5 Best Nail Tool Sterilizer You Need In 2020 (Buyers Guide)

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Best Nail Tool Sterilizer Machines: If you are a manicurist or a pedicurist or someone who works at the beauty spa, it’s important that you constantly sterilize your metal tools before and after every use.

If you do not sterilize them with the right sterilizer machine, there’s every possibility that those tools can become a hot spot for bacterial, viruses or fungal infection

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And when these unsterilized tools come in contact with the next client, be rest assured that there’s certainly going to be a transmission which isn’t the best. Read on to learn everything about sterilization in the next heading.

In A Hurry? Below Are The Best Nail Tool Sterilizer You Need In 2020

What Is Sterilization In The First Place?

Sterilization is the process of making an unsterile tool sterile. This process helps eliminate, deactivates, kills and removes every form of life’s (particularly that of microbes, germs, bacterial and pathogens) from any surface.

Removing or eliminating these forms will help keep your metal tools or surfaces free from the aforementioned while giving you a microbes free environment for you to carry out your duty efficiently without the fear of being infested or transferring the infection to your clients.

What Are The Methods Of Sterilization?

Sterilization can be achieved in various ways. Below are some of the common methods of sterilization

  1. Heat
  2. Pressure
  3. Chemical
  4. Irradiation
  5. Filtration

But for the sake of this post, we shall be looking at heat as a method of sterilization.

1. Heat

This is one of the most commonly used methods of sterilization in our world, today. This method utilizes heat to make an unsterile material sterile. The effectiveness of this method is solely dependent on the temperature of the heat plus the duration.

Types Of Heat

There are two major types of heat used during sterilization of tools and equipment. They are;

  1. Dry heat
  2. Wet heat

1. Dry Heat

This method of heat sterilization makes use of hot air oven or flaming to kill bacteria, fungal or viruses. Here, (in the case of metal tools such as nail clippers, scissors, needles etc) the end of the metal is subjected to intense flame until they become red-hot.

2. Wet Heat

Wet heat is also known as steam sterilization. Using this method of sterilization involves the use of an autoclave. An autoclave makes use of heated steam (which is usually from 121-134 °C under pressure) to kill microbes, viruses or spores.

What Are The Principles Of Sterilization?

The principle of sterilization is to ensure that tools are well sterilized so as to curtail the spread of microbes to patients. Sterilization can be done in various ways but one way that I’ve found very effective is by using an autoclave.


An autoclave is a self-locking device designed for sterilization of metal tools and implements under controlled pressure and heat to inactivate every form of life capable of causing disease.

Autoclaves make use of steam at a temperature of 121°C under a pressure of 15 lb/in2 for 15-20 minutes to eliminate every trait of disease-causing microbes from metal surfaces.

What Is The Principle Of An Autoclave?

The principle of an autoclave is such a simple one. Autoclaves use steam under intense pressure as it’s sterilization agents.

During sterilization, each item is expected to pass through direct steam at a given temperature, pressure and time.

For sterilization to be complete, all items must undergo pressure, heat, steam and time. These four important pointers are what makes for successful sterilization using an autoclave.

The time and temperature needed for a piece of item to be sterilized is dependent on the material been autoclaved. With higher temperature, comes a shorter time.

So for steam to attain the temperature needed for sterilization to take place using an autoclave, steam has to be pumped at higher pressure into the autoclave chamber.

Now that you have an idea of how an autoclave works, let’s dive straight into the reviews proper. Shall we? Good.

Best Nail Tool Sterilizer – Autoclave

If you’re looking to eliminate microbes from your manicure and pedicure tools then autoclave should be your best bet. Follow me as I walk you through some of the best autoclaves in the market in 2020.

I. Tuttnauer 1730 Valueklave


If you’re looking for an autoclave that would meet all of your sterilization needs and with fast cycle time, then Tuttnauer 1730 Valueklave is your best bet.

