with nail polish without anyone labeling you as gay or transgender. This is because you are not treated based on gender but based on your contribution to the organization’s development.

Remember, the primary focus of an organization is the achievement of set goals. So, whether you wear nail polish or not, you must put in the necessary effort to get your work done in the best way possible.

Another place is fashion outfits. If you are working as a stylist in a fashion outfit, you can put on nail polish to work. It is essential to promote your brand as a stylist. Knowing that some men put on nail polish for a cause, you can do the same to promote your profession.

It is common to see musicians like Harry styles, A&AP Rocky, Bad Bunny, and Lil Yachty wear nail polish in their shows. If you are in the entertainment industry, where wearing nail polish is seen as a style, you can also wear your favorite color.

Some Important Things to Note When Wearing Nail Polish to Work

You must note some things if you want to wear nail polish to work.

  1.  Before you choose any nail polish, ensure that the polish is healthy for your nail to avoid nail cancer.
  2.  Try to use nail polish where it is acceptable and when you are ready to face the effect. For instance, if you can withstand the consequence of wearing nail polish at your place of work, go ahead.
  3. Some nail polish lasts for seven days. It is essential to retouch the nails to keep them shiny.
  4. Sometimes, it is essential to try different brands to know what suits your nails best before sticking to one.

Can Guys Wear Black Nail Polish?

Yes, guys can wear black nail polish. While some men may be hesitant to wear black nail polish, the reality of it is that so long as you take care of your nails, you can pull it off without anyone being the wiser. And if you’re lucky enough to have very strong nails, it can give your look an unexpected edgy vibe. If you like the idea of trying out black nail polish but aren’t sure where to start, there are a few products for you to consider on platforms like Amazon.

Is Black Nail Polish Unprofessional?

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about black nail polish. And some have asked if they are unprofessional. No, they are not unprofessional; you can certainly wear them for any occasion.

The truth is that you can wear any color of nail polish that you want to the office. There are no restrictions on colors, and no one will judge you for wearing black or hot pink, or for not wearing nail polish at all. It’s your choice. If you like wearing black nail polish in the office, then do it.

Tips to Put on Nail Polish as a Guy

When it comes to selecting nail polish to put on as a guy, there are a few things to consider to get it right. Firstly, you need to consider the color of your nail polish, the health of your nail, and the design of your nail polish.

The nail polish colors can be seen in shiny formulas such as metallic and glittering finishes or matters that do not shine. You are at liberty to select the one that is suitable and healthy for your nails.

Generally, men’s colors include clear and dark shades that often depict masculinity. However, any nail polish is okay for both men and women. Men who need public notice can wear some bright and eye-catching colors, especially during special events, parties, and clubs.

Can Guys Wear Toe Nail Polish?

Honestly, yes. There’s no reason why men can’t wear toenail polish.


If you fancy wearing nail polish to work as a guy, that is okay, but this should be within the framework of what your job ethics permit.

So, if your organization gives a thumbs up to guys wearing nail polish to work, you already have a long list to choose from. So, kindly pick your favorite and enjoy painting your nails to work.

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