Efficiency And Fastness

This autoclave has a massive short cycle time of about 11 minutes from a hot start. What this means for you is that it will take you anywhere between 10-11 minutes for your item to be fully sterilized. This is something you can’t find in most sterilizers.

Control System

 The machine is designed in such a way that it’s easy to use. There are three knobs (a timer, temperature and a dial to switch between modes (maintenance and active) by the right-hand side of the machine for easy control.

The Sterilization bowl

There’s a deep metal bowl inside the machine with three trays neatly arranged. These trays are where you put your manicure and pedicure tools for them to be sterilized.

Safe-Locking Doors

This machine also comes with a double locking system in place. The essence of this double locking doors is to prevent doors from opening during operation and for safety.

Simple Drainage System

This machine also has a valve that is connected conveniently to the front to allow for easy drainage despite the fact that the water reservoir is filled on top.

Overheating Protection

Unlike other autoclaves, this machine has a dual safety thermostat that can automatically shut the machine off once it starts overheating. This is one feature you won’t find in many autoclaves.


One last thing you need to hear about this machine is that it’s built with a long-life electro polished chamber and door that can stand the test of time. So if you’re looking for durability, then you can’t ever go wrong with this autoclave.


  • Fast cycle time
  • A double safety locking device
  • Automatic shut off
  • Long-lasting chambers
  • Fully functional drain valve
  • Rooms for three trays


  • It’s quite expensive

What We Think About This

If you’re looking for very fast and outstanding performance with fully functional safety features in a machine, then you certainly can’t go wrong with this masterpiece. It’s a must-have for anyone and to think that its suitable for any environment is just mind-blowing.

2. Sun Series Dental Autoclave


This Dental autoclave from sun series is another great machine in which you can use to keep all of your tools sterilized. Although this autoclave is designed for those in the Dental world in mind, that does not mean that you can’t possibly use it for sterilization.

The Control

 There are different dedicated buttons (with each performing its own duty) at the upper right hand of the machine that you can press to begin the sterilization process. For example, there’s a button that you need to press if you intend to place “Unwrapped” for those tools without bags.

There’s also a big knob at the centre of the machine with indications to either “close” or “open” the machine with the power button (green) just below the base of the machine to switch on/off the machine.

Sterilization Compartment

Unlike Valueklave autoclave, this machine has a wider compartment (25.5 inches by 22 inches by 19.6 inches) with two wide trays in which you can use to sterilize more tools at once.

Over Heating Protection

Just like Valueklave, this autoclave also has a self-protection system in place which automatically shuts off in case of excessive temperature and pressure in the machine. Having a system like this makes such a machine reliable and self-protecting.


One thing I love most about this machine is that it’s fully equipped with a microprocessor and man-machine interface for intelligent control and for conveniency which makes it highly durable and suitable for any occasion that is in need of frequent sterilization.


  • Easy to operate
  • It has wider, multiple shelves
  • Uses autoclave pouches
  • Clear and easy to read display
  • Temperature can be easily adjusted
  • Great for large offices/beauty salons


  • It’s quite expensive
  • Takes larger space

What We Like About This

The number one thing I love about this machine is that it’s wide enough to accommodate your man-Pedi tools at once. Another thing that makes it stand out from other machines is the self-protection system in place.

The only aspect I think needs some improvement is in the temperature options which is kind of few. If this can be improved then it’s highly recommended for everyone.

3. Prestige Classic 2100 Electric Autoclave Sterilizer


If you’re looking for an autoclave that is light, portable and robust for your beauty salon then this Prestige Classic Electric Autoclave Sterilizer should be your best bet.

The Operation

 There isn’t much to talk about here as it is designed in a simple way that a single button automatically starts the automatic cycle which usually takes little time to complete.

The Implement Basket

There’s a large basket (with a diameter of 6 inches and a depth of about 9-10 inches) as soon as your open the lid of the machine. This implement basket is where you place your tools for them to be sterilized. There’s also a pouch where tiny tools like nail clippers are kept and sealed before placing them inside the basket.

Filling The Machine

It takes two and a half cup of distilled water to fill the autoclave to the “fill line” when using prestige classic electric autoclave. You can top up the water between cycles as needed

Light Indicator

This autoclave has four indicators. The first light which is usually red shows that it’s heating up. The second light (yellow) shows that the pressure needed to sterilize the equipment has been achieved and that the sterilization has begun

The green light indicates that the cycle has been completed. Once it is completed, open the pressure then release the valves to remove the pressure from the chamber.

Electronic Detector

There’s also an electronic detector (which is usually the last button) that automatically detects whenever something isn’t right. This detector helps turns the machine off each time there’s insufficient water needed by the machine.

Interlocking System

The last thing I would like to say is that this autoclave has a well functional interlock system in place. Having an interlock system in an autoclave helps prevent the lid from being removed thereby keeping the pressure of the machine intact.


  • FDA approved
  • Large sterilization capacity
  • A thermal fuse to protect against overheating
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Comes with factory warranty


  • Difficulty loading some implement into the basket as they tend to slide off.

What We Like About This

The first thing that caught my attention was the large heating capacity the machine has. Having a capacity as robust like this makes it easy to sterilize plenty of tools at once.

4. Superdental Mini Autoclave Sterilizer For Spa Salon


As the name implies, this is a mini autoclave sterilizer you can use as a nail salon owner to keep all of your nail implement sterilized.

Unlike the previous ones I’ve discussed, this sterilizer isn’t that expensive and it’s something anyone who’s on a tight budget can afford.

The Operation

 Operating this machine is quite simple and straight forward. To start, ensure that the plug is well connected to the machine and also, to a light source. There are two knobs available for you to adjust the time and temperature depending on what you want to sterilize.

Inside Tray

As usual, it has a tray measuring 24.3 x 11.3 x 2.7cm which is quite okay for sterilization. Even if you can’t sterilize all of your implements at once, you can always do so in batches.


  • Easy to use
  • It is made of stainless steel
  • Time can be adjusted
  • Temperature can also be adjusted
  • Dry heat hot air


  • It’s quite small with limited functions

What We Like About This

This mini autoclave sterilization machine is quite small and affordable and it’s a perfect fit for anyone on a low budget.

5. High-Temperature Manicure Tools Sterilizer


This isn’t an autoclave per se but it’s an excellent sterilizer that is perfect enough for sterilizing manicure and pedicure tools.

The Durability

This sterilizer is built with high-quality stainless steel liners with an engineering plastic body. The machine is also sturdy and doesn’t rust easily.


One thing that sets this sterilizer apart is in the design. The machine is designed in such a way that they are UV disinfection lamp, UV tube and a sensor switch.

The UV tube is positioned to automatically shut down each time you open the drawer. There’s also an easy to clean detachable tray in this sterilizer.

Temperature Control

Unlike other sterilizers with no temperature control, this sterilizer came with a fully functional temperature control knob for all kinds of tools.

Time Settings

Timing is one thing that every good sterilizer should have and this is something you’ll love in this sterilizer. There’s a simple and straightforward timing function from 10-30 minutes for you to choose from depending on the item you wish to sterilize.

Heating Capacity

If there’s one thing I love about this sterilizer then it will be the ability to accommodate more nail implements. The carrying hearing capacity is so large that you can place more items in it for disinfection.


The use of this sterilizer isn’t restricted to just salons alone, it can as well be used in hotel, spa, gym and at home.


  • Durable
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Precise temperature control
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to set up


  • Sound too loud
  • Flimsy door

What We Like About This

There’s a lot to like about this sterilizer but one thing that make this sterilizer to stands out from every other sterilizer we’ve talked about today is the multi-purpose function.

If you’re looking for something you can use in the salon, hotel, spa, gym and for home use, then you should consider buying this sterilizer.

Best Nail Tool Sterilizer Machines – Buyers Guide

What To Look For In A Sterilizer Machine

There’s more you should be looking out for when you want to purchase a sterilizer for your beauty spa or salon. All of which I want to talk about in the next heading.

1. Size

The first thing you need to look out for in a sterilizer is the size. You need to consider how big or small your beauty salon is and whether or not a big sterilizer would be ok or fit in.

If you have a limited space already, then it’s wise to go after portable sterilizers like Prestige Classic Electric Autoclave Sterilizer

2. Quality

You don’t want to be spending money meant to get other work done on buying sterilizer every now and then. So consider this and only go after those that are highly durable and can stand the test of time.

3. Self Locking System

This is another great feature you should really be looking out for in a sterilizer. Having such a feature in a sterilizer guarantee your safety

4. Overheating Protection

Sterilizers by default are meant to get hot which is quite normal but having a feature that automatically shuts the machine off is such a great saver so watch out for this amazing feature whenever you want to buy your next sterilizer.

5. Price

The last thing I would like to talk about here is the cost. You wouldn’t want to spend your life savings just because you want to own a sterilizer so if you’re on a low budget, there are other good and affordable options you can always go after. Sterilizers such as Superdental Mini Autoclave Sterilizer should be Ok for you..

Best Nail Tool Sterilizer Machines – FAQ

What Can I Use To Disinfect/Sterilize Nail Tools?

You can use Isopropyl Alcohol to disinfect your nail tools. Here’s how to go about it. Soak your manicure and pedicure tools into a big bowl containing Isopropyl Alcohol. Then leave it for about 30 minutes.

Another way you can use in case you don’t have alcohol is to boil your metal tools for 15 – 20 minutes. That way, they should be good and ready for use.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilize Nail Clippers?

Yes, you can use hydrogen peroxide to sterilize your nail clippers but for them to be effective enough, you’ll have to soak the clippers for 20 – 30 minutes then brush the surfaces off using a nail brush.

PS: Using hydrogen peroxide may not necessarily take away those bacteria off completely except you decide to autoclave them.

Can You Use Barbicide On Nail Tools?

Barbicide isn’t a sterilizer but a lot of people tend to use it to sterilize their nail implements. If you must use anything to disinfect your nail tools then it should be alcohol.

How Long Do You Leave Tools In Barbicide?

15 – 20 minutes. Leaving your nail implements in such a solution can reduce the microbial loads in those tools to the nearest minimum. For total sanitization, use an autoclave.

How Should Nail Salons Clean Their Tools?

Different salons have their own way of cleaning their tools. Some may decide to use just alcohol others may choose to use something different but here’s the thing.

Every nail salon should have a UV sterilizer or an autoclave to kill bacteria from their metal tools between client. If you’re unsure whether a tool is properly sterilized, request that it should be sterilized in your presence.

What Is The Difference Between Sterilization And Disinfection?

There isn’t much difference between the two words because they are both decontamination processes. Sterilization involves the process of killing all microorganisms, disinfection helps removes microorganisms from surfaces.

Best Nail Tool Sterilizer – The Take Home

As you already know, there are a lot of sterilizer machines out there but from what I’ve seen, none can be compared to an autoclave.

According to CDS, using an autoclave is the only way one can completely destroy viruses, bacteria, fungi etc and the reason is not far fetched. Autoclave uses high heat, pressure and steam to eliminate microbes from surfaces.

So if you’re considering to purchase one for your nail salon, then you can choose to go for this (Tuttnauer 1730 Valueklave) with all features fully in place or this ( Superdental Mini Autoclave Sterilizer) which is also great.

Now that you know just the right way to sterilize your manicure and pedicure tools, can you do us a favour by clicking on the SHARE button to enlighten your friends? God bless you as you do so. Cheers.

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